We have identified a number of themes to explore further. If you are interested in these, please do get in touch

Parks and green spaces – we convened a meeting of groups and organisations with an interest in parks and green spaces to discuss the consultation. We are planning to hold another meeting soon. This strand covers

  • Improve and maintain play equipment & facilities – we are working with the councillors on CIL funding towards this.
  • Reduce plastic use, litter and waste – working with BS3 Plastic free to develop a neighbourhood wide project
  • Wildlife and greening
  • Urban food growing
  • Dog Fouling

Community facilities – this includes a number of areas:

  • Toilets – following the closure of public toilets, we are working with the council to update the Community Toilets Map
  • Libraries – we are planning to meet with libraries groups to discuss the review
  • Community spaces – we will create a directory of spaces and continue to support the various community spaces in the area

Transport – there is a group forming who are interested in improving how we get around by public transport, bike and on foot. We are also looking at safety around schools.

Street environment – we are looking at various aspects of this, working with groups in the area

  • Litter – working with Bristol Waste, particularly through the Age Friendly Neighbourhood project led by BS3 Community, and the Keep Bedminster Walking project
  • Advertising – working with Adblock
  • Air pollution – planning some events relating to this
  • Accessibility – BS Community have a project ‘Age Friendly Neighbourhood’ which inculdes looking at this
  • Street planting
  • Murals

Planning and conservation – we are looking at the best way to support the local community with this

Health & Wellbeing – this theme is still developing, and will look at:

  • Water fountains and refill stations
  • Youth Services
  • Older People
  • Social events+activities
  • Inclusivity
  • Fitness
  • General wellbeing and Fitness

Business – we are keeping in touch with the Business Improvement District