Community Plan

Action Greater Bedminster launched a short online survey on 1st June which can be completed here

We are planing a series of public meetings and on-street consultations from June to the end of September, focussing on the development of a Community Plan.  Our aims are to give a voice to all, to strengthen our local network, to work together to improve our neighbourhood for everyone. 

By taking part in the consultation, your ideas, your thoughts and your opinions can be part of the plan that will help shape our neighbourhood.

What’s a Community Plan?

A Community plan is a blueprint that shapes present and future developments in Greater Bedminster. It will contain specific policies to carry out the community’s goals, as identified through this consultation, and will be used in all strategic discussions and planning with local Councillors, City Council departments such as Parks, and outside agencies such as the Police, local NHS, Bristol Waste, and the Bedminster Business Improvement District.

Developments in, and proposals relating to, the Greater Bedminster neighbourhood will be reviewed against, and must be consistent with, the policies in the plan. Policies might be reducing litter and waste, improving our parks and green spaces, supporting local retailers, dealing with broken pavements, ensuring planning proposals are of high quality and are relevant to local needs. These were some ideas that came out a meeting we had a month or so ago and we want to find out more so we can identify the things the community want to be prioritised.

What will it do?

Over the past 11 years, Action Greater Bedminster (formerly the Greater Bedminster Community Partnership) has proved that ‘people power’ does deliver improvement and change: the evidence is in our parks, on our streets, and in the range of social activities and connections in our neighbourhood.  If we get a significant number of local people involved in the Community Plan, it will mean it can represent what you want and it will be taken seriously by those that make decisions affecting our daily life.

How can I get involved?   

The small but dedicated team of volunteers leading the project need your help to make sure as many people as possible can engage with the consultation.  Please tell your neighbours and friends about Action Greater Bedminster, and sign up for updates here. If you’re able to offer skills or time for this important next step, could help with distribution of posters and leaflets, can translate into local languages, or just want to know more: please do get in touch at The Action Greater Bedminster Facebook page and Twitter @greaterbedminster will give dates of meetings, events and street consultations.