NP Plan

Our vision is to make the Greater Bedminster Neighbourhood Partnership area, a neighbourhood where we all value:

  1. Civic pride, protecting our public realm and making it better;
  2. Respect and compassion;
  3. Aspiration, energy, enthusiasm and creativity;
  4. Personal responsibility and accountability;
  5. Community development, involvement and ‘grass-roots’ action;
  6. Future generations and will therefore seek to protect their long term interests.


This plan provides a full picture of the work the Community Partnership will deliver over the next 3 years 2015-17 as well as work it aspires to deliver if resources become available. The Plan will:-

  • Prioritise work and projects using resources at its disposal
  • Show aspirational work and projects to be prioritised and allocated against once resources secured
  • Be reviewed annually
  • Where possible show how local priorities and projects can contribute to the delivery of National priorities, Bristol citywide Mayoral priorities and local GBCP members’ priorities.

GBCP Plan updated June 2016