During October and November we’re inviting local people of all ages to come and make their voices heard: on Air Quality, Transport and Mobility, and Shopping Locally. We’re hoping to arm ourselves with some facts, find out what decisions are being taken on our behalf, and get ready to make informed input into those decisions. All events will be free, friendly and informal.


Thursday 18 October 7.30-9pm Windmill City Farm Cafe

In partnership with the City Farm, UWE and, we’ll be getting the info and busting the myths on Air Quality in our neighbourhood. ​Areas within BS3, along with others in Bristol, are currently breaching long term standards and regularly break legal standards for Nitrogen Dioxide. Bad air quality affects the most vulnerable – children, older people and people with heart and lung conditions. You can see the spread of air pollution on this

Free admission, but limited numbers. Pay bar. Book here:

Friday 2 November 10am-12noon, Windmill Hill City Farm Cafe BREATHE IN, BREATHE OUT: Children’s workshop In partnership with the City Farm, UWE and Admission free, soft drinks and biscuits provided (up to 25 children) Children must be accompanied by a parent or carer Using learning materials provided by the claircity project, we’ll​ c​ onduct simple practical experiments using pipettes which will demonstrate how air quality from a local road or park can be tested. The children will then brainstorm some ideas about how air quality can be improved, and following a snack break will be given paper and pens to produce posters to get the messages across. Book here


Wednesday 24 October, 7.30-9pm Chessel Centre, Chessel Street BS3

In partnership with BS3 Community Admission free

The City Council Transport Strategy consultation is running until 2 November. It addresses the challenges that Bristol faces as a city and uses the hashtag #2036 as a target year. How can we influence the decision-makers to take our local needs into account? We’ll look at getting around – and in/out of – Greater Bedminster, now and in the future: whether it be on foot, bike, mobility scooter, car, bus or train – and who knows, even underground….


Action Greater Bedminster in partnership with Bedminster Business Improvement District

22nd November 2018 6.30pm (for 7pm sharp) until 9pm Hen & Chicken, North Street

Do you know what the Bedminster Business Improvement team does? Does it matter? Do you care? We do. If you do too, join us for a couple of hours to hear and offer opinions about how businesses, residents, community groups and public authorities can work together to ensure the future of Bedminster’s retail and leisure streets at the heart of this great community.

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