Local Grants

Better Bedminster Community Chest
These will be considered by an Awards Panel on Wednesday, June 8 at Windmill Hill City Farm.    The Panel will start with a briefing at 7pm and should not last more than 1.5-2 hours.    Award Panels are made up of local people who give up an evening to read through and assess applications.    If you would like to be part of this panel, please just turn up a few minutes before 7.    You do not need any special knowledge, just a bit of common sense.    If you are linked to any of the applications, you can still join in, but not vote on ‘your’ application.
The recommendations from the Awards Panel will go to the full GBCP Board meeting at the Bristol Indoors Bowls Centre in Ashton Vale.    That meeting starts at 7pm on June 27.    Agendas and papers should be available shortly.