NEWSLETTER 33:17 on Transport & Traffic

Walkable Bristol
The Let’s Walk Bedminster project continues with groups and individuals across BS3 doing their best to combat the more hostile features of the walking environment, (eg overhanging bushes, dogs’ poo, pavement parking and obstructed pavements) and promoting the welcoming features (eg, great domestic and community gardens, interesting street art, people to chat to, clean toilets and somewhere to sit down etc).

As well as working locally through the Bristol Walking Alliance, we have been collaborating with local MPs.    A government response to our own Karin Smyth in April is attached (Karen Smith pavement parking).    BWA is following up to find out what’s meant by the ‘survey’ promised for this summer.    Other Bristol MPS – Thangham Debbonaire and Kerry MCCarthy – are also on the case and BWA will be approaching Darren Jones once he’s had a chance to settle in.

You will see from the letter that part of the issue is over jurisdiction.    Should a ban come in nationally or should it be up to each local authority?   At one level it’s an interesting constitutional debate about proper democratic processes.    At another level, it’s a dispute about who should pay the initial costs.   At the moment, of course, the people who are paying are the ones, often with parental responsibilities or physical disabilities, that find our pavements difficult to navigate.

Bristol Wide Petition
A petition calling upon Bristol to come into line with London and ban pavement parking except in very exceptional circumstances has been lodged with BCC.  We need lots of public support to demonstrate that people want action on this issue.   If 3500 signatures are secured, there will be a debate on the issue amongst city councillors.

Friends of Suburban Bristol Railways
FOSBR is holding a Rally for Rail on Friday, 23 June at 10am near Temple Meads station.   They are seeking to demonstrate public support for investment in the local rail network Continue reading “NEWSLETTER 33:17 on Transport & Traffic”

GBCP NEWSLETTER (21:17) – 6th May 2017 – Let’s Walk Bedminster 2017

Bedminster Project: Let’s Walk Bedminster 2017.

Attached is some information about a community led project that GBCP intends to run in central Bedminster ward.   Some of you will have seen an earlier draft.   The project builds on activities and ideas that have been developed over the last few years.

Please pass this information on to others, especially if they live or work in or near the initial target area.

Story So Far
Over the last few years local residents have formed community organisations to improve the locality either by directly doing things themselves, (litter picks, establishing community gardens, holding street parties etc) or by pressing other agencies (BCC, police etc) to intervene in some way.     Good stuff, but more to do!!

An international team of students from UWE are surveying the central Bedminster area, talking to local people and recording their concerns and ideas.    Hopefully, their report will bring all these thoughts together in one place, add new ideas and give a good basis for future improvements.    It’s important that the students capture as much about local ideas as possible.   Groups like West Street Neighbours, Jewels and LImP already have lists of things that they think need doing and ideas about who might do them.   Others may have too.   Please pass these to me ( and Ernani Barea ( from the student team asap, if you have not done so already.   Mark your message ‘Bedminster Project’.     If you do not tell them, they will not know. Continue reading “GBCP NEWSLETTER (21:17) – 6th May 2017 – Let’s Walk Bedminster 2017”