Special AGM NEWSLETTER (57:17)  – 7pm 2nd November at Acta, Gladstone Street

The AGM on 2nd November at acta, Gladstone Street, Bristol, BS3 3AY will start at 7pm.

The agenda is:

  • Welcome and apologies
  • New Constitution (attached)
  • Current Board stand down
  • Executive Committee elected (nomination forms attached, as are statements from individuals already nominated).
  • Formal meeting closes, time for informal networking

Please find attached the nominations for the Executive Committee and the constitution. We are expecting more nominations. However, if you know anyone who belongs to a partner organisation and is interested in standing, please pass on the nomination form.

Best wishes

Ellie Freeman (Secretary)

A Bit of History

As far as we know, the new ‘Forum for the Greater Bedminster Community’ will be the third incarnation of strong networking within BS3.     Recent research traces formal networking back to 1996 with the formation of the ‘Greater Bedminster Community Forum’.     Around 2007, this morphed into the Greater Bedminster Community Partnership as BCC began to set up its Neighbourhood Partnerships.   Now that BCC has withdrawn, we move on into a third phase.    Whatever you call it, the important thing is to continue sharing ideas and information and collaborating across all sorts of organisations so as to make Greater Bedminster an even better place for people of all ages.

Documents associated with the first two phases of the Bedminster network were lodged as historic documents with the Bristol Records Office in the summer.    Hopefully, the future history of the new Forum will also be transferred in due course to the Records Office.   A letter outlining the papers transferred is attached.

And remember ‘history is made by the people who turn up’.

What Shall We call the GBCP NEWSLETTER after 2 November?



NEWSLETTER (52:17) – GBCP Mark 2 (or is it 3?) launch on 2nd Nov

It’s taken some time, but we’re ready to move forward at last….

Over the past few months – and it’s seemed much longer – the GBCP Board has been working through the options for the Partnership’s future without formal ties to – or much direct funding from – Bristol City Council.

A Forum and Voice for Greater Bedminster (That’s Ashton, Bower Ashton, Ashton Vale, Bedminster and Southville)

We’ve consulted our partners and others, and it’s clear that the unique role GBCP plays must continue – now more than ever in a time when the future of our libraries, parks and other Council-provided services is being debated and decided upon.    We’ve got 10 years experience of working with neighbourhood groups, local businesses, community police teams, schools, churches – and the City Council – to tackle issues and deliver improvements for all of us.    We provide the only public forum which actively involves all 4 local ward Councillors in all discussions and decision-making – and everybody living or working in Greater Bedminster is welcome to contribute ideas, suggestions and as much time as they wish.  This forum is vital to the discussions around how the funds paid by developers for local improvements will be spent. Until now, the GBCP has managed the local decision-making process, but who knows what the future might bring?

People power really does deliver

We’ve always involved local people and organisations every step of the way:  in big decisions such as how to spend £120K+ of funding on a local park and £100K to set up the Bedminster Business Improvement District (BID) –  and in smaller ones such as grants to the South Bristol Toy Library and the Winter Lantern Parade, or a noticeboard for a street group.   During 2016 we won £40K of Green Capital funding which we distributed to local community groups wanting to improve their walkways and green spaces.  We’re currently working with Bristol Waste and the City Council on a range of initiatives to combat fly-tipping and litter on our streets, and we’re actively involved alongside the BID in all planning for our retail streets.  The list is long and it goes on…

Forum for Greater Bedminster Community (FGBC)

This is the proposed name of the new body which will be confirmed at the AGM, along with the priorities, and a new constitution. Here are the draft versions:  GBCP Priorities 2017_v2   FGBC Simple Constitution v3-0

We’ll be recruiting for special interest sub-groups: 

  • Parks/Leisure/Libraries;
  • Environment (to include streetscene, getting around, waste management, traffic and air quality);
  • Membership/inclusivity/participation; Communication and information-sharing;
  • Planning.

You don’t have to be a Board member to participate in these:  they’ll be open to everyone living or working in the GBCP neighbourhood.

Learn more and meet us at our AGM on Thursday 2 November, 7 pm at the acta Centre, Gladstone Street.   We’ll get the formal business over quickly, and make sure there’s time for discussion and networking.

If you’re part of an organisation which has partnered GBCP until now, please confirm that you wish to continue to work with us:  greaterbedminster@gmail.com   If your group wishes to nominate someone to sit on the new Board, use this form and role description FGBC Nomination Form & Candidate Statement & Role Descriptions V3-0.

Get involved in improving the quality of life for everyone living and working in the Greater Bedminster area!!   If you want more information, please tell us at greaterbedminster@gmail.com.

And, what about the rest of Bristol?

Everyone seems to be playing their cards close to their chest.    We know that a few areas are at about the same stage as we are in Greater Bedminster.   That is, they are adapting themselves to the new circumstances and intending to re-launch before the end of the year.    But, they are keeping quiet until all their ducks are in a row.    Other areas will probably flicker into life during 2018.     Some areas don’t seem to have any cards or ducks at all, but it will be some months before these neighbourhood gaps can be confidently identified.   Hopefully, there will not be too many of them.










NEWSLETTER (47:17) – Cafes, picnics, networks, pensions

Health & Wellbeing Café

Thanks to a grant from Liverpool Victoria, it is possible to bring those over 55 in Bristol a new type of event that is going to focus on health and wellbeing. The event will have three elements that will combine to create a fun, social and, most importantly, wellbeing boosting afternoon for over 55s.

These are: a combination of therapists (massage, chiropodist etc.) charging affordable rates; a social space serving refreshments and cake (surely cake is good for ones wellbeing!); group ‘wellbeing focussed’ activities that will be open to everyone.

The event will be free to attend and therapists will charge people directly at the event for massages etc. These will be around £5 for a 15 minute session. There are no bookings available in advance.

The group activities for the first event will be run by Paul and Monika from Twin Wave CIC, a community music and sound therapy organisation. They will be doing music based sessions including DIY music and craft sessions, celebrating songs old & new and sound mindfulness using gongs and singing bowls.

The Health and Wellbeing Cafe will take place on Thursday 12th October, 1-5pm @ The Southbank Club, Dean Lane, BS3 1DB.

Community Picnic

St Monica Trust, Way Out West and Acta are putting on a community picnic in South Street Park on Thursday 21st September, 12-2pm. (flyer attached)
The picnic is to bring people of all ages from the local community together in a nice setting where they can share food and conversation and enjoy some local entertainment together. The picnic will take place outside in the local South Street Park, a nice local green space that is accessible to all. Food, refreshments and entertainment will be provided. Also chairs (and shade if needed) for older residents and others in need will be provided.

The event will also hopefully be graced by some of the cast of Acta’s upcoming ‘Blood on the coal’ show which tells the forgotten story of the coal mines of Bedminster, the men who dug the coal, and the women who struggled beside them. They will hopefully be performing some songs from the production.
For more information please contact St Monica Trust’s community development team on 0117 305 2365.

Exhibition of 1873

The Bristol History & Archaeology Society have an event with Mike Hooper coming up at Monica Wills House, Bedminster on Saturday 9th September from 2-4pm, Conference Room. Cost: £3 to include buffet tea.

Vote for SCDA

Please vote for Chessel Centre, a brand new community space in the heart of Bedminster using the link https://www.mandsenergyfund.com/projects/improving-the-economic-and-environmental-sustainability-of-the-chessel-centre

The Deaner Café

This Café is situated in a container in Dame Emily Park. It is a venue for young people in BS3 to have a cuppa & a chat, meet friends and play sports with qualified coaches. For more information have a look at https://www.facebook.com/TheDeanerCafe/

City-wide Networks

As you may know, the 14 Neighbourhood Partnerships have come to an end. Some will be replaced by community led neighbourhood networks, but the pattern is, as yet, unclear. But, there is also some doubt about city-wide networks.  Which will survive and which will not? Continue reading “NEWSLETTER (47:17) – Cafes, picnics, networks, pensions”

NEWSLETTER (46:17) – Special on The Future



  • Do you know what’s planned for our Parks and Libraries?
  • Are you happy to lose school crossing patrols?
  • Will our street trees survive if the Council stops caring for them?
  • Do you know that over 19% of Bedminster children and over 13% of Southville children live below the poverty line?
  • How do you engage with productive debates on Residents’ Parking Schemes, rubbish and litter on our streets, or the issue of pavement parking and its effect on people with reduced mobility?
  • Do you enjoy Bedminster Winter Lantern Parade and other community events?
  • Do you care about air quality issues? Traffic? Public transport? Bio-diversity?

For 10 years, the Greater Bedminster Community Partnership, a voluntary body of many (and open to all) local groups, has worked with Bristol City Council, community police teams, businesses, schools and churches, on issues and opportunities affecting the quality of life and work in Bedminster, Ashton, Southville and Ashton Vale.  It’s the only public forum which actively involves all 4 local ward Councillors, and which represents the local community on the board of the Bedminster Business Improvement District.

Major improvements to parks, streets and highways, the establishment of the Business Improvement District, the Green Capital project ‘Let’s Walk Bedminster’, the more recent and ongoing ‘Let’s Clean Bedminster’, many community events – such as the Winter Lantern Parade and Window Wanderland – and many other activities have been the result.    But now, due to reductions in central government funding to local authorities and the subsequent cuts to neighbourhood funding across the city, less financial support will come into the neighbourhoods, which means we have to ask: Continue reading “NEWSLETTER (46:17) – Special on The Future”