Action Greater Bedminster update April 12th

Community Plan

A reminder that the first meeting relating to the development of a plan for the neighbourhood created by and for the community takes place on Tuesday 17th April, 7pm at the United Reform Church on West Street. We will talk about how we’d like to develop a plan, the CIL/S106 allocation process, priorities for the area and potential projects. The more people that contribute the better the plan will be, so please do come along if you can. Once the CIL process is underway, we are hoping to run an online survey and have consultation points in community spaces to help develop the plan further.

If you are part of a local organisation and would like to have a small display at the meeting, please get in touch

Merger for four GP practices in Greater Bedminster
Gaywood House Surgery, Malago Surgery, Southville Surgery and Wedmore Practice merged as of 1 April 2018 to form Bridge View Medical Practice. It is the biggest practice in the city with a combined list of 34,000 patients.

Patients can still see their chosen doctor at their local surgery, but they also have the option of being seen at other sites, if for example this means getting to see a doctor sooner. The total number of doctors across the four surgeries remains the same, and Continue reading “Action Greater Bedminster update April 12th”

GBCP NEWSLETTER (04:17) – 23rd January 2017

S106 and Community Infrastructure Awards
There will be a joint meeting of the GBCP Board, sub group members and others to assess the 11 expressions of interest in the use of our current Section 106 & Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) funds.

The meeting will start at 7pm on Monday 6 February 2017 at the Amerind Grove Care Home, 124-132 Raleigh Road, Ashton, BS3 1QN

The meeting and process will be similar to our previous approach to Community Chest recommendations:

  • Open to Board, sub group members and residents living in Southville and Bedminster… (those present will be asked to declare any interests)
  • Applicants are welcome to attend to provide any additional info/context, but attendance is not mandatory.   Applicants may not vote on their application.
  • Those present will score the applications against the Partnership’s overarching priorities (as reflected in the application forms)
  • The outcome/recommendations will be taken to a Neighbourhood Committee meeting (ie the four elected councillors) scheduled for 7pm 15 Feb (at the same venue)

If you want to see a summary of the applications contact .   Please note that summaries are no substitute for looking through the full application as they inevitable leave out important factors.    Full copies of all the applications will be available on the night of the meeting.

What Happens Next?

Most people will be aware that BCC is in serious financial difficulties as central government support is being withdrawn, even though the cost of local services is going up, especially, but not only, those to support older people.   One of the casualties in this process will be the 14 Neighbourhood Partnerships.   It is expected that financial support, eg for officer time, hire of rooms and other things will be withdrawn over the next two years.

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GBCP NEWSLETTER (03:17) Special on funding for Young People

Transformers Young Small Grants Fund

The Neighbourhood/Community Partnerships of Bristol, working with the Avon and Somerset Police Community Trust has opened bidding for the Transformers Young Small Grants Fund.

Each Partnership has £5000 to allocate to projects working with young people aged 8 to 19 years old, or up to 24 years of age if those Young People have additional needs.

Ideally the projects should involve young people in the planning and delivery of the project and should also address one of our Community Partnership priorities.

The closing date for applications will be 17 March 2017 and a decision on approved applications will take place on Monday 27 March 2017.

For more information on the fund and how to apply, please visit the website here.  For more information on the Partnership’s priorities please visit here.