Environment Subgroup meeting Thursday 26th Jan 7.30pm to 9pm

We have our first meeting of the New Year this Thursday. Please find attached :

  • The  agenda
  • Discussion notes from the previous meeting about ‘Air Quality’
  • Subgroup terms of reference and Ben Barkers review
  • GBCP community plan

I appreciate there is a lot to go through here, in preparation for Thursdays meeting it would help if you can look through the Environment section on the Community Plan as this will be discussed.

Dates for future meetings:

Thursday 26th March 2017, ACTA Centre Gladstone Road, 7.30pm to 9pm

S106/CIL meeting Chaired by Stef Brammar (Chair of the Greater Bedminster Community Partnership)

  • Monday 6thFeb 2017, Amerind Grove Care Home, 124-132 Raleigh Road, Ashton, BS3 1QN, 7pm to 9pm

Agenda 26.1.17

Air Quality discussion

Environment Sub Group Terms of Reference 2016

Environment subgroup meeting 3rd November 2016

Please find attached the Agenda for the Environment subgroup meeting on Thursday 3 November 2016 7.30pm to 9pm, the action notes from the previous meeting and a draft TOR(Terms of reference)

Please note this meeting is about ‘Air Quality’ and not S106/ CIL. We have the great pleasure of having very renowned people in the field of Air quality coming to our meeting to share in our discussion and give us a couple of presentations.

We will also be voting for a new chair, as we know Tess Green who has done a fantastic job chairing wishes to step down, we thank her for all her commitment to the group and will continue to benefit from her input as a participant. This will be the last meeting Tess is chairing for the environment subgroup, and it is looking like an extremely interesting one too well done Tess!

Donald Branch has offered to chair, for those who don’t know Donald, Donald has recently retired from being a director of a national charity, currently he is Chair of the Board of Trustees of a Pension Scheme and Chair of Caraboo Neighbourhood BS3. Donald is interested in how various elements of our environment combine to form good spaces for living.

***The S106/ CIL meeting where we will be reviewing requests from community groups and making our recommendations to the Greater Bedminster Community Board will be on

Thursday 1st December 2016 7.00pm to 9pm at the ACTA centre Gladstone Road. PLEASE NOT THE EARLIER START TIME THIS IS DUE TO EXTRA TIME NEEDED TO DISCUSS SUBMITTED REQUESTS We will also be finalising the TOR please see attached, if you have anything you wish to add or change please send to me Lorena.alvarez@bristol.gov.uk by Friday 18thNovember 5pm***

 Thursday 26th January 2016 7.30pm to 9pm will be our usual meeting agenda to be confirmed

 For those who may not know about how CIL and S106 funds work, I have attached a definition sheet to explain it’s not very long but worth a read so you have an understanding of where these funds have come from and there limitations/benefit, in preparation for the meeting on the 1st December.

I look forward to seeing you all on Thursday 3rd November if you have any questions in the meantime please don’t hesitate to contact me my contact details are below in the signature strip, please note for those who use Facebook I have a Neighbourhood officer page the link is below.

Kind regards,

Lorena Alvarez

Neighbourhood Officer

(Greater Bedminster)





Wish list for trees in Greater Bedminster

In October 2016 the Environment sub group of GBCP reviewed a presentation of work by Lorena Alvarez, Matt Collis, Guy Malkerson and Robert Marson on getting more trees into the area. As well as the report (Greater Bedminster Street Tree Wish List 20160905) there is also a map of where new trees might go on our streets, as shown in this picture, or online here. The Bristol Tree Forum has an excellent website, forum and social media presence for to support trees and those who love them across the city. The report included these points:

  • A new tree in a street £2,265 (tree and pit)
  • Each tree is three meters tall and protected with metal guards
  • Watering for two years is needed to make sure tree becomes fully established included
  • An aspiration for 50% local species which harbor far more wildlife than exotic species. For example, a native birch supports 266; a sycamore just 15.
  • Species should be selected from the BCC list of ‘proven adaptive species‘

The main Bristol Council mapping website also has a layer identifying possible new street trees with the purposes of getting sponsorship. This is where there is already a tree pit available. This includes planting, staking and two years watering to get it established, and cost about £300.

Environment sub-group meeting 8th Sept 2016

Minutes, and presentation from the Environment Sub group meeting 8thSeptember 2016.

Below is a link to view the GBCP Street Tree map as it is so far, this will be continually added to as more street tree requests come in.

I have also attached the Terms and reference of the group as we will be looking at this in the November meeting.

The next meeting is on Thursday 3rd November 2016, 7.30pm to 9pm at the ACTA centre, Gladstone Road.

Greater Bedminster Street Tree Wish List 20160905

Environmental Sub Group Notes 8.9.16

Environment Sub Group Terms of Reference 2016

Summary of Greater Bedminster’s Progress on the Bristol Area Green Space Strategy

June 2016. This document offers information to aid discussion on GBCP’s strategic approach to the development of Parks and Green Spaces.

The GBCP Board is requested to

  • Note the report;
  • Invite park groups and others to prepare proposals for park improvement in line with the Parks and Open Spaces Strategy by April 30 2013;
  • Consider the 3 key issues set out below.
  1. around £100,000 of 106 money for green spaces has been identified for allocation in 2013, where should we spend it?
  2. should our emphasis be on promoting wildlife; securing improved children’s play; enhancing the infrastructure and design of formal parks or something else? Can some of these be combined?
  3. can we use the 106 money to leaver in other resources from, say, the lottery or land fill tax?

The Green Spaces: Work on the Bristol Strategy started in 2005 and it was adopted in 2008. It’s a ‘spatial and investment plan for the next 20 years’, ie 2006-2026. The Bedminster and Southville section, adopted after consultations in 2010, identified 14 sites that are the responsibility of BCC Parks, although there may be others, eg Windmill Hill City Farm, Hebron Burial Ground, Marksbury Community Garden, Ashton Vale Town Green, not ‘owned’ by Parks.

The BCC sites and BCC names are

  • Greville Smyth Park
  • South Street Park
  • Land at Dalby Ave
  • Land at Francis Road
  • New Cut Open Space
  • Gores Marsh Park
  • St Johns Churchyard
  • North Street Green
  • St Pauls Churchyard
  • Ashton Court
  • Dame Emily Park
  • Ashton Vale Playing Field
  • ‘Sturdon Road’
  • ‘Cumberland Road’

Additionally, important spaces easily accessed from Greater Bedminster, but in Windmill Hill ward include

  • Victoria Park
  • Malago Vale OS
  • ‘Cotswold Road’

Funding and development of these spaces is the responsibility of Knowle, Filwood and Windmill Hill Neighbourhood Partnership.

Some of our local sites are quite small and will not be dealt with here, although their importance should not be under estimated as they are part of the walking environment and also significant as part of wildlife corridors. We’ll also not be commenting much on Ashton Court Estate, except as a wildlife reservoir.

The Criteria: BCC introduced quality, quantity and distance criteria relating to different types of green space. The types are play opportunities for children and young people; formal green space; informal green space, natural green space and active sports space. Of course, these are not always easy to distinguish from each other. The aim of the strategy is that by 2026 all Bristol residents will be within various set distances of each type of green space and that this provision will be of an acceptable quantity and quality. Full details of the original Strategy can be seen on the BCC website: https://www.bristol.gov.uk/policies-plans-strategies/bristol-parks-and-green-space-strategy

What’s the purpose of this summary? The GBCP Board has asked for an assessment of progress over the last few years towards the goals set out in the original Strategy. We know that some spaces have moved forward considerably, whilst others remain ‘unimproved’. Of course, in some cases, ‘improvement’ might be a bad thing. The data will help GBCP to decide where further investment should be encouraged. This investment might come from BCC or externally. In both cases, a more convincing case can be made to the funder if applications are shown to be in line with a longer-term plan.

The full report is attached here: GBCP green spaces report 2017