Greater Bedminster Newsletter (01:17) – My Wild Bedminster: November

You will know that the Greater Bedminster Community Partnership is no more and has been replaced by a new network called Action Greater Bedminster.    This newsletter replaces the GBCP Newsletter and is independent, but supportive, of the new structure.   We also want to support other organisations across BS3 and nearby by helping to spread information and ideas.

Below is a Special Newsletter sent in by Matt of Avon Wildlife Trust as part of the on-going My Wild Bedminster project (see other posts on My Wild Bedminster).   We will be circulating more information about My Wild Bedminster and other activities over the next few weeks.    My Wild Bedminster will continue into 2018 and beyond.

Apologies to AWT for delay in sending this special out, but the change over has been a bit confused.

November is here and so are the first frosts which grip both the air and ground.   Crisp leaves now litter the ground creating a golden carpet of yellow and orange, and spiders web glisten silver and white as they hang from shrub to shrub.   Berries are still abundant but the competition is intensifying as every creature aims to get their fill.


This month sees the return of our resident birds to the garden in greater numbers as they come in from feeding spots further afield.   We also see the first of the winter garden migrant species making their way across from Europe to hang in the garden.   Common species like chaffinch and blackbird will be much more visible now alongside the usual goldfinch and long tailed tits.   But the bird to look out for is the redwing!   (Please let us know if you spot a redwing and where and when)     Continue reading “Greater Bedminster Newsletter (01:17) – My Wild Bedminster: November”

NEWSLETTER (55:17) – Learning Partnership West, rubbish, Healthy City Week

Projects with Learning Partnership West (LPW)

Attached is an overview of planned delivery in South Bristol for the rest of this year. It is worth keeping an eye on Rife ( and Go Places to Play for any new projects or changes to session times.
For further information on any of these groups please contact David Cousins via 0117 907 4417 / 07776465132,,

Halloween Forest Crafts

Moving forwards Incredible Edible Bristol will be running some forest school meets food growing and wildlife events, facilitated by trained specialists in outdoor education. The aim is to introduce the young people to the joys of being outdoors, to learn new skills around  growing, cooking and caring for wildlife and to have a great time whilst doing so.🕸️

The first session, to be held in the Quakers Burial Ground on 25th October, will be loosely based around Halloween and the preparation of outdoor space for wildlife over winter. The link to purchase tickets is

Join in the Dame Emily Park Project Rubbish Campaign 🎨

There are some lovely drawings 🖼 on display in Dame Emily Park relating to the rubbish campaign “Take it in – Take it out”. Children from Holy Cross School are going to join in and so can you by creating one or more drawings and sending it to  They will be laminated and displayed to make park users aware of the importance to look after the environment.

“The River Malago and its Culverts in Old Bedminster” Walk

The next FrANC event this year will be a walk held on Sunday 22nd October.  The walk will start at 2:00pm and the meeting point is the entrance to the Windmill Hill Community Orchard (St. John’s Burial Ground) that is located opposite the junction between Francis Road and St. John’s Lane, immediately south of the railway bridge where Sheene Road becomes St. John’s Lane.  The walk will finish at the Spike Island Café on Cumberland Road at around 4:00pm where refreshments can be purchased if required.  Continue reading “NEWSLETTER (55:17) – Learning Partnership West, rubbish, Healthy City Week”

Special NEWSLETTER on My Wild Bedminster (54:17)

From Matt Collis of Avon Wildlife Trust

October is the month of misty mornings and warm afternoons as we all enjoy the last of the suns summer rays.   It also sees the last of the summer flowering plants give us their final blooms and final nectar for the year.   Don’t be surprised to see them over-flowing with insects gasping for one last sugar-sweet drink!


Birds Continue reading “Special NEWSLETTER on My Wild Bedminster (54:17)”

NEWSLETTER (49:17) – Special on My Wild Bedminster

Organisations in Greater Bedminster/BS3 have been working with Avon Wildlife Trust on their My Wild City project since 2016.    Our main contact has been Matt Collis and he will be editing special newsletters on wildlife about once a month.   This is the first.

We also want to include information from YOU about wildlife activities in your school, back garden, local park or wherever in BS3, so keep sending them to and .    Pictures and drawing too, please.

South Bristol Voice has been working closely with us on this project, so for even more news look at their monthly reports.

September sees the inevitable close of summer and the dawn of autumn.   It’s a fantastic month for wildlife in gardens as many creatures make the most of the remaining nectar-filled flowers and the abundant fruits and nuts.


Having hidden away for most of August, garden birds return with freshly grown feathers and are looking their absolute best.   They are much more active and vocal again with bird song heard most mornings.   Be prepared to hear some weird Continue reading “NEWSLETTER (49:17) – Special on My Wild Bedminster”

NEWSLETTER (48:17) – Pavement parking, Dame Emily Park Project,

Dame Emily Park Project AGM

The Annual General Meeting of the group will be held on Sunday 17th September, at 2.00pm in the park / play area. Come along to join or renew, review the year and elect next year’s committee. There will be free coffee and cake available.  🍰  If it’s raining, the meeting will be held in the North Street Standard pub.

Rubbish collection in Dame Emily Park

Please could you help to collect some rubbish on Tuesday 26th September, at 6.45pm in Dame Emily Park? Gloves and tools are provided. Thanking all of you in anticipation. 🤗


Squirrel spotted by Jo Hargreaves in Upper Perry Hill on 6 September.    It may have come off the New Cut or from a local park.   We think that there are squirrel colonies in Victoria and Greville Smyth Parks, but we’re not sure about other places.   Please let us know if you spot a squirrel (or two?) in BS3.   Photos would be good.

Apple Day

Patchwork Community Gardening Group’s annual Apple Day will be on Saturday 30thSeptember from 11am-3pm on the orchard on Dean Lane (next to the Tap and Barrel pub). Continue reading “NEWSLETTER (48:17) – Pavement parking, Dame Emily Park Project,”

GBCP NEWSLETTER (16:17) – 13th April 2017 Special on My Wild Bedminster

GBCP started to work with Avon Wildlife Trust (AWT) on their My Wild City project in 2016. The objectives of the project are two-fold.

  1. Make people more aware of the wildlife around them, that’s plants and creatures great and small;
  2. Make the environment more attractive to wild life. Dragonflies, foxes and people have much the same needs: food and water and somewhere safe to sleep and raise a family. It’s only the details that differ.

BS3 is amongst the most densely populated parts of the city and therefore it’s an area less attractive to wildlife. On the other hand, there’s still quite a lot of wildlife about, if you look for it. AWT and GBCP’s strategy has been to make the most of what we’ve got. Firstly, there are several major wildlife corridors that allow insects, birds and mammals to come in and out from the countryside. These include the Avon New Cut and the railway lines. Secondly, there are ‘islands’ of green. These include parks and other green spaces and also great chunks of back and front garden. Many homes in BS3 have very small back gardens and no front garden, but even a pot of flowers or a hanging basket can mean something to a butterfly, especially if you choose the right plants. The aim is to ‘improve’ these islands for wildlife and to link them up so that creatures can move more easily from one space to another. Continue reading “GBCP NEWSLETTER (16:17) – 13th April 2017 Special on My Wild Bedminster”

Environment subgroup meeting 16.3.17 notes

Please find attached the action notes from the Environment subgroup meeting on the 26th January 2017, and the agenda for our next meeting on Thursday 16th March 7.30pm to 9pm at the ACTA centre on Gladstone Road BS3 3AY.

Contact details for Emma Williams Community Engagement Officer Bristol Waste Company:

Emma Williams
Community Engagement, South
Bristol Waste Company
Albert Road

Phone: 0117 304 9022
Mobile: 07585 307360


Environmental Sub Group Notes 26.1.17

GBCP Environment sub-group Agenda 16.3.17

GBCP NEWSLETTER (04:17) – 23rd January 2017

S106 and Community Infrastructure Awards
There will be a joint meeting of the GBCP Board, sub group members and others to assess the 11 expressions of interest in the use of our current Section 106 & Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) funds.

The meeting will start at 7pm on Monday 6 February 2017 at the Amerind Grove Care Home, 124-132 Raleigh Road, Ashton, BS3 1QN

The meeting and process will be similar to our previous approach to Community Chest recommendations:

  • Open to Board, sub group members and residents living in Southville and Bedminster… (those present will be asked to declare any interests)
  • Applicants are welcome to attend to provide any additional info/context, but attendance is not mandatory.   Applicants may not vote on their application.
  • Those present will score the applications against the Partnership’s overarching priorities (as reflected in the application forms)
  • The outcome/recommendations will be taken to a Neighbourhood Committee meeting (ie the four elected councillors) scheduled for 7pm 15 Feb (at the same venue)

If you want to see a summary of the applications contact .   Please note that summaries are no substitute for looking through the full application as they inevitable leave out important factors.    Full copies of all the applications will be available on the night of the meeting.

What Happens Next?

Most people will be aware that BCC is in serious financial difficulties as central government support is being withdrawn, even though the cost of local services is going up, especially, but not only, those to support older people.   One of the casualties in this process will be the 14 Neighbourhood Partnerships.   It is expected that financial support, eg for officer time, hire of rooms and other things will be withdrawn over the next two years.

Continue reading “GBCP NEWSLETTER (04:17) – 23rd January 2017”

Environment Subgroup meeting Thursday 26th Jan 7.30pm to 9pm

We have our first meeting of the New Year this Thursday. Please find attached :

  • The  agenda
  • Discussion notes from the previous meeting about ‘Air Quality’
  • Subgroup terms of reference and Ben Barkers review
  • GBCP community plan

I appreciate there is a lot to go through here, in preparation for Thursdays meeting it would help if you can look through the Environment section on the Community Plan as this will be discussed.

Dates for future meetings:

Thursday 26th March 2017, ACTA Centre Gladstone Road, 7.30pm to 9pm

S106/CIL meeting Chaired by Stef Brammar (Chair of the Greater Bedminster Community Partnership)

  • Monday 6thFeb 2017, Amerind Grove Care Home, 124-132 Raleigh Road, Ashton, BS3 1QN, 7pm to 9pm

Agenda 26.1.17

Air Quality discussion

Environment Sub Group Terms of Reference 2016

Environment subgroup meeting 3rd November 2016

Please find attached the Agenda for the Environment subgroup meeting on Thursday 3 November 2016 7.30pm to 9pm, the action notes from the previous meeting and a draft TOR(Terms of reference)

Please note this meeting is about ‘Air Quality’ and not S106/ CIL. We have the great pleasure of having very renowned people in the field of Air quality coming to our meeting to share in our discussion and give us a couple of presentations.

We will also be voting for a new chair, as we know Tess Green who has done a fantastic job chairing wishes to step down, we thank her for all her commitment to the group and will continue to benefit from her input as a participant. This will be the last meeting Tess is chairing for the environment subgroup, and it is looking like an extremely interesting one too well done Tess!

Donald Branch has offered to chair, for those who don’t know Donald, Donald has recently retired from being a director of a national charity, currently he is Chair of the Board of Trustees of a Pension Scheme and Chair of Caraboo Neighbourhood BS3. Donald is interested in how various elements of our environment combine to form good spaces for living.

***The S106/ CIL meeting where we will be reviewing requests from community groups and making our recommendations to the Greater Bedminster Community Board will be on

Thursday 1st December 2016 7.00pm to 9pm at the ACTA centre Gladstone Road. PLEASE NOT THE EARLIER START TIME THIS IS DUE TO EXTRA TIME NEEDED TO DISCUSS SUBMITTED REQUESTS We will also be finalising the TOR please see attached, if you have anything you wish to add or change please send to me by Friday 18thNovember 5pm***

 Thursday 26th January 2016 7.30pm to 9pm will be our usual meeting agenda to be confirmed

 For those who may not know about how CIL and S106 funds work, I have attached a definition sheet to explain it’s not very long but worth a read so you have an understanding of where these funds have come from and there limitations/benefit, in preparation for the meeting on the 1st December.

I look forward to seeing you all on Thursday 3rd November if you have any questions in the meantime please don’t hesitate to contact me my contact details are below in the signature strip, please note for those who use Facebook I have a Neighbourhood officer page the link is below.

Kind regards,

Lorena Alvarez

Neighbourhood Officer

(Greater Bedminster)