February update

Funding call for small local projects 

If you’ve an idea to improve your neighbourhood now is the time to propose it to be in with a chance of getting it funded. Each year money from the ‘Community Infrastructure Levy’ is made available to improve our streets, parks, green spaces and community buildings.

Decisions are made by local councillors, working with their communities. This year Area Committee 5, the one including Bedminster and Southville, will have about £67,000 to allocate. It won’t change the world, but it could improve your neighbourhood.

Usually, there would be a public meeting coordinated by Action Greater Bedminster. With pandemic restrictions the process is going online. If you want to put an idea in contact them at greaterbedminster@gmail.com by 15 March 2021. More information, including guidance and a proposal form is at: www.bristol.gov.uk/people-communities/funding-local-projects.

Be aware that works needing the Highways Department are off the list this time as they already have too long a backlog of work to do. Low-cost projects are more likely to be successful than big ones. Projects in green spaces, trees and planting, along with steps towards a ‘Liveable Neighbourhood’ and small community building projects are all possible.

Dame Emily Park
A group of local residents want to create an accessible, sustainable and brilliant  park. If you would like to get involved, email dameemilypark@gmail.com.

Consultation affecting our area
The consultation on making changes to the River Malago and to the road layout around Windmill Hill ends on 4th March.

Reminder: AGB AGM
7pm on Wednesday 10th March.
Join us online for an update on what AGB are up to, what our plans are and how you can get involved. More information to follow. To register your interest, please email greaterbedminster@gmail.com.

Please stay at home as much as possible, and remember: hands, face, space.
Information about the current surge testing:Community surge testing: additional COVID-19 testing for specific postcodes – bristol.gov.uk
Information on the vaccination programme: COVID-19: Mass vaccination – Healthier Together (bnssghealthiertogether.org.uk)

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