June Update

A message from BS3 Covid19 Community Response
There are lots of changes up ahead and we know this will be a worrying time for some. If you are struggling in any way please contact us. We can help with shopping, buddying up for going out, befriending, and more. Our website is a central place for shop opening times, offering and asking for help: https://www.bs3communityresponse.co.uk/, 01173812181 or bs3.covidresponse@gmail.com. OUr facebook group is a friendly place withe information on the latest guidance, tips and support: https://www.facebook.com/groups/BS3Covid19/

BigTidy is coming to Bedminster and Southville
As part of the Clean Streets campaign, they’ll be working exclusively in our neighbourhood in a few weeks’ time to tackle issues such as littering, tagging, fly-tipping, and overgrown footpaths. 

The Big Tidy is in addition to the ongoing regular street cleansing work carried out by Bristol Waste and will see a dedicated crew working in the area for a few weeks to bring the sparkle back. You can find out more about the project and how you can get involved with a Big Tidy pledge here.  Before the Big Tidy crew arrives, they want to know your thoughts on the area. If you have 5 minutes, please fill out the Street Cleanliness Perception Survey. Are there any problem areas which need some TLC? Are there any footpaths that are too overgrown for social distancing? 

Developments in our area 
At the recent consultation event re the Dandara proposal for Plot 4 (Little Paradise) held by WHaM (Windmill Hill and Malago Community Planning Group), the group felt that there were some positives to the design but these were outweighed by the height, poor quality outlook of apartments, the detrimental effect the tall building would have on the location and residents and nearby communities, and lack of amenity for future occupants. The opportunity for good residential development that supports the local economy and the local community is there, it was felt however that this scheme in its current form would not deliver that. 

BS3 Planning Group also met to discuss the latest plans and came to a similar conclusion: the current plans contravene the Bedminster Green framework in terms of heights of buildings; the cumulative affect of the building in terms of shadowing and wind movement was not being considered; the group had concerns around the lack of light and space in some of the apartments. The group also felt there was a missed opportunity to include commercial space and noted that within the plans it was considered that the presence of trees on the Green was a negative aspect.

Both groups have encouraged residents to respond to the consultation. There have been approximately 130 comments since the 27th May, mainly objections. The deadline has now passed for comments but we will endeavour to update you on the progress of the plans. 

Has Air Quality Improved in Bedminster? 
Hear how ClairCity has been disseminating findings during lockdown here. And check out Bristol’s top 5 citizen-led clean air policies:
-Ban/phase out polluting vehicles
-Make buses greener and cleaner
-Make public transport more affordable
– Creative alternatives to car use through better infrastructure for walking and cycling
– Reduce vehicle road space and increase public transport space

Bristol Clean Air Alliance has various plans to highlight the improvements seen during lockdown and encourage policy-makers to make the changes necessary to ensure this improvement long-term. See theirfacebook for more information. 

My Wild Bedminster
This project, which has been running for a couple of years, promotes and celebrates green spaces and wildlife in BS3. The team is currently preparing a ‘small space directory’, focussing on our local parks and all the smaller green spaces dotted around our neighbourhood. The aim is to publish a directory before the end of 2020.  If you would like to see the work in progress and maybe contribute, contact MyWildBedminster@virginmedia.com.

Our High Streets
The latest government advice indicates that lockdown measures may begin to be eased over the next two months. However, supporting our local shops has never been so important. The Bedminster BID has launched its first e-commerce website, offering on-line retail with a distinctly local twist. The new site www.wearebs3.co.uk features online purchase and delivery services from a host of local businesses ranging from food and drink, groceries as well as toys, crafts and art. This all new local e-commerce site is providing a vital service to the local public during lockdown and beyond with both click and collect and local delivery available.

You will also see physical changes happening to our local shopping streets, reducing the space for traffic and increasing space for pedestrians. Some of these changes are temporary in response to the need for social distancing. Other changes, particularly on East Street, are part of ongoing plans to improve the shopping experience for everyone.
Despite all these challenges, two new business have opened on West Street: The Fix coffee bar and Patisserie Palace. Please do support these and all the other businesses that are working so hard during this time. 

Stay safe and well.

Best wishes
The Action Greater Bedminster team