January update

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) 2019/20
AGB is the community space organisation for our area for 2019 CIL and section 106 funding. We are hosting a meeting on Monday 11th February at 7.30pm, the Jasper Room, the Chessel Centre to discuss initial projects that could potentially be funded with CIL money. This meeting is open to anyone who is interested in how this funding could be used or has an idea for a project. There is more information about this process here  and we will be sending out updates. This is a key opportunity to make changes in our neighbourhood.

What is CIL?
The Community Infrastructure Levy is a planning charge made by local authorities in England and Wales to help deliver infrastructure to support the development of their area.  Most new development which creates net additional floor space of 100 square metres or more, or creates a new dwelling, is potentially liable for the levy. The charging authority is required to devolve a meaningful proportion of CIL to local communities. The two wards of Bedminster and Southville will receive 15% of the funds resulting from development in their neighbourhood.

What is S106?
S106 enables local authorities to require developers to set aside monies to mitigate the impact of their development.  Unspecified local S106 schemes, where the details of the mitigation and/or the specific location is not determined in the S106 agreement – although the general sort of work is – e.g. ‘park improvements’ or ‘improvements to public transport facilities’ – require Area Committee to come to a decision following public  consultation.

What can CIL and S106 pay for?
CIL can only be used to support the development of the local area by funding the provision, improvement, replacement, operation or maintenance of infrastructure; or anything else that is concerned with addressing the demands that development places on an area.  Local devolved S106 money can only be used as set out in the S106 legal agreement between BCC and the developer.

Library conversations 
The Councils are consulting about how we use libraries. More information about that here. There are two meetings looking at our local libraries on 26th February and 2nd March. You can book here .

Local groups needing volunteers
BS3 Community is looking at how to make our area an all age friendly neighbourhood. As part of this project, Ben Barker is looking for volunteers to join:
– BS3 Street Wardens
– Bedminster Access Group (BAG) This is a group composed of people experienced in moving around the BS3 area with a disability that can act as advisors to projects.  
– Friendly Neighbourhood Social Media Group. A small group using social media to promote the idea of an age friendly community during 2019.

If you are interested in finding out more, please email Ben benbarker@blueyonder.co.uk 

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