December update

St Paul’s Churchyard
The church hosted a discussion about the issues around the churchyard. The church is looking at preventative measures such as lighting and CCTV but is also keen to explore ways of making the churchyard more of a community space. If you are interested in finding out more or getting involved, there is a meeting on 12th January at 10am at St Paul’s church. You can also email

Bedminster Business Improvement District
We held a joint meeting with the BBID team looking at the future of our shops. There was a lot of discussion about the challenges in keeping high streets relevant and sustainable. We hope to do more joint working and will let you know of developments.

The Bristol Libraries Forum was created on 15th November. The Forum’s principal aim is to protect and enhance the Library Service across Bristol and the Forum wants to play a full part in any review of the future of Bristol’s libraries. AGB would like to support the creation of a Friends of Bedminster Library group, which would be part of the Forum. If you are interested in finding out more please email us at or Lloyd on

Walking in our neighbourhood

Let’s Walk Bedminster aims to make it safe, easy and pleasant for everyone walking around the area including those using aids such as wheelchairs and mobility scooters. We know footways are often in poor repair and blocked by recycling bins, cars and other obstacles.The project is looking at practical solutions with BS3 Street Wardens, the Bedminster Access Group and Bedminster Patchwork Group. For more information and how you can help email and head your message ‘Let’s Walk Bedminster’.

Other projects
We are getting a group together looking at how we can improve our recycling, reduce plastic use and better manage our waste and litter. This may involve working with schools, businesses and other organisations. We are hoping to do an information sharing campaign in the Spring, with an evening event, a family friendly workshop and some infographics to share. Again, please let us know if you are interested in getting involved.

AGB is bringing together local organisations to look at creating more youth club sessions locally.

The AGB community consultation is here
Local councillors’ parking survey is here
Bristol City Council surveys on childcare, the 19/20 budget and licences for HMOs are here


AGB has been involved in discussions around the Bedminster Green development and the expansion of Ashton Gate Stadium. Bedminster Green has four developers across five sites. A framework plan is being drafted, which is available on the consultants’ website from 10th December to 13th January as part of the formal consultation.  You can see the latest state of applications on the Windmill Hill and Malago Community Planning Group website. AGB will be hosting Developing a “Bedminster Green” Manifesto, with people, place and prosperity at its heart on 8th January, 6pm-9pmat Windmill Hill City Farm. You can book your space here.

The agenda for this event is here .

Ashton Gate Stadium’s plans include a Sports & Convention Centre, a multi-storey carpark, housing, offices and two hotels. They are exploring the possibility of having a MetroBus stop closer to the stadium, a train station and a bus layby area. The proposals also include plans for housing on a second site between Ashton Vale and the Long Ashton Park & Ride. You can see more detail here.  AGB, BS3 Community, BS3 Planning and Friends of Ashton Gate Station have discussed the plans with Ashton Gate and we encourage residents to comment.  

Air Pollution

We have held three events on this subject now and have learnt so much about what happens in the air around us in the city including:

  • The legal limit of NO2 in the air is 40 μg/m3 as an annual mean (i.e. measured across a year).
  • Currently, some sites in Bristol experience NO2 levels up to 90µg/m3.
  • There are two sites with very high levels in Bristol – on St Augustines parade in the cetnre and Parson Street in BS3.
  • More than 5 deaths a week in Bristol linked to air pollution
  • Diesel vehicles are responsible for 96% of NO2 emissions in Bristol
  • Air pollution costs the UK £54 billion a year in illness and deaths.

Here is Dr Corra Boushel’s presentation in case you missed it, which has more details about air pollution in Bristol.

The Council are developing a Clean Air Plan which aims to bring the city’s pollution down to legal limits by 2021 (the target set by National government following the Client Earth action). Part of that plan involves the introduction of a Clean Air Zone, which may or may not include our neighbourhood. You can see the danger spots on the Clair city website and the options for making reductions (mainly relating to the Clean Air Zone) in the FAQ section of the Councils Clean Air website here.

There is more information out there, and other groups who are looking at this too, such as the Bristol Clean Air Alliance, Bristol Breathing Better and St George Breathing Better. There are other maps, like the one here showing the air pollution around GP surgeries and hospitals. Client Earth have created a Parents network and Bristol university is a partner in an interesting project called Life of Breath. More info on their website. 

We are keen to raise awareness of this topic even more, and to look at practical solutions in our area. This could mean working with the Council, the Bedminster Business Improvement District, Parks groups and other local organisations. It would be brilliant to talk to schools, GP surgeries, groups like Brownies and more. We are hoping to focus on this in the Spring but can’t do it on our own – ideally we’d like to create a group to take it forward. If you are interested in getting involved, please let us know by emailing