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Bristol City Council is conducting consultations in two areas of local life that affect us all:  High Streets, and Air Quality. Come and find out what’s being done – and what can be done – in our own neighbourhood.

Bedminster’s shops in 2030: will they still be here?
22nd November 2018 6.30pm (for 7pm sharp) until 9pm
Hen & Chicken, North Street
Action Greater Bedminster in partnership with Bedminster Business Improvement District (BBID)

Will our shops survive? Or will it just be Amazon and  faceless corporations?

We need you! Bedminster’s residents are invited to help us shape the next five years for supporting Bedminster’s businesses. What do you want from your high streets? Does it matter? Do you care? Do you know what the BBID does and can do?

We do. If you do too, join us for a couple of hours to hear and offer opinions about how businesses, residents, community groups and public authorities can work together to ensure the future of Bedminster’s retail and leisure streets at the heart of this great community.

Every breath we take: The shocking facts
29th November 2018 7pm until 9pm
Bedminster Library
Action Greater Bedminster in partnership with Way Out West, the West Street Neighbourhood Group (WOW)

Research findings presented at our recent workshop on Air Quality were so shocking that we agreed we have to learn more for the sake of our own health – and that of our children. For this follow-up event, we’ve invited Mark Leach, who’s leading the Council’s Clean Air for Bristol engagement programme which aims to inform people about pollution, its causes and health impacts; and to give factual advice on what can be done by individuals, families, communities, businesses, local and national government. Mark and his team are working with, Public Health and Transport colleagues.

We’ll hear what other UK cities have done, what options are realistic – i.e. will be paid for within the Government’s framework – and the Council’s concerns for the impacts of a Clean Air Zone re social justice and how this could be resolved. We hope to also cover the proposed engagement plan including how the Council plan to reach out beyond the “usual suspects” and talk to people who often don’t engage on issues like transport, health or environmental issues, along with the nature of the process and timescales.

There will be plenty of time for Q&A and discussion.

Why is this important?

In Bristol air quality is currently breaching long term standards and regularly breaks legal standards for Nitrogen Dioxide. More than five deaths a week in the city are linked to air pollution. We can see from the Clair city map that Bedminster has many red – and dark red – dots. These dots mean that pollution at that site is breaking national and EU limits – specifically, for the average measurement of Nitrogen Dioxide.

Evidence shows that spending time in areas with high levels of air pollution can worsen asthma symptoms, damage lung function and harm cardio–vascular health. Other known health effects from before birth to old age include:

  • low birth weight of babies
  • impaired lung development in small children, smaller lungs
  • a contributing factor in the onset of heart disease
  • premature death
  • cognitive function in children
  • the latest research on potential links to dementia and Alzheimer’s

Join us to learn more, and to help us decide what can be done locally. Space is limited so please book here.

Open Meeting about St Paul’s Churchyard
St Paul’s Church on 17 November at 10am
Organised by South Bristol Deanery, the meeting will attempt to address the following issues:

  • rough sleeping in the graveyard
  • the amount of needles in the graveyard
  • human excrement in the graveyard
  • people being scared to walk through the graveyard, particularly following a recent sexual assault
  • removal of rubbish (the church is not allowed to take it to the tip)
  • lack of maintance of the graveyard by the City Council

The local councillors and police have been invited. We hope that many local residents and those who walk through the graveyard regularly will come along.

Be a BS3 Street Warden
Our pavements are often cluttered with recycling bins, discarded mattresses, overhanging hedges and cars parked on the footway. Annoying enough if you are young and able, a real problem for those with sight-loss, mobility issues and pushing a buggy.

The Let’s Walk Bedminster project aims to make walking safe, easy and pleasant and is trying to persuade people to keep footways clear. We already have over 20 BS3 Street Wardens who do two main things:

  • talk to their neighbours and friends about the importance of keeping pavements friendly rather than hostile;
  • report obstructions to the council, so that the obstruction can be removed.

Some BS3 Streeet Wardens just do their road or, perhaps, a regular route from home to the shops. For more information contact Ben on

Please get in touch with any ideas, thoughts, feedback – we’d love to hear from you!


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