Action Greater Bedminster Environment and transport group
This group will be looking at the street scene, air pollution, public transport, parking, traffic, litter, accessibility and more. The first meeting is on 21stFebruary 7-8.30pm at Windmill Hill City Farm and is open to everyone.

Action Greater Bedminster Parks sub-group meeting
The meeting on 21st January, which concentrated on the Bristol City Council’s recent parks consultation, was attended by the chair of the Parks Forum, Richard Fletcher and Richard Ennion from Bristol City Council and a wide range of representatives from parks groups, allotments and other interested organisations. It was chaired by Cllr Charlie Bolton.

There is a big challenge ahead: the Parks Dept will have budget reductions of almost £3m from April 2017-2020. The reductions will mean the core budget for maintenance and infrastructure will have to be protected and continue to be allocated based on need and priority.

It is clear there will be changes in the management and maintenance of our Parks, with several options for income-generation (e.g. increasing parking facilities and charges, cafes, advertising) and cuts to services likely to become reality. Any income will be returned to the city-wide parks budget.

The meeting discussed the need for the relationship with businesses to change. One idea is to create foundations for parks, so they can engage with businesses and volunteers, use charitable status to raise funding and so on. Bristol Parks Forum looking into this. The proposals can be seen here:

Key points from the discussion at the AGB Parks meeting:
–    Selling food in parks and how that balances with public health policy
–    Better communications between Parks operational team and local groups
–    How social enterprise could get involved
–    How volunteers can continue to be engaged.
–    The importance of local knowledge in informing how parks are run
–    Neighbourhoods could create a plan for their parks to share with the council.
–    The council welcomes ideas from local groups, residents etc.

Other items from the meeting:
– has some funding and advice available for increasing bug life in green spaces and want to work in 100 spaces across the city.
–    Lloyd Allan has been appointed by the council to develop toilet maps.

It was agreed that we would establish a Parks and Green Spaces Group, to be chaired by Cllr. Charlie Bolton to meet on a roughly two-monthly basis. It’s proposed that the AGB Parks sub-group might consider

  • carrying out a simple review of local parks groups which would ultimately feed into the AGB Community Plan. This would include identifying local priorities e.g. where we want more wildlife, sport etc
  • Trying to identify gaps in parks group with the aim of filling these gaps and seeing how volunteers might fit in

The Parks and Green Spaces group could potentially act as a support place for funding applications, and co-ordinate research.

The group will meet on Monday 5th March, 7pm at the Tobacco Factory to discuss ‘what next after the consultation’ and ‘how we can work together’. If you are interested in being part of this group, please email or just come along to the meeting.

Other Parks news
The Bristol Parks Forum is meeting on 24th February. If you would like to sign-up to their newsletter email Rob at

Charlie Bolton and Ben Barker have met with Becky Belfin, a BCC Parks Officer developing a new policy on volunteering.  Ben and Charlie have offered to support this research, especially in relation to existing volunteering practice in BS3 and potential additional modes. There are two surveys for parks groups and volunteers who work in parks. If you would like to complete one of these surveys, please email

Volunteer Health & Safety training and Insurance 
There is an online form here where you can request Health & Safety Training to lead tasks in parks while covered by BCC Insurance. Here’s a summary of the Council’s insurance documents sent to BPF:

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