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You will probably know that due to financial cuts on local authorities, there have been major concerns about the future of Bristol’s parks and green spaces.   These have already begun to bite, but the future looked very dismal, but unclear.    The future is still far from certain, but yesterday’s decision by the council, which is described below in a message from the Bristol Parks Forum, is a helpful step.

It also shows the advantage of getting names onto BCC petitions.    Achieving over 3500 signatures calling upon the council to reconsider its policy triggered a full council debate.   You might like to follow up by signing the Bristol Walking Alliance’s petition asking to bring Bristol into line with London and to ban pavement parking except with special permission.   This petition, and lots of others, can be viewed by googling ‘Bristol City Council petitions’.

Many people expect good quality green space in a major city like Bristol, but it is under threat.    Ways in which you can help include joining your local park support group as an active member and making sure your councillor and Action Greater Bedminster is on top of this issue.

This is what the Bristol Parks Forum had to say:

Thank you again for signing the Bristol Parks Forum Protect our Parks petition.

The petition was presented to the Full Council Meeting last night.

We asked Cllr Asher Craig to make a clear statement that the proposals to make parks ‘cost neutral’ would be dropped – and the good news is that we succeeded!

While there are still significant budget savings proposed for Bristol’s parks service, they are now £1.6m less than those proposed earlier this year. We are pleased that Cllr Craig listened to all of you that signed the petition and also to those 60+ people who submitted public statements to the meeting.

Savings in the Council’s budget can be made from increasing income or making cuts. This year the Council are making savings of nearly £1m pounds in the parks budget with just under 50% coming from increased income.

The Council has now launched a consultation on its proposals for savings over the next two years, the Council hopes to make most of these from increasing income, with things like more events and more commercial activities such as cafés, bouncy castles etc. There are also some proposed cuts.

Details of the proposals can be seen in the consultation documents at

Please take time to read and respond to the consultation giving your views.    It is important having reminded Councillors how passionate people are about their parks that we keep up the pressure.

There are more details about the consultation and last night’s meeting on the Parks Forum website at

You can also sign up for our regular email updates about parks issues at

On behalf of Bristol Parks Forum, thank you again for your support.


Rob Acton-Campbell
Bristol Parks Forum

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