ACTION GREATER BEDMINSTER :  a revitalised community network for challenging times

In response to Bristol City Council’s changing strategies with regard to neighbourhoods, at the AGM of the Greater Bedminster Community Partnership on 4th November members agreed a new approach and a new name was needed. ACTION GREATER BEDMINSTER was launched with a revised constitution, and a strengthened Executive Committee.

Who are we?

Membership of AGB is open to any community-based organisation in Greater Bedminster (the electoral wards of Bedminster and South Southville and immediate surrounds). 8 representatives of those groups will be elected each year to sit on the AGB Executive Committee alongside the 4 ward Councillors.

Elected on 4th November 2017:

  • Donald Branch, Caraboo Residents, Chair
  • Eleanor Freeman, Caboodle, Secretary
  • Mike McBeth, Southville Running Club, Treasurer
  • Stef Brammar, WOW (West St Neighbourhood Group), Membership Secretary
  • Kris Tavender,  Bristol Rugby Community Foundation
  • Steve Sayers, Windmill Hill City Farm
  • Simon Hankins, BS3 Community Development
  • Ade Williams, Bedminster Pharmacy, Bedminster BID
  • Cllr. Charlie Bolton (Green) Southville ward
  • Cllr. Stephen Clarke (Green) Southville ward
  • Cllr. Mark Bradshaw (Labour) Bedminster ward
  • Cllr.Celia Phipps (Labour) Bedminster ward, Vice Chair

How can YOU get involved?

We’ll continue to  encourage and support our members by helping to co-ordinate joint projects, providing networking opportunities, sharing advice and more. If you’re a member of a local community organisation based in the Greater Bedminster area, join us by subscribing to the mailing list to ensure ACTION GREATER BEDMINSTER is truly representative of our neighbourhood, listens to local people, and delivers real improvements and change.

What we will do together?

AGB will be inclusive, progressive and collaborative; continuing to make an impact in your neighbourhood, responding to your needs and making your voice heard. We’ll build on GBCP’s work, which for 12 years has provided a voice for the local community and has improved the quality of life for all those living and/or working within the Greater Bedminster area. Liaison on behalf of the community with the City Council, the local police team, and other key bodies such as Bristol Waste will remain a significant function of AGB. Our close collaboration with Avon Wildlife Trust (check out My Wild Bedminster) and the partnership with the Bedminster Business Improvement District will continue, and we will place representatives of the Greater Bedminster community on citywide bodies such as the Bristol Walking Alliance and the Sustainable Transport Forum (check out the Good Transport Plan)


These are the priorities we have identified so far. Soon we’ll send out a survey to ask the wider community if we’ve got it right.

Support and improve our parks, leisure facilities and libraries

Working with Parks groups, Bristol City Council, local businesses and others to help access funding, build partnerships and networks, and to help with sustainability and promote activities and services. (Check the Parks Forum for updates. By April 2019 the Council has a target to reduce the spend each year on parks by at least £2.868m and are running a consultation on the cuts.

Improve our neighbourhood environment: including the street scene, transport facilities and air quality

Working with Bristol City Council, local councillors, waste management services, the Business Improvement District, wildlife and gardening groups and others to improve accessibility, reduce litter, support sustainable transport and enhance the biodiversity of the area. (Check  is it working for Greater Bedminster?)

Urban planning, development and conservation

Working with planners, developers, Bristol City Council, local councillors and residents’ groups to ensure local voices are heard, plans are considered in the context of the area, and planners are held accountable. This may also include supporting groups to conserve and develop buildings etc in the area. (Are we happy with plans for our neighbourhood? Can we influence them, and if so how

Community Development

Working with organisations operating in the area to improve links, networks, partnerships etc and build a strong, sustainable community. Sustainable communities are places where people want to live and work, now and in the future. They meet the diverse needs of existing and future residents, are sensitive to their environment, and contribute to a high quality of life (ref: Geographical Association)

All of these will need to

  • promote accessibility and improve the quality of life for residents of all ages, with particular regard to over 55’s and 0-19 year olds
  • promote and support equality and diversity
  • reduce crime and improve community relationships

How will we do all this?

  • Public forums on specific topics will be held at least twice a year: the first one early in 2018 will address what is being planned for our local Parks.
  • Regular communication and interaction with our local community via this mailing list, our Facebook page, Twitter and our website
  • Sub-committees/working groups (open to any member of the community) are being re-organised to focus on current priorities for the area described above and:
    – develop a Community Plan
    – improve our marketing, communications, membership and participation



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