NEWSLETTER (44:17) – Friends of Parson Street Station, Upfest, flytipping, CAKE anyone?

Breeding Like Hedgehogs
Last year we reported that residents in the Frobisher Road area were clubbing together to turn their gardens into a home for lost hedgehogs.   They took in their first refugees from a hog rescue centre in 2016.   Nature seems to have taken its course as the attached picture of an adult and two youngster suggests.   This group also reports slow worms.   Please let us know if you spot hedgehogs, slow worms, unicorns or other interesting beasts in BS3.   If you are making lists of animals in your garden, the local park etc, please don’t send them in until further notice, probably October.

Friends of Parson Street Station
Parson Street Station will be 90 in September.   The Friends will be celebrating with a free family event on the morning of Sunday, 3 September.   From 9am to 11am visitors will be able to enjoy special trained themed light refreshment, get an engine face paint as well as witness the unveiling of an informative plaque.   There will also be 1920s musical entertainment and a special 90th anniversary memento.   People arriving at the start will see a steam train passing through the station!

When the station first opened, with just two wooden platforms, it was to serve the growing suburban expansion of the city.    Passengers increased during the 1930s, but numbers dropped in the second half of the century.   They are now rising again with over 126,000 journeys made each year.

The Friends of Parson Street Railway Station (FoPSRS) was set up earlier this year to press for improved facilities and services.   For more details contact or visit their Facebook page.

Well Done Southville Centre
The Southville Centre holds the Gold Award from the Green Business Tourism Scheme and, as well as talking the talk, they walk the walk!    An example is their results from a recent Travel West Travel To Work Survey.   A whopping 56% of SCDA’s over 50 employees walk to work as compared to the national average of 14%!

The BS3 area is very rich in tiptop voluntary sector organisations.    If you are a member of one of these, please let GBCP NEWSLETTER know about your good work.   If you don’t blow your own trumpet, who will?

Getting Attached to Your GBCP NEWSLETTER

People often send us posters and other documents hoping that we will attach them to the GBCP NEWSLETTER.   We can do that to a limited extent, but we find that quite a few of our readers have restrictions on the size of message they can receive.   A NEWSLETTER over 10 megabites is very likely to bounce back unread by some.    We therefore strive to keep NEWSLETTERS under that size and that usually means only two or three quite modest attachments.    If you want your information to go into the NEWSLETTER, please extract the key bits of information from your poster and send it to us in plain text.   Please do not expect the NEWSLETTER Team to do this for you.

CAKE anyone?

We’ve previously reported that UWE students can be available to assist local organisations with their computer needs.    Free consultancy is available on information management and training, IT, systems analysis, web sites, social media or other ICT related matters in exchange for hosting a final year student project team.   This scheme is called Community Action Knowledge Exchange (CAKE).   The deadline for applications is Monday, 11 September.   Apply via

Urban Painting Festival

Another great weekend for Upfest in 2017 with c350 artists from c40 countries confirming Bedminster’s significant position in the Urban Painting world.   Prints, original artworks and t-shirts can now be obtained from the Upfest shop on North Street.

Flytipping Camera?

Bristol Waste Company would like to eliminate flytipping in Bristol, or at least reduce it drastically.    They have a few moveable cameras that can be fixed to view notorious flytipping sites and thus identify people and vehicles that illegally dump rubbish.   If you know of a regular dumping site, please contact gbcpnewsletter@gmail.comand we’ll pass your message on to BWC.

Good bye to Francesca

Francesca Rolle, the current Library Development Officer for south Bristol, will be leaving the library service from 1 September.   The role has been engaging with libraries and community outreach, including the Bedminster and Marksbury Road Libraries.    Due to the current budget situation in the council, it is uncertain as to whether they will replace the post.   But, please do contact your local library, it’s the Library Supervisor, or the Reader Engagement Manager, Julia Ball ( , if you would like to do any work with the libraries and Abby Letchemanan, Library Supervisor for Bedminster, Bishopsworth and Marksbury Road – uk

On the other hand, Francesca’s just moved to Southville, so welcome Francesca.

And Welcome to Carlo

After an intensive 10 minute training session, the GBCP NEWSLETTER Team has now swelled from three to four.    Our new member is Carlo Bonura, a long term resident of Windmill Hill, part-time lecturer in Southeast Asian politics at SOAS University of London.    Carlo is a keen gardener and has just become a dad for the first time.   The other members of the team are Laura Murgatroyd, Ursula Gasser and Ben Barker.    The team takes it in turn, more or less, to edit a newsletter which means that they get to do about one a month.   Of course, if you want to be number five and spread the load even thinner get in touch via .

Fund Our Cities!

This is the title of a Rally and March being called by Mayor Marvin Rees on Saturday, September 9.   The March will start in Victoria Street and the Rally will be at noon on College Green.   The purpose is to urge the government to properly fund local governments so that important services can be continued.    On the following Tuesday, all the English Core Cities (ie the big ones) will be lobbying the House of Commons with the same request.

Notice Boards

BCC is undertaking a survey of community noticeboards across the city.   Where are they?   Who ‘owns’ them?    Who keeps them up-to-date?   More info about this in future GBCP NEWSLETTERS.   Meanwhile, we’ve attached our good street questionnaire again.    How does your street do?

What about the folks who live on the hill?

The 14 Neighbourhood Partnerships across Bristol are now dead as BCC, reeling from government austerity policies, withdraws.   In some (most? a few?) areas they will be replaced by new, more grass-roots structures.    In the two wards of Southville and Bedminster there will still be collaboration between people and organisations around issues such as establishing a stronger, more all age friendly neighbourhood; supporting local businesses; making it easier for everyone, including those with physical disabilities, to move freely and safely around the area; monitoring and encouraging wildlife in our parks and gardens; promoting fun and art through festivals and other events throughout the year and much more.   There are no proposals to discontinue this NEWSLETTER.

But, we are not sure what’s happening in Windmill Hill ward where quite a few GBCP NEWSLETTER readers live.    The Neighbourhood Partnership next door to Greater Bedminster covered the three wards of Knowle, Filwood and Windmill Hill.   We have been told by BCC officers that this NP will be breaking up into three units, each based on a ward.    Although GBCP NEWSLETTER has contacted some of our readers in WH, they seem unaware of any proposals to develop a replacement for their NP.

Hopefully, some of our readers know what, if anything, is being discussed.    If you have any information or ideas about the future of collaboration in WH, please contact GBCP NEWSLETTER so that we can help to pass the word around.

Caboodle co-working sessions with childcare – booking now open!

Bookings for Caboodle co-working sessions with four hours of childcare are now open!   Sessions run from every term-time Monday from 11 September at Windmill Hill City Farm and are designed to maximise valuable work time and minimise stress and travel.   Under 5s will be cared for in the Caboodle creche whilst parents and carers concentrate in the nearby co-working space.   At lunchtime, Caboodlers can enjoy a healthy buffet lunch, some informal networking and a wander around the farm.

Caboodle is a social enterprise set up in 2017 by three BS3 mums – Isabel Kearney, Ellie Freeman and Ellie Bowie – who all struggled to find childcare to fit around their freelance work.   They saw an opportunity to develop a community business that would support other parents and carers in their situation, and Caboodle was born.

Isabel K said: ‘we’ve made our mission to provide space for mums, dads and carers to work flexibly, supporting each other to have fulfilling careers and healthy family lives whilst their children blossom in versatile, quality childcare.    We want to start our co-working sessions with childcare at the farm and hope they make life a little bit easier for mums and dads in South Bristol’.

Co-working and childcare, co-working only and sibling childcare tickets are available.   Book at or join Caboodle on Facebook at  .

We can’t wait to start our co-working sessions with childcare at the farm

Go for a walk with FrANC

The Friends of the Avon New Cut are organising an expedition to explore the various colliery sites in BS3.    The last coalmine closed about a century ago, but there are still traces to be found.    The walk will be led by local historian Roy Gallop on the afternoon of Sunday, 17 September.    More details at

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