NEWSLETTER (41:17) – Owl day, RPS review, Intro to ABCD, summer play days

Victoria Park Wildlife Group is hosting an Owl Day to celebrate the tawny owls which are in the park.
Special guests from Secret World are bringing live birds of prey along for you to meet. The group will be hosting some fun owl-themed arts and crafts activities for children, and advice on what you can do to help bird conservation. It will be on the slope below the children’s play area adjoining Nutgrove Avenue. There will be a small charge to cover costs of materials for some activities, e.g. badge making, etc.

91 Ways
This is a Bristol-wide organisation that celebrates the estimated 91 languages spoken in the city by sharing meals and recipes from across the planet.   However, we are not aware of any activity within BS3, which, if true, is a pity.

RPS hours/days of operation – what do you think?
If you live in the Southville or Bedminster East RPS zone, you will have received (or be about to receive) a letter about RPS days and hours of operation – and whether the days should be extended to Saturday and/or Sunday Also, should the hours be extended from 5pm to 7pm or 9pm. (And for that matter, would you have different weekend hours, were you to extend the days).  The format of the survey isn’t terribly helpful, so Charlie Bolton/Steve Clarke have set up another (extremely simple) version.

Charlie Bolton says ‘I’d say personally, I’d extend hours to 9pm M-F, extend to Saturday 9-5pm and maybe 9-5pm for Sunday. But I have no particular rationale for saying that.’ Anyway, please let them know what you think.

Understanding Society – new part-time short course
The University of Bristol is starting a new short course in the autumn.
The course website is available here: tudy/part-time/
At the moment, the course is scheduled to run on Wednesday evenings, 6-9pm, starting on 15 October.

This course is for anyone interested in making sense of the society that we live in and how social and public policies can make a difference to people’s lives. It’s an interactive course, covering a wide range of topics, from social inequalities, to the general election; September 11th to the justice system; protests, the environment, and what it really means to be part of society. The course will draw on participants’ and tutors’ experiences, social and conventional media, research projects, and a wide range of other sources, to inform our debate and discussions in class. There will also be opportunities to develop your study skills – including note-taking, essay writing and participating in discussion.

The course particularly welcomes applications from people with non-traditional educational histories, people who are considering university in the future, and people with lived experience of the issues being discussed in the course. Details of how to apply are on the website, or any queries can be emailed to understanding-society@bristol.

Intro to ABCD 
Calling all local residents, activists, community workers, faith groups, organisations, politicians, commissioners – anyone with an interest in building stronger and more connected communities. ABCD Guides Bristol will be holding a one day introduction to Asset Based Community Development on Tuesday 26 September – starting at 10am in City Hall.

There are limited places – to book and for more details use this link /introduction-to-asset-based-c ommunity-development-abcd-tick ets-36351469223?aff=es2. If it’s full and you would like to be put on a waiting list please contact

Copenhagen Crossings
In an earlier GBCP NEWSLETTER we talked about the idea of continuous pavements which would emphasise the significance of pedestrians rather than motorists at junctions, ie what it says in the Highway Code.

These are sometimes referred to as “Copenhagen Crossings’’ for reasons that you can probably guess. They are being introduced in England and this link takes you to info from Waltham Forest in London:

How about continuous pavements for the entire length of North Street? Or West Street? And?

LPW summer activities

Learning Partnership West have a programme of summer play sessions in south Bristol, see poster attached.

The Amazing Maze
The Berry Maze project seems to go from strength to strength with the acquisition of £1000 from Tesco. Below are the next steps.   Help out if you can either with the Maze or on other projects. Contact for more details.

1. they shall be meeting on the 5th of August at 9.30 to clear up the slab which has been invaded by brambles and to have a better look at what can be done. They could really do with some help. It shouldn’t take too long and they’ve got some tools, which have been donated by Stihl. You would need to wear long trousers and perhaps long sleeves, to avoid getting scratched by the nettles and other “niceties” around the area.
2. Thanks to the lovely volunteer, Deb O’Neill, they’ve got in contact with Withywood Tree Service – they will donate the best part of the mulch needed and the contractors that work with the Park Department will do the same – so our mulch problem is now solved! On the 5th they will also need to set up the protection panels to secure an area where the mulch will be deposited until they lay it out, on the 16th of September.
3. unconfirmed yet, but they might get a fair amount of compost for the planters from a donation too. Also, there might be some very special guests when they do the planting.
4. They have had a good chat with representatives from parks, Bristol City Council and Bristol Waste about how to manage the flytipping problem in the area.
5. very soon, a poster shall be ready with the volunteering dates for the maze. Anyone willing to help to distribute it?

Dame Emily Park Project (DEPP) 
A few reminders for things coming up with Dame Emily Park Project Group.
1) The Tree Trunk in the Park is going to be transformed into a piece of art. Yusupha is the local artist and he’ll use special carving tools. Come and watch – start date shall be 1st August and he’ll need 5 days to completion. Any donations towards the cost of the work would be much appreciated.
2) Don’t forget “Summer Games” the free family event in the park on Thursday 17th August from 11 – 2pm.
Avon Owls are coming, RSPB is doing nature activities, The Deaner Café is selling coffee and cake, Southville playscheme are doing face painting and play dough, there will be a hula hoop competition, may be a willowing session, lots of cardboards to build are there, water games and much much more…..
3) You may have noticed that DEPP put up some signage about rubbish in the park. We’re keen on creating a Audio/Video with a song about rubbish. Please get in touch if you are interested in participating.
There are also Volunteers needed for the Rubbish collection day.
4) Get Course Minded
The Dame Emily Park Project is cooperating with Bristol Community Learning to offer free, short courses. See attachment.So, if you are on some kind of benefit and interested in learning about Marketing, Funding, First Aid, working with Volunteers and other things then get in touch. It’s hoped that these courses will start in the autumn if there are enough participants. For more information, contact

Intergenerational TV project 
A small group of children from the Southville Centre Nursery and Emma, one of the nursery teachers, were recently involved in an exciting intergenerational TV project filmed at St Monica’s Trust Retirement Village. The project involved setting up a temporary nursery for 10 children and 10 older people and the programme is called the ‘Old People’s Home for 4 Year Old’s’. You can watch it over two nights, Tuesday 1st and Wednesday 2nd August, on Channel 4 at 9 p.m.

There has been lots of media interest in the programme, so you may also spot them in various newspapers and hear Emma and some of the children talking about their experience on BBC Radio Bristol’s Breakfast show tomorrow morning.

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