NEWSLETTER (31:17) – Air quality, Filwood Quietway, DEPP, FrANC

Workshop Space Available in Bedminster BS3
1,000 sq ft of fairly basic ex-retail space in Bedminster.
Would suit artists, crafts-people etc and would be a temporary rolling six month  ‘meanwhile lease’ arrangement and would suit a maximum 6/8 people.

Job vacancy
There is a vacancy for a 2 year fixed term, part time ( 0.4) post as an Engagement Officer – Older People. This post will develop new art gallery tours aimed at people with dementia and their families:
Applicants need to apply via BCC website. Closing date 20 June.

Introduction to Indoor Bowls
There is a New Summer Group (limited spaces) starting: 22nd June 2017 – Thursday – Fortnightly from 2.00pm to 4.30pm for £3.50 / 2hours.
Free Coaching and Bowls are available but Flat smooth bottomed shoes are required.
Disabled access and toilets is provided.
Venue: Bristol Indoor Bowls Club, South Liberty Lane
Ashton BS3 2TY
(Food and Drink can be purchased Lunch time)
There is plenty of parking or Bus 24 (at end of journey)
For any questions and information please contact Convenor: Brian Blight via tel: 07792126344 or Club: 01179633460 Email:

Air Pollution
GBCP has had a basic ‘something should be done’ policy on air pollution which is especially strong in BS3 areas such as Bedminster Parade (BCC Planning Department has ruled that new buildings on the parade must have windows that cannot be opened!) and Parson Street (where children in the school are especially at risk!).
We know that legal levels, themselves arguably too lax, are regularly exceeded across Bristol, but nobody seems sure what to do.
One way might be to follow Clotilde Nonnez a 56 year old yoga teacher. She is suing her local authority, in this case Paris, for lack of action to protect her from harm. Her lawyers are claiming that 48,000 deaths per year in France can be linked to poor air quality, not to mention reductions in quality of life associated with lung diseases of all sorts. It is expected that other French citizens will be taking their city councils to court over the next few months.
Is this the ‘something’ that might be done in UK cities?

Not Such a Big Cleanup
Lots of good people turned up for the latest cleanup of Malago Greenway. See picture. The group reports that it cleared up ‘10 times less rubbish than in March’. They take this as a good sign that as well as collecting what’s there, fewer local people are using the area as a dumping ground. The message is getting across.

Filwood Quietway
See the Council’s new plans for the Filwood Quietway through Victoria Park and comment on them here:

Victoria Park Proposals

Friends of the Avon New Cut
The next FrANC event this year will be a Botanical Walk along the New Cut that will be held on Sunday 25th June.  Meet at Gaol Ferry Bridge (Coronation Road side) at 10:00am. There is no need to book formally, but if you would like to take part it would be helpful if you could reply to so that we have a rough idea of how many people to expect.

This walk will last approximately 1½ hours and will be led by Richard Bland from the Bristol Naturalists’ Society.  During the walk, we will discover the different types of trees and plants that populate the Coronation Road riverbank of the New Cut between Gaol Ferry Bridge and Vauxhall Bridge, as well as learning about their origin and age.  After crossing Vauxhall Bridge, we will then return to Gaol Ferry Bridge via the Chocolate Path and Cumberland Road.  If time permits, we may also study the plant life along the Harbour Railway rail track and the plants and trees bordering the Cumberland Road riverbank.

As is usual on such FrANC events, a small donation of £2 per person will be requested as a contribution to FrANC funds.

St Thomas Mar Thoma church
The Bristol Shakespeare Festival is proud to present the world premiere of “Shakespeare’s Worst” at the newly reopened St Thomas Mar Thoma church on Stackpool Rd (previously Fathspace). Written by multi-Emmy award winning writer and producer of The Simpsons Mike Reiss and internationally renowned Shakespeare scholar Nick Newlin, “Shakespeares Worst” is an irreverent take on the Bard.
The play is set in somewhere, in a small theatre, a group of actors are performing Two Gentlemen of Verona (arguably Shakespeare’s worst play…!) but one of the cast members isn’t happy. His career is going nowhere, he’s sick of the show, and he wants out.

It is supported by the Arts Council and will be held at the newly opened St Thomas Mar Thoma Church 4th – 8th July with a matinee featuring a Q and A with Mike and Nick on the Saturday.
Book now–shakespeare-s-worst

Slow Worms
In an earlier NEWSLETTER, Angie reported slow worms in her garden on Luckwell Road.   Since then Helen, Tess and Jenny have reported regular sightings of this legless lizard, including youngsters, at Enterprise and Alderman Moore’s allotments. Apparently they like compost bins (warm and lots of slugs and worms to eat, I guess) and spending the winter under the black plastic that is put down to suppress weeds (warm again?). Please send more slow worm sightings and, if possible, pictures to . Who knows, it may be published?

For those who care, its scientific name is Anguis fragilis and I think I’ll start the legend (false news?) that the Bedminster variety can only be seen by women. Like many other UK creatures, slow worms are in decline. They are now protected by law and it is illegal to kill, injure, sell or advertise them for sale. Long live the Bedminster slow worms and indeed they can live for 20 or 30 years. This is probably the only reptile to be found in BS3, but keep searching.

We are still on a hedgehog hunt and, indeed, looking for pictures of all sorts of creatures living with us in BS3.

Dame Emily Park Project (DEPP)

DEPP are very pleased to welcome Emily to the group. She is going to help with the rubbish campaign. Please get in touch via if you are interested or able in helping to getting the local parks cleaner. DEPP hopes that other park groups will join in and support this campaign.
Please watch and share this short video – it may help to keep our parks cleaner.

Trustee recruitment
Do you have a professional skill or area of expertise that you are able to share with the SCDA. If so they are always very pleased to hear from local people interested in becoming a trustee to help to continue to achieve the high standards of governance. If you would like to know more about becoming a probationary board member please email

Holiday Playscheme
Places are available throughout the summer holidays 24th July-1stSept 8.30 a.m. – 6 p.m. every day. They offer a variety of activities for children aged 4-11 years, including arts and crafts, outings and games. Contact for more information or to book a place.

A beautiful woolly flock of seagulls
This is a live link to a crowdfunding campaign ..please share wherever you can. There is also attached a press release about the project in case you can stick it anywhere.

Please pass this NEWSLETTER on to others and encourage them to join the circulation list. If you want to drop out, just reply to this email and let us know.

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