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River Visions

This is the name of a project at St Mary Redcliffe Primary School undertaken jointly with Water City Bristol, a UWE led research project.   The children looked at how the Malago river and its environs could be transformed as part of the proposed redevelopment of ‘Bedminster Green*.’   They presented their findings to an audience of parents and others, including a representative of the lead developer for Bedminster Green, on May 25.    The written report is too large for circulation with this NEWSLETTER, but can be obtained upon request    It will also be on display at Windmill Hill City Farm from July 4 to September 12.

*Bedminster Green is roughly the space between East Street and the railway line.    It contains important sites such as Windmill Hill City Farm, but is mainly light industry or abandoned land.

My Wild Bedminster Pictures

Avid readers of the South Bristol Voice will have seen their announcement (June edition, page 28) of photography contests as part of My Wild Bedminster.   There are two competitions, one for young people under 16 and one for all ages.

This month’s winners show a fox in Windmill Hill, a toad from Stackpool Road and first prize went to a close up of a nest of Lackey Moth caterpillars.   What will we see in July?   If you have pictures, please send them to .    GBCP, the Voice and other partners are hoping to mount an exhibition of photography, film and drawings of Wildlife in BS3 sometime towards the end of 2017.   More news later.

Quality of Life Survey

Each year, BCC publishes quality of life statistics about lots of things: crime, sport, general satisfaction, whatever.    These are based upon responses from Bristolians across the city.   Amongst other things they show differences from one part of Bristol to another.   If you would like to contribute your views to this exercise, please go to

The BS3 Planning Group Values and Needs Your Opinions

Message from the Neil Sellers, Chair of BS3 Planning Group:

We act as an advisory group to GBCP on planning issues (largely applications) in the Partnership area of BS3. We are a community consultee connected to the Neighbourhood Planning Network and, as such, not only get to review planning applications that everyone can see (and comment on) on the BCC Planning Portal but also “pre-applications”. Developers of significant schemes are encouraged to bring their plans to us at an early stage to get initial community views, which they then report on in a Community Involvement Statement. We are not allowed to “publish” the pre-app beyond the group.

We meet currently at the Hen and Chicken on North Street, 3rd Tuesday monthly (except August) @ 7.30. As we speak for the GBCP community it would be good to get as many voices in the room as possible. Contact to get added to our mailing list or find us on Facebook. We have recently seen a pre-app for the Ashton (former) Brewery site and one is imminent on Urbis’s plans for Bedminster Green, following a long multi party informal consultation process. Get a preview and give us your view!

Crowdfunder for Bristol Gets Growing 2018

For the past 6 years, Bristol Food Network have run the annual ‘Get Growing Garden Trail’ – a weekend where around 30 of Bristol’s community growing groups open their normally-closed garden gates to the public. They are now crowdfunding to run a slightly different sort of Trail for 2018…

Bristol Food Network would like to explore how food growing spaces can be used by the wider community – not just for growing, but by other health & wellbeing initiatives. For example with Tai Chi in Fishponds community orchard, kids’ cookery on HHEAG’s allotment, watercolour painting in Blaise Walled Garden etc.

You can help make this happen by pledging through the Bristol Gets Growing 2018 Crowdfunder. They are taking part in the Bristol Green Capital Partnership’s Better Bristol campaign, and stand to win £3K in match-funding if they can hit their 50% funding target quickly, with a minimum of 40 backers.

They have a great range of rewards on offer, from a share in the orchard harvest to tours of local food projects; from collections of small plot veg plants and seeds to vouchers from local sustainable eateries. Rewards are priced from £5–£500 – so there’s something for everyone.

Bristol Green Capital Funding

Further to the above notice, Bristol Green Capital has awarded £45,000 to be shared between 22 Bristol based groups.   But, groups don’t get the money unless they first raise a similar sum by crowd funding.  Please contact with information about your project if you are one of the 22 with a base in BS3.   We’d be pleased to help to promote your project.

Slow worms

You have to be quick to spot a slow worm, but Angie on Luckwell Road has come across one.   This is our first reported slow worm in BS3 for 2017.    Has anybody else seen one?   If you are not sure what this legless lizard looks like, google it for pictures.

Animal Charities

GBCP sometimes gets contacted by animal charities such as the RSPCA.    Sometimes it’s simply asking for money, but their messages also include useful information and urge local people to campaign on aspects supportive of animals, mostly domestic pets.    None of GBCP’s 100 or so registered organisations is itself an animal charity, so we tend to ignore these messages.    Apart from a couple of charity shops, are you aware of people in the BS3 area who are already organised, or might become organised, to support campaigns against animal cruelty and neglect?    If so, please contact and tell us about it.   Should there be a BS3 branch of the RSPCA?   Perhaps there is already.

Citizen Led Action

Even before being hit with its latest financial crisis, BCC (or parts of it) began to change.    One such group was the small Community Development Team which switched from the traditional BCC ‘we know best’ model to an ABCD approach.    Is that fair?    ABCD stands for Asset Based Community Development.   If you google this you will see that it’s an approach set out in the 1990s initially in the USA, but briefly it means looking to use the skills, energy and resources of a community to help it develop, rather than listing the things wrong with it and moving in with ‘a cure’.

ABCD is basically the model long-used in the Greater Bedminster Community Partnership and by many of its individual partners, in some cases well before people started to write books about it.

Because, by and large, Greater Bedminster is rich in assets (this is not a chance event) we probably won’t see much of the BCC team, but you might be interested in some of the work that they have been doing in other parts of Bristol.   For more info go to; and

Any question please get in touch with Terry Black, Community Development Team Leader,

Business in the Community

BitC is a national charity funded by large businesses.   Locally, they are running a project linking older people who are looking for paid work with local options.    See the attached poster for more details.

CASS Event

Community Access Support Service is organising a network event to enable voluntary, community, equalities and faith groups to influence a new citywide approach to mental health and wellbeing to be developed for Bristol. Poster attached.

Bug Hunt and Picnic 

The Friends of South Street Park are planning a picnic on Sunday, July 9 for both new and old members.    They are also going to hunt for bugs as part of My Wild Bedminster.    They could really do with a bug expert or two to help with identification, so contact Sarah at if you can help or want more information.   They will also be trying out the identification website.

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