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Bedminster’s Roll of Honour

Thanks to those who have already nominated ‘good citizens’ to the Bedminster Roll of Honour.   But, we know that there are lots of other people out there that make a great contribution to our communities.   We want to recognise that contribution and, incidentally, offer them a place at the Town Team’s celebratory meal on Sunday, August 20.    The North Street Party being planned by the Bedminster Business Improvement District is not just to promote general interest in the retail streets, but to celebrate the great contributions made by both our international restaurants, bars and cafes and by individuals from all parts of the world (including Bristol) who have helped to make our community so interesting and lively.   We want to honour these neighbours.

Please send your nomination to .   We need the following information:
Name of nominee:
Address (this will not appear on the roll):
City/town/province of birth:
Year of birth:
Organisation/person making the nomination (not on the roll):
How has the nominee contributed to communities in South Bristol? (max 25 words).

My Wild Wood White?

As part of My Wild Bedminster, a survey of butterflies to be found at Windmill Hill City Farm is underway.    So far, six species have been identified.   They are Green-Veined White, Small White, Orange Tip, Brimstone, Holly Blue and Red Admiral.    These are butterflies that you would expect to see in a rich and welcoming habitat like the farm on a sunny day at this time of year.    More surprising was a possible sighting of a Wood White (Leptidea sinapis).    This was only a passing glimpse and may have been either a Green-veined or Small White.    But, if there’s one Wood White, there will be others, since they live in colonies.    Have you seen one either at the farm, in Vicky Park or elsewhere in Bedminster?    If so, please contact My Wild Bedminster via .

Poo Patrol Big Spray Day (26 May)

Bristol University researchers, BCC and community organisations are working on a project to reduce dog poo in public places.    The launch is this Friday at Little Mead primary school, Southmead.   The academics will be looking at the health implications and the role of poo in discouraging people from walking around, visiting parks, pushing buggies etc.    BCC and community groups will raise public awareness.    The campaign will becoming to Bedminster, soon.      See for more info.    And remember, it’s not the dogs’ fault!!

More About Playing Out

In our recent Special NEWSLETTER about Playing Out we didn’t mention two useful links.   One relates to the 7-minute film made by children in Hartcliffe illustrating their feelings about where they can and cannot play and feel safe:    The other one is where you can read more about ideas for Bristol- Child Friendly City:  .

Computer Support

See the attached ilop poster for details of support available for older people who want to get more from their computer, tablet or phone.   Please circulate this information amongst your older friends.

Rubbish in Parks

Several park groups have reported high levels of rubbish, especially after hot weekends, and some examples of fly tipping.   Even in its days of relative affluence, Bristol Parks was unable to remove rubbish across the whole city in less than a few days.    Those ‘good old days’ seem to have gone and we may be facing several years of austerity and plastic bags.   Whoever wins on 8 June,  I guess that rubbish in the park won’t be an immediate priority for any new government.

Apart from just leaving it there (the rats won’t mind!) a few of us could go and pick it up (but that would lose it’s charm after a few outings and isn’t a long-term solution).   An alternative might be to campaign for people to take their own rubbish home: You Brought It In, You Take It Out.   Lots of people might be up for that and it may be worth a try.   The Dame Emily Park Project (DEPP) has already discussed this as a strategy, but it would work better across several parks rather than just one.    What do you think?    Please share your thoughts via .

Wildlife in Parks

Lots of our parks are full of swings, bike areas and football pitches. Fine for homo sapiens, but not so good for other creatures. Yet, closer inspection often reveals a range of birds, bats and butterflies. Some park support groups are setting out to make their spaces more wildlife friendly.We know that Victoria and South Street Parks are trying to do this, but others are probably trying too. We’d like to hear about your ideas. It would also be great if each support group tried to monitor the current range of creatures in their park. For example, tree creepers have been observed in Victoria Park, but how about the other green spaces? And, there’s always the Hedgehog Question. I wonder if each park support group would like to appoint a small ‘wildlife committee’ and start to pool information as part of My Wild Bedminster? Sounds like more fun than picking up somebody else’s litter. Please tell us what you think.

Can UWE Help You?

UWE’s Department of Geography and Environmental Management is organising a drop-in at the M-Shed on Saturday, 10 June (11-2,30pm).   This is for community and voluntary groups which might be interested in engaging UWE students in projects that would help them with neighbourhood planning, community assets, development of high streets, transport issues, air quality etc.   Anyone is welcome to come along.   No booking is required.   See attached leaflet.

BS3 Winter Bird Count

For the past few years, the BS3 Wildlife Group have monitored birds in back gardens over the six winter months from October to March.    The report for Year Six is attached Winter Garden Bird Count for Greater Bedminster 16-17.   Get back to if you have questions and/or would like to join in Year Seven.

Bug Hunt and Picnic

The Friends of South Street Park are planning a picnic on Sunday, July 9 for both new and old members.    They are also going to hunt for bugs as part of My Wild Bedminster.    They could really do with a bug expert or two to help with identification, so contact Sarah at if you can help or want more information.   They will also be trying out the identification website.

Summer Activities for Children & Young People.

The South Bristol Early Help Partnership proposes to publish a list of summer holiday activities.    If your organisation wants to be included in this, contact

Summer Games in Dame Emily

‘Summer Games’ are back in Dame Emily Park in Southville on Thursday, 17 August from 11 to 2pm in the dog free play area.    This free event is organised by Dame Emily Park Project with activities for the whole family, but they could do with some help.   So, if you are interested in getting involved, have ideas for activities or want to volunteer on the day, please contact via Facebook: .    Or, just come along and relax while the kids run around.    Everybody is welcome.

UWE Students’ Reports

GBCP has been working with four UWE Architecture & planning students from across the world to look at the strengths and weaknesses of central Bedminster.    Well done, Emily, Caroline, Alexi and Ernani!      The students presented their ideas for discussion to local residents on May 23.     Many of the points made were ones that we would all be familiar with, but still need to be repeated – blocked pavements are unfair to people with disabilities and buggy pushers; people like public places where there are plants and you can sit down – but also included were ideas and pictures from other cities that we might copy.    Bus stops made into art galleries, hanging gardens and libraries is a fun idea worth exploring.     We have hard and electronic copies of the reports and will get more electronic copies made.    Please contact if you would like to see the reports.

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