GBCP NEWSLETTER (19:17) – 2nd May 2017 Special on Poo Patrol Big Spray Day

On Friday 26 May Bristol University, the Sustainable Learning Team, Bristol Waste Company and the Clean Streets Campaign will be supporting primary schools and communities to highlight the scale and health risk associated with dog fouling across the city and the need for dog owners to pick up after their dogs and put dog bags in bins.

Most dog owners manage dog waste responsibly but there are some who don’t, leaving dog fouling on pavements, in parks or bagged up and thrown or hidden in bushes.

In a recent survey conducted by Bristol Waste Company on attitudes to environmental problems, twice as many respondents were annoyed by dog fouling than the next highest issue which was cigarette butts.

Dog fouling also poses a risk to human health.

Toxocariasis is an infection caused by roundworm parasites spread from animals to humans through infected faeces such as dog waste which usually but not exclusively affects young children because they are more likely to come into contact with contaminated ground when they play.

We will be working with primary schools, community groups and representatives to deliver the Poo Patrol Big Spray Day when the following will happen:

Before the day

  • Spray Day kit consisting of chalk based spray paint and stencils will be made available to primary schools, community groups and representatives;
  • Primary schools, community groups and representatives will be able to personalise their stencil messages;
  • Schools will be visited by PHD students and receive free learning resources from Sustainable Learning.

On the day

  • Primary schools, community groups and representatives will use the stencils and spray to safely highlight dog fouling on the streets and in the parks of Bristol. This is aimed at leaving a message to dog owners that they will see next time they walk their dog;
  • Count and map the dog fouling;
  • Bristol University will remove some of the dog foul which will be examined in its labs for the Toxocara worm.

After the day

  • Bristol Waste Company will remove the dog fouling;
  • Sites will be revisited by primary schools, community groups and representatives on or around 9 June to recount and map dog fouling and see whether behaviour change has occurred;
  • Bristol University will publish a paper on their findings.

If your area has a problem with dog fouling get involved in making it go away – sign up for the Poo Patrol Big Spray Day.

Let me know by 12:00 Monday 8 May if you want to be involved as there are a limited number of spray kits available on a first come first served basis. Please share with your networks.

Kurt James

Clean Streets Campaign Project Manager

Tel: 0117 92 23857

Mob: 07973 304548

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