GBCP NEWSLETTER (09:17) – Special: Closing of Holy Cross Church / Dean Lane 

During a meeting on 09th February 2017 the Bishop declared that the church and presbytery buildings had become dangerous and therefore will be closed.  The last service will be held on 26th February 2017.  This will also be Fr. Andrews last mass as he is going into retirement.


  • Fundraising for Church repair?
  • Demolition of church?
  • Selling off the land for development?
  • Building a new church?
  • Open church for other activities?
  • ……..


  • For the foreseeable future the mass will be held on Saturday evening and on Sunday morning next door in the hall of Holy Cross School with Fr. Michael Healy.
  • The church community is getting organised to influence the future of building and parish and will hold a first meeting at 11am (after mass) on Sunday 26th February 2017.

This is important to the wider Bedminster community so please come along and help.

Every change is also an opportunity – it’s vital to stick together and think positive.

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