GBCP NEWSLETTER (07:17) – 9th February 2017

Our Parks : The Future

At a conference at City Hall on Saturday organised by the City Council, people learned about the impact of the budget cuts on neighbourhoods. Much of the budgets that have been allocated to neighbourhood partnerships for local improvements will go, as will the Council-supported infrastructure which has supported neighbourhood partnerships for the past few years

The GBCP is assessing its options but intends to remain as a Partnership for the over 100 large and small groups and organisations which operate in Greater Bedminster. More news on that soon.

WHAT WILL THIS MEAN FOR PARKS? A big change is that the Council is looking to transfer the ‘ownership’ – to charities and trusts run by local groups – of its community buildings – such as libraries – and its parks (by some this was seen as an opportunity rather than a loss..) A first step for the Council is to carry out quality assessments of Parks, hopefully with the involvement of local groups. This will allow comparison with past assessments and also give a baseline for future assessments.

Steve Clampin is the Officer in charge of the review of the Council’s Parks & Green Spaces strategy, and he is organising a 2hr training session for Saturday (11th February). Can anyone attend on behalf of Greater Bedminster’s parks?? If you are interested please contact The Officer in charge of parks development made a presentation to a recent meeting of the Parks Forum, and this together with the assessment scoring sheets can now be found at

Homelessness in Bristol

We can all see the homelessness problem growing in Bristol, as the number of people sleeping rough on our streets multiplies weekly. Feeling a bit helpless in the face of this problem several hundred concerned citizens (including one of the local Southville councillors Stephen Clarke), have decided to raise awareness and money to try and help them. They will be spending one cold February night ‘sleeping out’ at Pip ‘n’ Jay church in Old Market on 24 Feb. They understand of course that this only gives them a tiny taste of what it must be like to be homeless, but they hope that it shows some solidarity with those who are stuck in this terrible predicament. If you have a few quid that you could spare please go to

Bristol Energy is helping small businesses go green

Bristol Energy is the only company in Bristol to supply gas and electricity to business customers. Now, the new green tariff will provide 100% green electricity to businesses across the city

The new Business Green tariff is open to small, medium-sized and microbusinesses across Bristol, to help them lower their carbon footprint as well as save money on their bills. It’s a competitively-priced, fixed offer with no hidden charges and flexible contract lengths. Bristol Energy also offers a free energy health check for businesses in Bristol that spend more than £5,000 per year on their energy bills. Bristol has already cemented its reputation as a green and innovative city. With Bristol Energy, businesses have the chance to choose renewable energy from a local company that will also reinvest its profits back into the city. Owned by Bristol City Council, Bristol Energy is the city’s local, independent energy supplier. The profits will go straight back to the Council, helping to support local communities. Choosing Bristol Energy means the money you pay for your energy stays in your city, helping to build a business community we can all be proud of. It’s easy to switch your business to Bristol Energy. You can call the dedicated business team on 0808 168 3888 or email: Bristol Energy is also encouraging small businesses who generate their own electricity to join them. You can find out more about selling your energy by calling 0117 992 8790 or email:

Southville Community Development Association

SCDA are building another community premises in the Chessels (on the corner of Garnet street). They have a project running which is asking for peoples’ memories of the building when it was the John Memorial Hall and how it was used. If you have memories of visiting the building or using it in any capacity or know anyone who likewise used the building, could you contact Lew Pedler, please. He would like to visit anyone, to write down their memories and to compile a record of recollections which will be available in some form of display in the new building which should be open later in the year. Tel: 0117 9837694 / 0775 4434905 E-mail:

Creative workshops to bridge the age gap

According to science the brain has the ability to grow new brain cells at any age as long as we exercise them and story telling can be a great way to do this. We all may have a library full of stories inside of us waiting to be discovered and shared. Stories can start from anywhere, from the child who can’t paint the sky because it is up to high to comedy encounters on the street. We could all be part of a bigger story and now a new project called “ Intergenerate” from Twin Wave CIC aims to bring people and stories together$Intergenerate aims to bring together an education for different ages to be inspired by stories that have already unfolded or to create the beginnings of new stories. Songs or poems will be written based on some of the best stories chosen by the public and we aim to create recordings or performances for a different age to be inspired by them. Contact us to discuss what ages you want to bring together. Or simply express an interest in being part of a new story with another generational group.

For more info, contact, Paul 07932 448627;; Twin Wave CIC; “Making you sound together”

DEPP garden work party

Join this friendly group and help to improve the Dame Emily Park community garden on Sunday the 12th February from 2-4pm. Working alongside Incredible Edible Bristol DEPP are trying to create a garden that is attractive and useful for the community. No experience required, all welcome. Located near the Morley Road exit.

Twitter account for the South West Bristol Co-operative Learning Trust

The handle is @swbclt. If you / your school or organisation has a Twitter account, please do follow so we can publicise all the wonderful things going on in our community, schools and Learning Co-operative partners. Please remember to ‘Like’ the Facebook page too as we would really like to raise the profile of the Learning Co-operative and need your help to achieve this.
Tel: 0117 3772779

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