GBCP NEWSLETTER (06:17) – Window Wonderland Special

Recruitment to Window Wanderland is going well and is already up on last year, but WE WANT EVEN MORE.   Please encourage people to register by 12 February, at the very latest, in order to get onto the map for Southville, Bedminster & Ashton.   Of course, people can still decorate their windows after that date and appear on the on-line version.   Last year’s experience showed that some people even joined in part way through the weekend.   But, people may miss great displays if they are not on the map.

Printed maps will be available from local community centres (as yet unspecified) from the 18th or 19th.

We are asking people to make sure that their display is visible between 6 and 9pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, February 24, 25 and 26.   Of course, they can start and finish their displays for longer, if they wish.

To register, go to

We’ve had coverage in the South Bristol Voice and Pigeon.   For the Pigeon we hit the front page and also an article on page 35.

Meanwhile, please make sure that everyone knows what’s going on by talking to neighbours (we know that several streets are getting together) and by using social media. Remind them to register. Please do this ASAP and several times in the next week.

Note that Windmill Hill Window Wanderland will be the weekend after Southville, Bedminster and Ashton and that ‘Bemmie’ (BS3 south of the railwayline) will be the weekend after that.

Thanks for your help.

Clean Streets
Much of Greater Bedminster’s approach to improvements in the area have been looking at self-help at the basic street level. We are very supportive therefore of the current campaign for cleaner streets. As my old mum told me as a child: ‘two ways to keep the streets clean.   Pay someone to pick it up or don’t drop it in the first place’.  I seem to recall my ear then being clipped. Please see the attached message.

Clean Streets Campaign Great Bristol Spring Clean 3-5 March 2017

We want people in Bristol to do their bit to help spring clean our city.

Mayor Marvin Rees has made a pledge that Bristol will be measurably cleaner by 2020 as a result of his Clean Streets Campaign.

“Cleaning up Bristol’s streets is something everyone in the city wants to see happen and I believe we can do this. We should and can be as clean as cities such as Zurich, Tokyo and Singapore.

If we all work together, we can change the city around us and make dirty streets, litter, fly-tipping and all that’s defacing our local communities things of the past.”

The Great Bristol Spring Clean on 3-5 March 2017 (part of the Great British Spring Clean) is your opportunity to pick up some litter and put where you live on the map.

Join schools, community groups and other organisations doing your bit to make your part of the city cleaner and tidier.

Just spend an hour or two picking up litter, bag it and leave it in a designated place where Bristol Waste can collect it.

Whether you just pick up and bin a single piece of litter yourself or a group of you clear a green space or more, take some pictures and share it with us and the world and tell us why keeping the city clean is important to you.

We would like clean-ups to happen in every part of the city during 3-5 March weekend. To help you show that you want to live in a cleaner city we can assist by providing litter picking kits for you to borrow and bags to fill with the waste you collect. We have a limited supply of these kits (which include litter pickers and hi vis vests) so they will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

To register your interest please drop us an email to and let us know where and when your litter pick will take place. Twitter #bristolcleanstreets

If you want to borrow one of our litter picking kits, please also let us know how many people you expect to be involved. We can then arrange a pick up point for the kits and decide how we will collect the bin bags at the end of the session.

If you want to register with please feel free to do so but we will help you regardless.

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