GBCP NEWSLETTER (09:17) – Special: Closing of Holy Cross Church / Dean Lane 

During a meeting on 09th February 2017 the Bishop declared that the church and presbytery buildings had become dangerous and therefore will be closed.  The last service will be held on 26th February 2017.  This will also be Fr. Andrews last mass as he is going into retirement.


  • Fundraising for Church repair?
  • Demolition of church?
  • Selling off the land for development?
  • Building a new church?
  • Open church for other activities?
  • ……..


  • For the foreseeable future the mass will be held on Saturday evening and on Sunday morning next door in the hall of Holy Cross School with Fr. Michael Healy.
  • The church community is getting organised to influence the future of building and parish and will hold a first meeting at 11am (after mass) on Sunday 26th February 2017.

This is important to the wider Bedminster community so please come along and help.

Every change is also an opportunity – it’s vital to stick together and think positive.

GBCP NEWSLETTER (08:17) – 17th February 2017

Spike Island seeks older volunteers 

Spike Island (near the SS Great Britain and Harbourside) are seeking older people to join their friendly volunteer team.   If you can regularly spare five hours (particularly on Saturdays or Sundays, 12-5pm), and you are interested in meeting the public, being part of a team, and enjoy being around art and culture, they would love to hear from you.

More information here.   Please get in touch: or call 0117 929 2266.

My Wild Bedminster

We were hoping to continue to work with Avon Wildlife Trust as part of their My Wild City Project.   Unfortunately, they seem to have run into a funding snag (who hasn’t?) and are suspending their activities, at least for a while.    Several people have contacted GBCP to indicate an interest in developing local biodiversity, so we don’t need to stop our activities.     Here are some of the things that are going on at the moment: BS3 Wildlife Group are nearing the end of their six month monitoring of garden birds across BS3; Patchwork Group and others are continuing with their two orchards and various patches of abandoned land; the hedgehogs that we identified last year are fast asleep, but should be moving about soon and Victoria Park Action Group are tidying up their wildlife area prior to the spring. Continue reading “GBCP NEWSLETTER (08:17) – 17th February 2017”

GBCP NEWSLETTER (07:17) – 9th February 2017

Our Parks : The Future

At a conference at City Hall on Saturday organised by the City Council, people learned about the impact of the budget cuts on neighbourhoods. Much of the budgets that have been allocated to neighbourhood partnerships for local improvements will go, as will the Council-supported infrastructure which has supported neighbourhood partnerships for the past few years

The GBCP is assessing its options but intends to remain as a Partnership for the over 100 large and small groups and organisations which operate in Greater Bedminster. More news on that soon.

WHAT WILL THIS MEAN FOR PARKS? A big change is that the Council is looking to transfer the ‘ownership’ – to charities and trusts run by local groups – of its community buildings – such as libraries – and its parks (by some this was seen as an opportunity rather than a loss..) A first step for the Council is to carry out quality assessments of Parks, hopefully with the involvement of local groups. This will allow comparison with past assessments and also give a baseline for future assessments.

Steve Clampin is the Officer in charge of the review of the Council’s Parks & Green Spaces strategy, and he is organising a 2hr training session for Saturday (11th February). Can anyone attend on behalf of Greater Bedminster’s parks?? If you are interested please contact The Officer in charge of parks development made a presentation to a recent meeting of the Parks Forum, and this together with the assessment scoring sheets can now be found at

Homelessness in Bristol

Continue reading “GBCP NEWSLETTER (07:17) – 9th February 2017”

GBCP NEWSLETTER (06:17) – Window Wonderland Special

Recruitment to Window Wanderland is going well and is already up on last year, but WE WANT EVEN MORE.   Please encourage people to register by 12 February, at the very latest, in order to get onto the map for Southville, Bedminster & Ashton.   Of course, people can still decorate their windows after that date and appear on the on-line version.   Last year’s experience showed that some people even joined in part way through the weekend.   But, people may miss great displays if they are not on the map. Continue reading “GBCP NEWSLETTER (06:17) – Window Wonderland Special”

GBCP NEWSLETTER (05:17) – 1st February 2017

GBCP Meetings

6 February. The GBCP Board and others will form an Awards Panel to look at applications to spend Greater Bedminster’s S106 and Community Infrastructure Levy.   The meeting will start at 7.00pm in Amerind Grove, Raleigh Road.

16 March. GBCP Environment Group. This group considers issues such as park and green space improvement, street planting and air quality.  The meeting starts at 7.30 in ActaCentre.   If you are already part of the group, you will be sent relevant papers.   If you are not yet part of the group, but wish to be, contact

27 March.  The next full GBCP Board meeting.   Details closer to the date.

What will happen to parks?

You will know that as BCC’s income is being reduced, they are having to reduce expenditure on Bristol’s Parks.    The full extent of this is not clear and the reductions will be phased in over about three years.    Continue reading “GBCP NEWSLETTER (05:17) – 1st February 2017”