GBCP NEWSLETTER (55:16) – 5th December 2016

BS3 Planning Group meeting dates. 
The BS3 Planning Group is part of a city-wide network – Bristol Neighbourhood Planning Network – of resident groups that looks at planning applications and hold ‘pre-planning’ meetings with developers.   Any local resident is welcome to join in and special knowledge is required. You’ll soon pick up the jargon!  Future meetings are on the 3rd Tuesday of each month @ Hen and Chicken on North Street, ie

Tues 20 December
Tues 17 January
Tues 21 February
Tues 21 March
Tues 18 April
For more info contact

What About Parks?
As BCC struggles to come to terms with the savage cuts being imposed as social costs rise and government withdraws funding, one suggestion is to transfer Bristol’s parks to a ‘trust’ or perhaps several trusts. This is not, in itself, a bad idea. There are already several trusts, of one sort or another, in Greater Bedminster. Many relate to buildings, eg actaCentre and Southville Centre. Windmill Hill City Farm is perhaps the best example of a green space.

These arrangements are sometimes called ‘Asset Transfers’, but sometimes they are really ‘Liability Transfers’ if the receiving trust cannot raise the money to maintain them.   A 2013 national study called Rethinking Parks gives some ideas about how trusts, rather than local councils, running parks might work.     It ain’t easy!
See ks .

Small Community Funds
The co-op offers small sums to community organisations.
For more info go to membershipcontactus@co-operati ve.coopor google Coop Local Community Fund.   Deadline 16 December for the next round.

Bedminster Access Group (BAG)
This new group had good coverage in the SB Voice in December (p20) around the issue of cars parking across dropped kerbs.    Kerbs are dropped so that folk in wheelchairs can get on and off the pavement.    Illegally and thoughtlessly parked cars don’t help!!   The group is keen to recruit more members to draw attention to obstacles that prevent people with mobility and sight issues to get around. Contact if you would like to help.

Rednotes are First

Recently announced (54:16) the Business Improvement District’s success in securing £10K to celebrate the international diversity of our neighbourhood.    Planning for this event will start in earnest in the new year, but the Rednote Choir is the first organisation to get back to GBCP ( with an offer to join in.  Excellent!!

We look forward to hearing from some more.

Better Bedminster Community Chest
GBCP has £20k per year from BCC which it uses to support local projects.   Most of this was allocated earlier in 2016, so the second round only has £5,576 to be allocated.

Applications have now closed and there are 10 of these totalling £10,346.60.

Previous experience suggests that all of these are probably good ideas, but clearly, they can’t all be funded.

An Awards Panel will look at the applications on Thursday, 8 December from 7pm at Southville Centre.

Residents of GBCP are welcome to join the panel, but please be there from 6.55 so that you are ready for the briefing on procedure.

You will not be allowed to vote for applications with which you are connected.

The recommendations of the Awards Panel will go to the Councillors’ Committee for final decision on 16 January as part of the next GBCP Board meeting.

Window Wanderland
There will be three Window Wanderlands in our part of Bristol in 2017.

  1. Ashton, Bedminster and Southville WW will, as in 2016, cover most, but not all, of GBCP.   Registration is underway and, although it’s early days, it looks like a slower response from folk south of the retail streets than from the north. It’s important to balance this up.   This will be the first of the three events and will be on the last weekend in February. The map will probably come out a week or so before, so please sign up in good time.
  2. Windmill Hill & Victoria Park WW. It’s their second year too and will be on 4-5 March.
  3. Bemmie WW.  11-12 March 2017 will be their first time. The area covered is the part of Bedminster that lies south of the railway line and therefore outside GBCP.

Go to m/event/bs3-2017/ to register your windows if you want to join in.

Older Men at the Margins (OMAM)
Several GBCP partners have been looking at issues around social isolation and loneliness, especially amongst older people, over the last few years.    It’s suggested that, as a generalisation, men cope less well than women.

Their higher suicide rate perhaps illustrates this. Bristol University have started a project looking at three particular groups of men that, for whatever reason, are in danger of becoming isolated.     GBCP hopes to keep in touch with this project through our links with Bristol Ageing Better (BAB).   An outline of the OMAM project is attached.
New LILAC Group & Computer Cafes
LILAC (Local Isolation & Loneliness Action Committee!!) will be offering IT support to older people from January.   They are starting in two venues:

Mezzaluna Cafe, West Street: Mondays, 1.15 to 3.15pm.  First session is 16 January.

Acta Cafe: Fridays, 10.15-12.15. First session is 20 January.

The sessions are free and everybody over 55 is welcome.  Either bring your own phone or tablet or practice on LILAC’s equipment. Or, just come for a cuppa and chat.

Bristol Older People Forum 
Please find attached the Winter newsletter, which in printed form reaches our c2800 individual members plus many more older people and those that work with them across the city via libraries, GPs, community centres etc. If you have any requests for hard copies, comments, suggestions, or ideas for future topics/inclusion please do get in touch.www.bopf@ageukbristol.or
This issue includes:
·       Words from the Mayor on Bristol’s Manifesto for Older People
·       Information on Council consultations and on Healthwatch
·       4 pages of phone numbers for support and advice
·       Home safety tips
·       How to get more out of being online
·       Volunteering opportunities
·       BOPF meeting and membership details
……..And much much more! BOPF Newsletter_Issue51

News from Faithspace.

St.Thomas Mar Thoma Church is the new owner of Faithspace. The church is keen to get various works done within the building to restore Faithspace to its original glory.

Renovation should start in late December/early January.

Therefore please do pass on numbers of any locally recommended Builders via

The priorities are as follows:
1.     Inspecting and repair of Roof
2.     Gutters & Drainage
3.     Church Area
4.     All Toilets & Kitchen
5.     Wall and Structural works
6.     Interior Decorations

Please send any information for inclusion in the newsletter to this email address and let us know if you’d like to be removed from the list.

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