GBCP NEWSLETTER (55:16) – 5th December 2016

BS3 Planning Group meeting dates. 
The BS3 Planning Group is part of a city-wide network – Bristol Neighbourhood Planning Network – of resident groups that looks at planning applications and hold ‘pre-planning’ meetings with developers.   Any local resident is welcome to join in and special knowledge is required. You’ll soon pick up the jargon!  Future meetings are on the 3rd Tuesday of each month @ Hen and Chicken on North Street, ie

Tues 20 December
Tues 17 January
Tues 21 February
Tues 21 March
Tues 18 April
For more info contact

What About Parks?
As BCC struggles to come to terms with the savage cuts being imposed as social costs rise and government withdraws funding, one suggestion is to transfer Bristol’s parks to a ‘trust’ or perhaps several trusts. This is not, in itself, a bad idea. There are already several trusts, of one sort or another, in Greater Bedminster. Many relate to buildings, eg actaCentre and Southville Centre. Windmill Hill City Farm is perhaps the best example of a green space.

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