GBCP NEWSLETTER (53:16) – 15th November 2016

Bristol Clean Air Zone?
There has been growing concern over recent years about the impact of air pollution on the health of everyone, but especially young children and older people. Following a 4000plus petition started by Southville resident Jane Stevenson, Bristol City Council has agreed unanimously to request that the Government declare parts of Inner Bristol a Clean Air Zone. Such a zone, if it happens, would impose restrictions on the main polluters, including several types of vehicle.

Of course, resolving is one thing, making it happen is something else. If you would like to help to keep the pressure up and the deaths from pollution down, contact Jane on .

Get in the BAG
The new Bedminster Access Group is beginning to come together. We are slowly recruiting people with the experience of moving across BS3 with from moderate to severe physical disabilities. Often this is am obstacle course created, unwittingly in the most part, by others living in the area. An annoyance for many is not just the lack of dropped kerbs for wheelchair users, but the habit of parking cars across them. There’s also our old friends the recycling bins and cars parked across pavements. Some people we’ve spoken to have said they just don’t bother to go out, because it’s too much of a hassle.

BAG members are collecting data on the worst situations. Most are caused by lack of awareness rather than malice and can easily be put right. This project is linked to our Let’s Walk Bedminster and Let’s Clean Bedminster projects and we are working with other areas through groups like the Bristol Walking Alliance.

If you, or someone you know, has a disability, not necessarily a severe one, that makes it a bit difficult to get around BS3, please join BAG and become a reporter/adviser by contacting .

Most Accessible Business in Bemmy
We hope to launch this award in 2017. It’s linked to BAG. What do you think is the most accessible restaurant in Bemmy? Or bank? Or super-store? Let us know on

Bedminster Skills Week
This runs from 14 to 20 November. Go to for more information.

Most people are in favour of recycling, but not everyone really knows the best way to do it. What goes into what box? We are hoping to train up (this is perhaps an hour or so rather than a three-year course!!) a few people to act as advisors to others. Please get back to if you think you would like to be a Recycling Advisor in BS3 during 2017.

Thanks to Ursula
The GBCP NEWSLETTER Team of Laura Murgatroyd and Ben Barker is very pleased to welcome a new member. This is Ursula Gasser. Ursula lives in Southville and is already very active locally, for example, as chair of the Dame Emily Park Project. She has already edited one GBCP NEWSLETTER and Ben and Laura hope she will edit many more. This 50% expansion of the team is a Good Thing, but why stop there? If you think that you might help out, get in touch with .

Handfuls of Harmony
See the attached poster for the HoH concert on 4 December.

The Great Bee Cause
According to a recent survey led by Friends of the Earth, the five most common bees in the UK are the white-tailed bumble bee; the honey bee; the early bumble bee; the tree bumble bee and the red-tailed bumble bee. Most of us can’t tell them apart, but who’s up for a survey in Bedminster in 2017 to see which is the most frequently seen across BS3 and also to look at ways in which we can improve their numbers? apparently, it’s all in the planting.

Bristol Budget Consultation
There will be a public meeting on Thursday, November 17 at Oasis Academy John Williams, Petherton Road, BS14. (7pm). To book a place, go to Also, see attached poster.

The Friends of the Avon New Cut have their AGM on 27 November (2-3.30pm) at the Education & Meeting Room, Underfall Yard. for more info and to join FrANC contact

Winter Fair at Windmill Hill City Farm
WHCF have their Winter Fair on Saturday, December 10. See the attached poster.

Festive Craft Market
This will be at Southville Centre on Saturday, December 3 (11-5). Entry is free. Around 30 stalls will offer decorations, cards, arts and crafts, jewellery, toys and much more. Santa will be taking time off from GBCP NEWSLETTER production to appear in his Wonderful Grotto.

Alice Takes a Trip
This year’s Southville Panto will be at the Southbank Club, Dean Lane on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 2,3 and 4 December. The shows start at 7.30, 7.30 and 5 pm. Please get their about 15 minutes before. Entry is £8, but there are concessions for OAPs (£7) and children (£5). Book tickets and other info from

Shared Space
GBCP and other neighbourhood partnerships are talking to BCC about ‘shared space’. That’s the areas where cyclists and pedestrians find themselves pushed together. Bridges are a good example, but there are lots of others. Lots of efforts are going into encouraging more people to walk and cycle, not least because of the consequent reduction in air pollution. This means that although cyclists and walkers might be thought of as natural allies, the clash between them, at least in certain places, is likely to become more intense. One way of handling this is, of course, simple good manners where pedestrians look where they are going and cyclists slow down or dismount as they pass through congested and shared areas.

Whether on foot or wheels where do you identified shared spaces in or near BS3? Do they work? Could they work better? We’ll pass your ideas on to the relevant authorities. Hint: shooting would-be Wigginses has already been turned down by wimpy old BCC.

Bristol Walking Alliance
BWA is part of the discussion on ‘shared space’. It started in 2015 and GBCP was one of its founding members. It now has over 20 member organisations including 8 of the 14 Neighbourhood Partnerships. It hopes for a couple more NPs by Christmas.

Bedminster Energy Group
BEG is offering a free talk on ‘UK Targets and Emissions’ on 24 November at the Tobacco Factory. If you want to be up-to-date on the latest British position go to . For more info about BEG contact

Bedminster Social Club
This group for older people now has around 50 people on its contact list. Meetings between now and the end of the year are: Wednesday, 16 November (10.30); Thursday, 24 November (2.00); Friday, 9 December (10.30) and Monday, 19 December (10.30). All meetings are in Mezzaluna Cafe on West Street. The idea is that, if you are free, you can just show up for a chat and cuppa. The group is also developing a programme of monthly lunches, walks, cinema visits and other social activity. Join us and meet some new people. Please spread information about the Bedminster Social Club amongst your friends.

Victoria Park Action Group
VPAG have published two 2017 calendars celebrating the flowers of Vicky Park. They are on sale at £6 each (or £10 for two) at Mrs Brown’s Cafe in the park or via VPAG: .

Potential Closure of Upton Road
This is the part that links Raleigh and Green Bank Roads passing past the new Ashton Gate Primary School annexe. Closure was considered as part of the plans for school expansion but rejected at the Planning Committee. The BS3 Planning Group described 24/7 road closure to protect the school as disproportionate. It is now being considered again. Residents might like to share their views (either way) with our local councillors and/or BCC Transport Development ( .

East Street Fair
This will be on Saturday, 26 November complete with reindeer and snow. Snow!!?

And Winter Lantern Parade on December 10. Hooray!!


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