GBCP NEWSLETTER (50:16) – 24th October 2016

Owing Money
Lots of people find themselves getting into debt.    Often they do not know how to get out of it and a difficult position becomes worse.    Karin Smyth, MP for Bristol South, meets many people in this situation.   She is arranging for a series of free opportunities where people in her constituency can meet with experts and get advice about getting out of debt.   Sometimes, that means transferring to cheaper utilities or receiving unclaimed entitlements.    One size does not fit all circumstances, so the chance to look at individual issues can be very valuable.

A recent one of these meetings was on Friday, 21 October at HWV, Gatehouse Centre, Hareclive Road, but you’ve missed that.   GBCP is in touch with Karin about future developments, including holding a meeting somewhere in Greater Bedminster.

Contact Karin’s office on  if you, or someone you know, could do with some debt advice.
Emotional Wellbeing Fund
Groups working with children may be interested in this small grant fund around promoting mental health.   See the attached information.
Here Comes Metrobus
See the attached press release for information about disruption on Winterstoke Road and diversions in near by streets in December.
Bedminster Access Group (BAG)
We are continuing to recruit to this group.    BAG is composed of local people with particular experience of negotiating Greater Bedminster as a person with mobility, sight or other disability.    We need BAG to advise GBCP and partners such as BCC and Bedminster Business Improvement District about access problems.   Where are the main difficulties?     What can be done to put them right?     Where are the examples of good practice (for instance, what are the 25 most accessible businesses in Bedminster?).     If you would like to join BAG or know someone who can join the team, please contact us via    .
Bus Boycott
If you lived in Bristol in the early ‘60s you may remember the Bristol Bus Boycott.    You’ve missed the meeting on the attached poster, but you can contact the project via Rachel Adams:   .   
Build Your Own Website
UWE are offering free workshops to community and voluntary sector groups on building websites.   These will be in February and March 2017.    The workshops will be at UWE’s Bower Ashton site.    For more information, contact   .
Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) and S106
Applications for local improvements in GBCP are needed with by October 28.
These applications will be considered at the GBCP Environment Group meeting on Thursday, 3 November (7.30) and, if necessary at the GBCP Transport/Mobility Group on Monday, 21 November (7.00).    Both will be at the actaCentre.   The recommendations of the subgroup will go to the GBCP Board meeting in January for final decision.
Recommendations on applications is only part of the sub-groups’ work.   They are also considering future proposals for improving or, given current financial problems, even maintaining the quality of Bedminster’s park and streets and transport infrastructure.
Even Older than the New Cut!!
The New Room – John Wesley’s Chapel- was built in 1739 in the centre of what is now Broadmead (opposite Boots).   It’s the oldest Methodist chapel in the world and is one of Bristol’s main tourist attractions.   Additionally, it has a TV role recently serving as the court house where Ross Poldark stood trial.
It’s currently undergoing refurbishment and a new Visitors’ Centre is due to open early in 2017.   There will be a museum, cafe and learning space.    Bristol residents are welcome to explore this part of their history.    They are also looking for volunteers to help out.    For more info, go to /.
Southville Panto
This year’s panto will be Alice-takes a trip.    Performances will be on 2, 3 and 4 December.    Casting has begun, so if you are interested in taking part contact Gill on and go along to the first meeting which is at Southbank Club (Dean Lane) on Monday, 14 November at 7pm.   Oh yes you can!!
20 mph
Lauren Curl is a BCC officer.   She does community engagement for BCC’s 20 mph projects, ie trying to persuade people to drive within the law.   GBCP was a pilot area for 20mph in Bristol and the general principle has widespread support although a minority still drive faster.   Lauren wants to work with us on encouraging safer driving.    She has asked for a meeting in the next few weeks to talk about projects that we might work on with her.
Please contact if you would like to be part of a GBCP group looking at this issue and, also, let us know if you have any suggestions re a campaign to promote 20mph.
Window Wanderland
This is still scheduled for the last weekend in February (first in March for Windmill Hill).    We hoped to work with tenants of some of the tower blocks and so, we are pleased to announce that Bristol Ageing Better (BAB) will fund two projects (£2K each).    We will be working with the tenants over the next few weeks to appoint an artist to work on each project.
BAB has also offered £500 towards the printing of the next Bedminster Toilet Map.   Research on this is currently underway and we expect publication in early 2017.
Community Navigators in South Bristol
Over the last few weeks there have been useful discussions between GBCP and people representing the other four Neighbourhood Partnerships in South Bristol.     The aim has been to develop a viable application to Bristol Ageing Better for a three year project of Community Navigators.    The sum totals £250,000 which sounds a lot, but not when spread across a third of the city.    These will be advisors (some paid, but most voluntary) to reduce social isolation especially amongst older people.
There is already a strong corp of Community Navigators in Greater Bedminster, although they do not use that name, so we will have a strong base on which to build.         The application will be submitted before the end of October, so fingers crossed.   More info when we have it.
Youth Cafe in Dame Emily
A converted shipping container will become a hub for young people in Dame Emily Park starting on 27 October.   The cafe will run on Thursdays between 2 and 6.   Dame Emily is already a major focus for young people with BMXing, skate boarding, street art, basketball and more.    Contact David at  for more information.
Patchwork Group
These are the folk who tend most of our community gardens, ie reclaimed and abandoned sites in BS3.    Their next outing is on Saturday, 29 October (between 10 and 12).   They will start at the Clifton Street (junction with West Street) site and, depending on time, move onto a second tidy up.    Good company and good exercise, so pop along and join them.
They also have their AGM coming up on November 15 when they will be at The Hare, North Street from 7.30pm.    Contact for more information.
Bristol Tree Forum
As the name suggests this is a group that likes to talk about trees.   One of its main functions is to influence BCC policy on park, street and other trees.   Its next meeting is in City Hall on Monday, 14 November from 6-8.    GBCP is ranked 14th out of 14 Neighbourhood Partnerships for tree cover, so it would be good if there were a few people from Greater Bedminster that were able to turn up.   For more information go to .   If you are going to the meeting please contact Richard on
Life Cycle UK
Go to to see their report setting out their impact during the 12 months to April 2016.   A good and clear explanation of the work of this important local group.
Your Local Libraries
31 Oct-4 November:   ‘Jungle Books’   a display about ‘Jungle Books’ a pop-up library in the refugee camps in Calais.
Friday, 18 November:   Bedminster Skills Week:   mini-fair for information on training, skills and learning.
Saturday, 19 November:   Catterbooks (3rd Saturday every month).    10.30-11.30.   A reading group for children.***
Monday, 21 November: Centre for Sustainable Energy.   The CSE will be in the foyer talking about sustainable energy options.
Wednesdays:   Free careers advice and guidance from a trained careers advisor..***
Wednesdays 2-4:   Creative Writing Group.***
Wednesdays and Fridays:   Baby Bounce and Rhyme (10.30) and Storytime (fridays at 2pm).***
***ring the library at 0117 903 8529 for the events marked***.
Marksbury Road
November 3:   Gardening Group (5pm)***
3rd Thursdays each month (2.30):   Reading Group.***
Tuesdays:   (10.30).   Storytime.***
Thursdays 10.30.   Baby Bounce and Rhyme.***
***ring the library on 0117 903 8574 for the events marked***
BS3 Wildlife Group
People interested in the biodiversity of BS3 are invited to a meeting at the Elephant House, Southville (corner of Dean Lane and Dean Street) on Sunday, October 30 (5pm to c6.30pm).   We want to catch up on things like garden birds, wilding our parks and how are the hedgehogs doing.   And more……………
Urban Parishes in Bristol?
Bristol is flirting with the idea of Urban Parishes, as are several other cities.    In one sense, this is not a very radical idea.   After all, about 30% of people in England live in a parish or town with its own elected council and the right to raise taxes.   Of course, many of these are small villages, but there are some quite large towns such as Weston-super- Mare. 
Being radical or not, doesn’t make it a good idea or not.   BCC says that they will start consultations soon.   I guess the first step is to provide us all with basic information about what it might mean.   GBCP Newsletter has written to Asher Craig who is the Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods to seek some details.   When we get this, we’ll pass it on.
Bedminster Diversity Month
Thanks to those who got back to us about Bedminster Diversity Month 2017.    Most responses said it was a good idea.   The lead on this is being taken by the Bedminster Business Improvement District, but several arts and community groups have said they will join in.   More, probably in the new year, about this celebration of the rich cultural diversity that is Bemmy.
Don’t forget, the GBCP NEWSLETTER Team could do with some help.

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