Wish list for trees in Greater Bedminster

In October 2016 the Environment sub group of GBCP reviewed a presentation of work by Lorena Alvarez, Matt Collis, Guy Malkerson and Robert Marson on getting more trees into the area. As well as the report (Greater Bedminster Street Tree Wish List 20160905) there is also a map of where new trees might go on our streets, as shown in this picture, or online here. The Bristol Tree Forum has an excellent website, forum and social media presence for to support trees and those who love them across the city. The report included these points:

  • A new tree in a street £2,265 (tree and pit)
  • Each tree is three meters tall and protected with metal guards
  • Watering for two years is needed to make sure tree becomes fully established included
  • An aspiration for 50% local species which harbor far more wildlife than exotic species. For example, a native birch supports 266; a sycamore just 15.
  • Species should be selected from the BCC list of ‘proven adaptive species‘

The main Bristol Council mapping website also has a layer identifying possible new street trees with the purposes of getting sponsorship. This is where there is already a tree pit available. This includes planting, staking and two years watering to get it established, and cost about £300.

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