NEWSLETTER – 40:16 15th August 2016

Better Bedminster Community Chest
This year’s second round is now underway.   In the first round we awarded £14,424 to nine local projects.   That leaves £5,576 for the second round.   Application forms are available from   Andrew, Lorena and others will be happy to advise on eligibility etc.   The closing date for this round is November 30.    An Awards Panel will be held in December and the final decision will be at the GBCP Board meeting in January.
Community Infrastructure Levy and S106
Income from local developments and a GBCP devolved budget, this is useful for larger sums to improve parks and the street scene.    The closing date for this is October 28.    Again, the final decision will be in January.   Contact for an application form and details or look back to GBCP NEWSLETTER 38:16.
Intergenerational Activity Project Volunteers

Windmill Hill City Farm are looking for volunteers for a new intergenerational project.   The aim is for active over 50s to work with older more isolated people to run children’s activities.   The activities will be based on the skills of volunteers and older people, so they can share them with children, for example, cooking, gardening, or nature crafts.   If volunteers want to learn a new skill then training can be provided.   The project is for a year so it is a chance for people to get really involved.

This is an ideal role for an individual who has recently retired, has time to help develop a new exciting project, and would like to learn new practical and group facilitation skills.   For more information contact Julie Thorpe, 0117 963 3252,     Poster attached but ignore closing date which is flexible.

People’s Health Trust ‘Active Community’ Fund

£5000 to £25,000 is available for local projects that seek to build strong connections between people and make better places for people to grow, live, work and age.   This is a two-stage process with the first simple form due in by 7 September.   Contact via or 020 7697 4021.

Also, Voscur will be running two workshops on how to apply.   Ring Voscur on 0117 909 9949 or .

Crossing the Bridge

You will know that there is a debate going on about what arrangements should apply to Prince Street Bridge once the temporary structure is replaced.   Motorists, cyclists and pedestrians are each staking their claim.   Alice has made a short film showing current usage.   See .


Hedgehogs are as rare as hens’ teeth in BS3, although four were recently sighted in XXXXXXXXXXX (secret location!!).    Apparently, they have a soft spot for meal worms* and granola.   

In another part of Greater Bedminster, one group of neighbours is collaborating with a hedgehog rescue centre and each other to establish a Hog Reserve.   Pictured on the attachment is one of two hogs which recently moved in.    I’m not sure if it’s Theresa or Jeremy, but hopefully there will soon be the patter of tiny feet.

*People wishing to establish a Save Meal Worms from Being Eaten Alive Society (SMeWBEAS) should contact Bristol City Council.   For ‘Protect Granola’, a doctor would seem best.

Madame La Fou and the Bakers Dozen

This murder mystery together with a three-course vegetarian mediterranean-inspired supper will be presented by Recession Productions  at Mark’s Bakery (North Street) on September 7.    Come from 7pm and be ready by 7.30 for the meal and whatever else happens.    It’s £25 per person and booking is imperative as places are short.    More info and booking via . 

Food Plus

The Matthew Tree Project is looking for volunteers.   Details on the attachment.   You’ll see that it’s nothing to do with trees.

Summer Games in Dame Emily Park

These will be on Thursday, 18 August between 11 and 2.   Lots of free fun for the whole family.   Have a wild time with RSPB and discover birds, bugs, bees and more; do some nature craft like seed bombs with My Wild Child; enjoy messy play, hula hoop, balls, face painting etc; create windstreamers together with SCDA and look for a visiting princess.   Bring your camera!    Also, there will be lots of cardboard boxes to hide and crawl in and some great toys at Toyville.   Bring Your Own Picnic.

Greater Bedminster Older People’s Forum (GBOPF)

Next meeting is Monday, 12 September from 10 to 12 at Monica Wills House, West Street.   Just behind Tesco.    The speakers are Hannah (Macmillan Prevention and Re-enablement Manager) and Heather Banks and Sally Robinson (both from Action for Blind People).   lots of time for questions, discussions and tea/coffee.

Anyone over 55 is very welcome.    And why not bring a friend or two?   Suggestions for new speakers always welcomed.   Contact GBOPF via or via LinkAge on 0117 305 2365.

Age-friendly City

Several local older people met on 11 August as part of a city-wide consultation on what makes an age-friendly city.   The discussion was led by Carly Urbanski from Bristol AgeUK.   The consultation will help to shape Bristol’s future policies as it seeks WHO recognition as age-friendly.   The bottom line view of the group was that although there already exist some positive features, there’s a long way still to go.   Carly’s report is due out in the autumn.

Bedminster Social Club

This is a new self-help group for 55s and upwards and has sprung out of the What’s On for Older People (WOOP) Group.    WOOP Group scoop!!

Basically, it’s an open invitation to spend an hour or two chatting in a local cafe.    This is pleasant enough in itself, but it’s also hoped that as friendships form, people will make joint excursions to the cinema, for a walk, to the local mud wrestling club or whatever.    It’s hoped that there will also be occasional trips outside Bristol and Slimbridge is a possibility on August 31.   Contact if you would like to come.

The next tea/coffee and chat sessions will be at Mezzaluna Cafe (West Street) on Tuesday, 30 August (2pm); Wednesday, 14 September (10.30am) and Thursday, 29 September (2pm).   We’ve already got about 20 people on our contact list, but are happy for many more.   Please spread the word.

Please pass this NEWSLETTER on to others and invite them to join the circulation list.   Get back to to drop out.












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