NEWSLETTER – 34:16 6th July 2016

New Board for GBCP
Several new people joined the GBCP Board (innovation?) on 27 June along with some long-termers (continuity?).    Many thanks to those who have retired to make way for the new.   The line-up for 2016-17 is attached along with statements about their priorities and what they hope to achieve (or at least edge towards) over the next 12 months.    Also, late nomination of Phil Manning by BS3 Churches Together.    This is the body that directs GBCP.    
The elected officers are Chair: Stef Brammar; Vice-chair: vacant; Secretary: vacant; Treasurer & Assistant Treasurer: Ben Barker and Mike McBeth.
Decisions about Money
At the last GBCP meeting, an allocation of £14,424 was made from the Community Chest following recommendations made by an Award Panel earlier in July.   This leaves £5,576 unallocated.   The awards were:
  • Bedminster Town Team    Make Sunday Special    £2000
  • Bedminster Winter Lanterns    WL Parade, 2016    £2500
  • Bristol Book Swap    Promotes literacy and reading    £1700
  • Life Cycle UK    Silver Cyclists/over 55s    £450
  • South Bristol Toy Library    Access to quality play resources    £2240
  • SCDA    BS3 Tea Dances and Intergenerational Bowls    £1991
  • SCDA    Outdoor activities for children    £1296
  • Way Out West    West Street Stories book    £1247
  • Windmill Hill City Farm    Human Sundial/40th birthday    £1000
£27,648 was agreed from GBCP’s S106 devolved budget upon the recommendation of the Environment Sub-committee.   This was allocated as follows
  • Gores Marsh Park    Accessible play equipment    £10,200
  • Windmill Hill City Farm    Fencing    £7680
  • South Street Park    Seating etc    £9768
GBCP has access to a further £62,198 of S106 funding and £67,946 of Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL).   The allocation of this, and any additional funding that emerges, will be considered during the next 12 months.   This funding will not necessarily go to parks and green spaces.   It can also be used for street and traffic improvements.    Partners who are interested in accessing this money need to start thinking about how and why they might spend it.   Basically, it’s likely to go to people who can make a good case.    We can help you to make a good case, but if you sit there like a pudding, nobody’s going to notice you.
Additionally, £141K has been allocated to St John’s Churchyard and c£100K for play equipment in Ashton Vale.   It’s unclear when this work will be undertaken.
All Our Yesterdays
I’ve attached notes not from the recent AGM, but from the very first GBCP meeting which was held nearly 10 years ago on March 8, 2007.    We established our partnership a few months before BCC launched its own Neighbourhood Partnership scheme.    Interesting to see what seemed to be important then and how most of those issues are still important.   Interesting too to think about what progress has been made, and what’s left to do, despite changes of central and local government policies, economic collapses etc.
Make Sunday Special
Plans for this are underway.   As in 2015, lower North Street will be closed to traffic and opened for fun.   Put Sunday, August 7 in your diary.
Window Wanderland
Only 7 months to go to the next Window Wanderland.    A strong point of last year’s event, our first, was that some people got together with others in their street, thus making a stronger display.    Never too early to talk to the neighbours!!    We will probably need a little money to pay for maps printing etc.   Something like £500 should do it.    Any thoughts on how we might raise this?   Sponsorship?    Grant application?   Whip Round?     Look on for ideas from across the city.
I’m assuming that Windmill Hill will organise itself as before.    We need to identify an organising group for the main GBCP area.   Get back to if you want to be part of this.   What about ‘outlying areas’ such as Ashton Vale and Marksbury?
Dame Emily Community Garden
There will be a weeding party in Dame Emily Park on July 17 starting at 2pm.    Why not join in for a little exercise and possibly some cake?
Greater Bedminster Older People’s Forum
The next GBOPF meeting will be on Wednesday, 13 July in Monica Wills House, West Street.   It will run from 10am to noon.   Among the speakers are Agata Palmer who will discuss issues around access to mental health services and Lew Pedler who edits the Memories of Bedminster (MoB) magazine.   This is an open meeting, especially if you are over 55 years old, so come and join in the discussion.   For further information, please contact the GBOPF secretary on
Bristol: Age-friendly City?
It is hoped that Bristol will be recognised by the World Health Organisation as an Age-friendly City, although this may be 5-10 years away.    Using their Bristol Ageing Better (BAB) funding from the Lottery, BristolAgeUK have very recently appointed Carly Urbanski to coordinate this project.   Carly visited Southville Centre on 1 July and met with some local people, including GBCP Board members, to talk about Greater Bedminster’s role in this.    Many GB organisations have been collaborating for some time on ways to make our area more age friendly, both for older and younger people, but there’s a long way to go.   An Age-friendly City must be made up of age-friendly neighbourhoods.
An initial assessment of Bristol’s Age-friendliness has already been made.   If you want to see what it says, Google How Age-friendly is Bristol?   Base line assessment.
We expect to be working closely with Carly and BAB over the next couple of years.
The Last Hedgehog?
We are happy to report further sightings of the Thanet Road hedgehog.    Apparently, he/she appears frequently to sample Helen’s meal worms, pumpkin seeds and granola, but turns her/his nose up at cat food.    Avon Wildlife Trust is on the case and suggesting making small holes in fences to offer a wider habitat.   Is this the only hedgehog in BS3? 
AWT are monitoring hedgehogs across the city and, I guess, there’ll be a report and map at some point.   Big hole in BS3?
Bristol Legible City project
You may have seen the directional signs that have been in the city centre for quite a few years.   This project is now looking at encouraging neighbourhood/community maps (hard copy and electronic).   They are looking for comments which you can give on .   They need your ideas by 11 July. 
Langton Park Jumble Trail
Residents of Langton Park (just off lower North Street) will be putting out jumble for anyone to pick up between 10 and 1 on Saturday, 9 July.   Why not pop along and see if you can find something useful for free?
Macmillan Conference
Entitled ‘Living Beyond Cancer’ this free conference is for community based health staff and volunteers.   The aim is to increase understanding of how to support people both during and after cancer.   The venue is Ashton Gate Football Stadium and the date is Tuesday, September 27.   Contact for more details.
Let’s Catch a Train
UWE are running a project to encourage people to use the train within the West of England.   Organisations, groups and charities may apply for Free Group Tickets for ‘ disadvantaged communities’.    More details are at
Visit Hidcote and Kiftsgate Gardens
South Bristol Gardening Club are proposing a coach trip on Sunday, 17 July.   They have a few spare places.    Costs range from £7 if you are both a Club member and a National Trust member already to £26.45 if you are neither.   The idea is to leave from St Paul’s Church on Coronation Road at 9.30am and to get back about 5pm.   Contact or 07736 013 232.
Next Steps for Neighbourhood Partnerships?
Some of you may already be signed up for the all Bristol NPs meeting on 20 July.   This will be at the Central Library, College Green and run from 6.30 to 8.30pm.   We are promised further discussion about BCC and NP priorities (ahhh!!) and ‘considering the next steps for NPs’.   Abolition?   More devolution?   Rearrangement of the deckchairs?   Come along and find out.   If you haven’t booked already, contact  
Bedminster Harvest Fest and Market
Sunday, 2 October, 12 noon to 4pm at United Reformed Church Hall, West Street.
This will be a celebration of homegrown and home-made produce from all over the Greater Bedminster area.   The West Street Neighbourhood Group (WOW) is offering stalls at £5 each for organisations and individuals to sell allotment and garden produce, plants, jam and preserves, cakes and baking and crafts.   There will be children’s rides and games and locally produced food and drink being served throughout.   If you want to book a stall, participate in some way, or volunteer to help please get in touch at .
Calendar of Events
A list of local events is attached covering the next few months.   Please check it for accuracy and omissions.   Come back to with amendments.
SCDA Update
A new group has started at Southville Centre.   It’s a ‘sporting memories’ group, mainly for older people who would enjoy looking back with others on a life following sports.   The first meeting on June 21 started well, but there are still spaces for others.   Contact Tim Clark on 0117 9231039.
SCDA intends to open a second nursery at the former Brigade Centre  on the corner of Garnet and Chessel Street.    Construction work is hoped to start soon and SCDA will be letting people know the time-table when they know themselves.
Being Helpful
BS3 Helping Others Facebook Group has been set up as a volunteer recruitment group page to help others in the BS3 Community.   It is also there for you to request help.   If you have some free time to help other people in the area, whether it is just for companionship or physical help, or perhaps work in the garden, household chores or mending things, you can pass your offer of services on the group page.   If you feel that a little help from others will be of assistance to you, you can also post your request, detailing the assistance sought, on this page also.    For more details go to or .
Bristol Walking Alliance: Streets as Social Spaces rather than just Storage Spaces
GBCP was a founding member of this organisation along with bodies such as Sustrans, Bristol Civic Society, SHINE, the Ramblers and others.   Since starting towards the end of 2015, BWA now has 6 of the 14 Neighbourhood Partnerships as members.   More to come?
BWA is currently concentrating on the re-writing of BCC’s 2011 Walking Strategy.    GBCP NEWSLETTER will have more about this later.   BWA is also seeking meetings with organisations representing Equalities Groups, many of these, including older people and disability groups, are especially disadvantaged by a poor walking environment.    BWA has also arranged to meet four of the new Assistant Mayors responsible for issues such as Transport, Place, Health and Neighbourhoods.    This includes our own Mark Bradshaw who holds the Transport and Traffic brief on behalf of Marvin the Mayor.
We expect all these meetings to take place in July with, hopefully, a more coherent plan for a Walking City starting to shape up.   Of course a city that’s easy, safe and pleasant to walk around is a big contribution to the notion of the All Age-friendly City. 
Bedminster Secret Gardens
Following the success of this year’s open gardens, plans are already underway for 2017’s Bedminster Secret Gardens.   If you would like to join in and open your garden, please fill in the online expression of interest form at .   Please note that you are NOT committing yourself to anything yet.   You can make a final decision about taking part when we finalise the dates.
Please pass this on to others and invite them to join the circulation list.   Let us know if you want to drop out: .

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