GBCP NEWSLETTER (54:16) – 25th November 2016

X2 Spaces Available for Community use

Gathering Voices have two sites available for community and/or creative use. The first is a ground floor accessible 50ft x 50 ft ex-shop unit ‘Meanwhile BS3’ just off East Street, Bedminster. Suitable for all uses and rates are negotiable.

The second is also an accessible ground floor area in their new creative base ‘Factory 8’ on Upton Road, Southville. The ‘Bonus Room’ can house groups of up to 30/40 people and is suitable for mixed arts, well-being, meetings, etc. Rates on application to

Volunteer Meet-Ups on Tuesdays (weekly)

BS3 Helping Others will now be having regular volunteer meet-ups at the Tobacco Factory from 10-11.30 every Tuesday. 

If you are interested in volunteering in BS3, or are already a volunteer in the area and just want a chat and a cuppa, or you might want to learn a bit about what is going on in the area re volunteering, please feel free to come into the cafe in the Tobacco Factory (on North Street) on Tuesdays between 10am – 11.30am.  There will be some BS3 HO cards on the table where one of the volunteers will be sitting by the door to the corner cafe!

Next meeting is the 29th November at 10am – 11.30am, it will be great to see you.

Galaxy Hot Chocolate Fund

Here is a funding opportunity that you might be interested in. They want to help small community projects with small grants


The Southville Community Development Association is delighted to inform you that they have been granted planning permission to develop the site of the former Boys’ Brigade on the corner of Garnet/Chessel Streets. They are building a new community centre which will house a nursery and community room. Work will start soon and they aim for it to be open in Autumn 2017.

Bristol’s Big Drink Debate

Public Health are launching a city-wide survey to find out more about people’s attitudes towards alcohol. Bristol’s Big Drink Debate will help them to better understand how and why people drink so they can help to tackle problem drinking and alcohol misuse in the city. If you would like to complete the survey it is available until 30th January

Let’s Walk Everywhere

The GBCP project Let’s Walk Bedminster is generally regarded as a success across Bristol, but very much as the beginning of a long journey.    Arup have published a report on walking across the globe.     You can read it at     It looks interesting both from the worldwide perspective of walking in cities, but also has suggestions for actions as well as a lot of good references.

Patchwork Session

The next work session of the Patchwork Community Gardening Group will be on Saturday 3rd December at 10am. Meet at the orchard on Dean Lane (opposite the swimming pool).

LinkAge Christmas Party

LinkAge’s Christmas celebration will be on Friday 16th December from 2-5pm at Amerind Grove on Raleigh Road. Bring and share afternoon snacks, carols from LinkAge’s Stockwood Happy Notes Choir and a festive quiz and raffle are on offer. If you’d like any more info, give them a call on 0117 305 2365.

Funding for Wellbeing Activities

Up to £1000 is available to Bristol community groups who would like to run wellbeing activities aimed at children. The fund will run to July and the next deadline is 10th January (there will be other deadlines in March, May and July). Find out more at

Bristol Magazine Boundless Event

Bristol-based publisher Arkbound will be officially launching Edition 4 of Boundless magazine at a special launch event on 9th December 2016. Boundless harnesses a focus on the Bristol community, with articles written by local and aspiring journalists, along with artwork. The featured work takes us down a timeline of issues which Bristol has faced, and will face, tackling the dark depths of the city’s past in the slave trade, whilst also exploring transportation and the impending dangers of climate change. Arkbound is a community-focused social enterprise, which believes that talented people from disadvantaged backgrounds deserve recognition and support – something evidenced in Boundless. Authors attending the launch event include those who have been reviewed in national publications, such as Shaun Clarke of Lyrically Justified, as featured on Ujima Radio), Tom Burgess (Paint Yourself) and Victoria Clothier (award winning artist working from St Nicholas markets).

The event will take place at the Bristol Energy Hub on the Harbourside on Friday December 9th 2016 from 10am until 6pm. To attend the Boundless v4 launch event, please register for a free ticket on, or turn up on the day (space permitting).

Successful BBID bid

Many people were surprised by the Referendum result and even more people, both Remainers and Leavers, were appalled at the outbreak of verbal and physical abuse against friends and neighbours that followed the result.    Bedminster Business Improvement District (BBID) determined to do something about it and applied to the Big Lottery for funds to ‘Celebrate Diversity in Our Community’.    They have been awarded £10,000.

This will fund an event sometime in the summer at which 500 people from across South Bristol and across the world will share dinner.   It’s expected that the event will be on one of our main retail streets on a car-free day.    The food will be prepared by Bedminster restaurants which are themselves a demonstration of Greater Bedminster’s role as a world-neighbourhood.   Also, there will be demonstrations of dance, music and other cultural forms from across our world.

The BBID hopes that this event will be just one of a series of celebrations, great and small, promoted by other organisations in and around Greater Bedminster at round about the same time.   There will be more information about this in the new year, but we are interested to hear ideas and suggestions asap.   If you and your organisation want to take part and have some ideas, please contact

Mayor Launches Clean Streets Campaign

This city-wide campaign was recently launched at Parson Street School.    Several GBCP Board members were present and we very much welcome this initiative as it fits very well with our own Let’s Walk Bedminster and Let’s Clean Bedminster campaigns.   We’ve been working with Bristol Waste Company for several months to try out ideas that could be used in other parts of the city.   But, actually, it’s fairly straight forward.    ‘Don’t drop it!!’    See the attached press release and the Bedminster interview on Bristol Waste Company’s Website.

Performing Soiree

Ashton Park School presents this evening of festive talent on 9th December. See the attached poster for details.

Bristol Green Capital Partnership Gathering, Thursday 1 December 2016

As mentioned in a previous newsletter this is an opportunity to learn more about Bristol Green Capital Partnership’s future plans as well as hearing from an expert panel of speakers. Book here

New Session at Bedminster Library

There is now a Baby Bounce and Rhyme session on Wednesdays at 10.30am and 11.15am and Fridays at 10.30am. For more info phone 9038529. 

Tesco Bags of Help 

This grant scheme is now permanently open for applications from community groups. They are currently seeking applications from groups in the Bristol area.

Bags of Help will now see the money raised by the 5p bag charge in Tesco stores in England, Wales and Scotland opened up to a greater range of projects that support community participation in the development and use of open spaces. Projects that will now get the green light as a result of the funding will include volunteer training, physical improvements of open spaces, equipment purchases, community events and sports and leisure activities.

Following a public vote, three projects in each of the 200 Tesco regions will receive a grant each month, with first place receiving up to £5K, second place up to £2K and third place up to £1K. Groups can apply by following this link:

UPFEST II – Book Launches in Bristol & London 

It is with great pleasure that the Upfest Crew can announce the Bristol launch of UPFEST II their latest book celebrating eight years of The Urban Paint festival and its artworks. To celebrate the launch they will be selling 100 unique hand painted book presses (50 in Bristol & 50 in London) which will house the new book, all book presses will be blind wrapped and randomly sold making the unique piece of artwork a true surprise! (These will be limited to max 2 per customer).

The large format photographic diary (perfect for Christmas) features over 200 artworks from 60 professionals photographers and festival visitors. Unable to make the launch nights, the new book will be on their website. Details of the events are here 

Guide to the Meaning of Terms…

‘Usual Suspects’.   People who turn up to a BCC consultation meeting.

‘Hard to Reach Demographic’.   People who don’t turn up to a BCC consultation meeting.

Do you have any explanations to share?

Please send any information for inclusion in the newsletter to this email address and let us know if you’d like to be removed from the list.

GBCP NEWSLETTER (50:16) – 24th October 2016

Owing Money
Lots of people find themselves getting into debt.    Often they do not know how to get out of it and a difficult position becomes worse.    Karin Smyth, MP for Bristol South, meets many people in this situation.   She is arranging for a series of free opportunities where people in her constituency can meet with experts and get advice about getting out of debt.   Sometimes, that means transferring to cheaper utilities or receiving unclaimed entitlements.    One size does not fit all circumstances, so the chance to look at individual issues can be very valuable.
A recent one of these meetings was on Friday, 21 October at HWV, Gatehouse Centre, Hareclive Road, but you’ve missed that.   GBCP is in touch with Karin about future developments, including holding a meeting somewhere in Greater Bedminster.
Contact Karin’s office on  if you, or someone you know, could do with some debt advice.
Emotional Wellbeing Fund
Groups working with children may be interested in this small grant fund around promoting mental health.   See the attached information.
Here Comes Metrobus
See the attached press release for information about disruption on Winterstoke Road and diversions in near by streets in December.
Bedminster Access Group (BAG)
We are continuing to recruit to this group.    BAG is composed of local people with particular experience of negotiating Greater Bedminster as a person with mobility, sight or other disability.    We need BAG to advise GBCP and partners such as BCC and Bedminster Business Improvement District about access problems.   Where are the main difficulties?     What can be done to put them right?     Where are the examples of good practice (for instance, what are the 25 most accessible businesses in Bedminster?).     If you would like to join BAG or know someone who can join the team, please contact us via    .
Bus Boycott
If you lived in Bristol in the early ‘60s you may remember the Bristol Bus Boycott.    You’ve missed the meeting on the attached poster, but you can contact the project via Rachel Adams:   .   
Build Your Own Website
UWE are offering free workshops to community and voluntary sector groups on building websites.   These will be in February and March 2017.    The workshops will be at UWE’s Bower Ashton site.    For more information, contact   .
Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) and S106
Applications for local improvements in GBCP are needed with by October 28.
These applications will be considered at the GBCP Environment Group meeting on Thursday, 3 November (7.30) and, if necessary at the GBCP Transport/Mobility Group on Monday, 21 November (7.00).    Both will be at the actaCentre.   The recommendations of the subgroup will go to the GBCP Board meeting in January for final decision.
Recommendations on applications is only part of the sub-groups’ work.   They are also considering future proposals for improving or, given current financial problems, even maintaining the quality of Bedminster’s park and streets and transport infrastructure.
Even Older than the New Cut!!
The New Room – John Wesley’s Chapel- was built in 1739 in the centre of what is now Broadmead (opposite Boots).   It’s the oldest Methodist chapel in the world and is one of Bristol’s main tourist attractions.   Additionally, it has a TV role recently serving as the court house where Ross Poldark stood trial.
It’s currently undergoing refurbishment and a new Visitors’ Centre is due to open early in 2017.   There will be a museum, cafe and learning space.    Bristol residents are welcome to explore this part of their history.    They are also looking for volunteers to help out.    For more info, go to /.
Southville Panto
This year’s panto will be Alice-takes a trip.    Performances will be on 2, 3 and 4 December.    Casting has begun, so if you are interested in taking part contact Gill on and go along to the first meeting which is at Southbank Club (Dean Lane) on Monday, 14 November at 7pm.   Oh yes you can!!
20 mph
Lauren Curl is a BCC officer.   She does community engagement for BCC’s 20 mph projects, ie trying to persuade people to drive within the law.   GBCP was a pilot area for 20mph in Bristol and the general principle has widespread support although a minority still drive faster.   Lauren wants to work with us on encouraging safer driving.    She has asked for a meeting in the next few weeks to talk about projects that we might work on with her.
Please contact if you would like to be part of a GBCP group looking at this issue and, also, let us know if you have any suggestions re a campaign to promote 20mph.
Window Wanderland
This is still scheduled for the last weekend in February (first in March for Windmill Hill).    We hoped to work with tenants of some of the tower blocks and so, we are pleased to announce that Bristol Ageing Better (BAB) will fund two projects (£2K each).    We will be working with the tenants over the next few weeks to appoint an artist to work on each project.
BAB has also offered £500 towards the printing of the next Bedminster Toilet Map.   Research on this is currently underway and we expect publication in early 2017.
Community Navigators in South Bristol
Over the last few weeks there have been useful discussions between GBCP and people representing the other four Neighbourhood Partnerships in South Bristol.     The aim has been to develop a viable application to Bristol Ageing Better for a three year project of Community Navigators.    The sum totals £250,000 which sounds a lot, but not when spread across a third of the city.    These will be advisors (some paid, but most voluntary) to reduce social isolation especially amongst older people.
There is already a strong corp of Community Navigators in Greater Bedminster, although they do not use that name, so we will have a strong base on which to build.         The application will be submitted before the end of October, so fingers crossed.   More info when we have it.
Youth Cafe in Dame Emily
A converted shipping container will become a hub for young people in Dame Emily Park starting on 27 October.   The cafe will run on Thursdays between 2 and 6.   Dame Emily is already a major focus for young people with BMXing, skate boarding, street art, basketball and more.    Contact David at  for more information.
Patchwork Group
These are the folk who tend most of our community gardens, ie reclaimed and abandoned sites in BS3.    Their next outing is on Saturday, 29 October (between 10 and 12).   They will start at the Clifton Street (junction with West Street) site and, depending on time, move onto a second tidy up.    Good company and good exercise, so pop along and join them.
They also have their AGM coming up on November 15 when they will be at The Hare, North Street from 7.30pm.    Contact for more information.
Bristol Tree Forum
As the name suggests this is a group that likes to talk about trees.   One of its main functions is to influence BCC policy on park, street and other trees.   Its next meeting is in City Hall on Monday, 14 November from 6-8.    GBCP is ranked 14th out of 14 Neighbourhood Partnerships for tree cover, so it would be good if there were a few people from Greater Bedminster that were able to turn up.   For more information go to .   If you are going to the meeting please contact Richard on
Life Cycle UK
Go to to see their report setting out their impact during the 12 months to April 2016.   A good and clear explanation of the work of this important local group.
Your Local Libraries
31 Oct-4 November:   ‘Jungle Books’   a display about ‘Jungle Books’ a pop-up library in the refugee camps in Calais.
Friday, 18 November:   Bedminster Skills Week:   mini-fair for information on training, skills and learning.
Saturday, 19 November:   Catterbooks (3rd Saturday every month).    10.30-11.30.   A reading group for children.***
Monday, 21 November: Centre for Sustainable Energy.   The CSE will be in the foyer talking about sustainable energy options.
Wednesdays:   Free careers advice and guidance from a trained careers advisor..***
Wednesdays 2-4:   Creative Writing Group.***
Wednesdays and Fridays:   Baby Bounce and Rhyme (10.30) and Storytime (fridays at 2pm).***
***ring the library at 0117 903 8529 for the events marked***.
Marksbury Road
November 3:   Gardening Group (5pm)***
3rd Thursdays each month (2.30):   Reading Group.***
Tuesdays:   (10.30).   Storytime.***
Thursdays 10.30.   Baby Bounce and Rhyme.***
***ring the library on 0117 903 8574 for the events marked***
BS3 Wildlife Group
People interested in the biodiversity of BS3 are invited to a meeting at the Elephant House, Southville (corner of Dean Lane and Dean Street) on Sunday, October 30 (5pm to c6.30pm).   We want to catch up on things like garden birds, wilding our parks and how are the hedgehogs doing.   And more……………
Urban Parishes in Bristol?
Bristol is flirting with the idea of Urban Parishes, as are several other cities.    In one sense, this is not a very radical idea.   After all, about 30% of people in England live in a parish or town with its own elected council and the right to raise taxes.   Of course, many of these are small villages, but there are some quite large towns such as Weston-super- Mare. 
Being radical or not, doesn’t make it a good idea or not.   BCC says that they will start consultations soon.   I guess the first step is to provide us all with basic information about what it might mean.   GBCP Newsletter has written to Asher Craig who is the Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods to seek some details.   When we get this, we’ll pass it on.
Bedminster Diversity Month
Thanks to those who got back to us about Bedminster Diversity Month 2017.    Most responses said it was a good idea.   The lead on this is being taken by the Bedminster Business Improvement District, but several arts and community groups have said they will join in.   More, probably in the new year, about this celebration of the rich cultural diversity that is Bemmy.
Don’t forget, the GBCP NEWSLETTER Team could do with some help.

071016 Winterstoke Rd PRESS RELEASE FINAL.docx

New Emotional Wellbeing Fund.pdf

Environment subgroup meeting 3rd November 2016

Please find attached the Agenda for the Environment subgroup meeting on Thursday 3 November 2016 7.30pm to 9pm, the action notes from the previous meeting and a draft TOR(Terms of reference)

Please note this meeting is about ‘Air Quality’ and not S106/ CIL. We have the great pleasure of having very renowned people in the field of Air quality coming to our meeting to share in our discussion and give us a couple of presentations.

We will also be voting for a new chair, as we know Tess Green who has done a fantastic job chairing wishes to step down, we thank her for all her commitment to the group and will continue to benefit from her input as a participant. This will be the last meeting Tess is chairing for the environment subgroup, and it is looking like an extremely interesting one too well done Tess!

Donald Branch has offered to chair, for those who don’t know Donald, Donald has recently retired from being a director of a national charity, currently he is Chair of the Board of Trustees of a Pension Scheme and Chair of Caraboo Neighbourhood BS3. Donald is interested in how various elements of our environment combine to form good spaces for living.

***The S106/ CIL meeting where we will be reviewing requests from community groups and making our recommendations to the Greater Bedminster Community Board will be on

Thursday 1st December 2016 7.00pm to 9pm at the ACTA centre Gladstone Road. PLEASE NOT THE EARLIER START TIME THIS IS DUE TO EXTRA TIME NEEDED TO DISCUSS SUBMITTED REQUESTS We will also be finalising the TOR please see attached, if you have anything you wish to add or change please send to me by Friday 18thNovember 5pm***

 Thursday 26th January 2016 7.30pm to 9pm will be our usual meeting agenda to be confirmed

 For those who may not know about how CIL and S106 funds work, I have attached a definition sheet to explain it’s not very long but worth a read so you have an understanding of where these funds have come from and there limitations/benefit, in preparation for the meeting on the 1st December.

I look forward to seeing you all on Thursday 3rd November if you have any questions in the meantime please don’t hesitate to contact me my contact details are below in the signature strip, please note for those who use Facebook I have a Neighbourhood officer page the link is below.

Kind regards,

Lorena Alvarez

Neighbourhood Officer

(Greater Bedminster)





Special NEWSLETTER on Walkability (49:16) – 13th October 2016

Bristol Walking Alliance

GBCP is a founder member of the Bristol Walking Alliance and is acknowledged across Bristol as a leading advocate of improvements in the walking environment.   Below, the BWA NEWSLETTER picks up some important issues, including the walking conference this Saturday, progress on the up-dating of Bristol’s 2011 Walking Strategy being led by Jess Read and the launch of an enquiry into disability and the built environment by the House of Commons Select Committee on Women and Equalities.

The last two are especially timely.    A lot of the motivation behind our Let’s Walk Bedminster project arose from an awareness that a walking environment that was unfriendly and obstacle strewn disadvantaged people with physical disabilities even more than the rest of the population.    For many it was an important contributor to social isolation.    Why should one leave the house if the outside world was difficult to deal with?

As well as our campaigns (on going) to keep pavements clear of obstacles, we are now recruiting for the Bedminster Access Group or BAG.    This has already started to form from local people with the everyday experience of negotiating BS3 in a wheelchair, behind a zimmer frame, with partial or no sight or other disability.   When we get a few more members, BAG will act as an advisory group to GBCP, BCC, the Bedminster Business Improvement District and others on improvements to the environment.    One of the things we hope to do is to establish a ‘Most Accessible Business Award’ rather like the well established and successful ‘Good Garden Award’.

At the moment, BAG is just an aspiration.   If you have experienced difficulties getting around Greater Bedminster, make BAG real by joining in.    Contact us via .   Please spread the word among friends, on social media and in other ways so that BAG can become a strong force in Greater Bedminster.

Bristol Walking Alliance
campaigning to improve Bristol’s walking environment

Dear Bristol Walking Alliance supporter

Welcome to the October BWA ebulletin …

Walkable Neighbourhoods event – Saturday 15th October 2016
A reminder of the BWA “Walkable Neighbourhoods” event on the morning of Saturday 15th October 2016, part of Healthy City Week.  This is a chance for Neighbourhood Partnership groups and local community groups to consider ways to support and improve the pedestrian environment in Bristol. Guest speakers will share updates on walking projects that are taking place across the city and we will explore ways to make your neighbourhood more suited to pedestrians.  The event is FREE but booking is required through Eventbrite. Informal follow-up Neighbourhoods meeting – early November
We are planning an informal follow-up meeting in early November for those who would like their Neighbourhood Partnership to get involved with walking issues, and to share ideas on how to go about it. If you might be interested in attending, please email: enquiries@ “Shared use routes for people who walk or cycle” event – Tuesday 1st November
The SHINE healthy environment team is organising an event on “shared use routes” on the afternoon of Tuesday 1st November 2016. You are invited to a discussion about how to improve shared use routes, and resolve concerns about tension and conflict between people who walk and people who cycle. Booking via Eventbrite.

Walking Strategy
In the last ebulletin, it was reported that Jess Read has been reviewing BCC’s Walking Strategy. Jess has produced a “Walking for Transport Action Plan”, deliberately pushing to turn policy into action. The Walking Strategy/Action Plan sits below the Bristol Transport Plan (BTP), currently in development. A final draft of the Action Plan will be shared with BWA soon.

Funding has been secured from Bristol Ageing Better to enable Jess to extend her work into October/ November, during which time she will research the needs/asks of older people for walking infrastructure/environment. It is hoped to secure further funding to research the needs/asks of disabled people for walking infrastructure/environment. Jess’s work is an exceptional opportunity to further BWA’s aims of improving the environment for walking.
Women and Equalities Committee inquiry into Disability and the built environment
The Women and Equalities Committee – a parliamentary select committee – is conducting an inquiry into ‘Disability and the built environment’. This inquiry explores the extent to which the accessibility of our homes, buildings and public spaces responds to the needs of with reduced mobility, and whether more could be done to increase accessibility and inclusivity of both new and existing properties and spaces. You can send a written submission here. The closing date was Wednesday 12 October, but late submissions may still be considered.

About BWA
Meeting with Cabinet members
BWA has met with several Cabinet members over the summer, to introduce ourselves and raise awareness. We have met with Mark Bradshaw (Transport), Fi Hance (Public Health), Helen Holland (Place), Asher Craig (Equalities, now Neighbourhoods), Marg Hickman (was Neighbourhoods). New BWA members
BWA welcomes the following new members: Bristol Older People’s Forum. The full list of BWA members is here. More new members are due to be formally confirmed at the next BWA meeting.
Other Events
Healthy City Week
There are many interesting Healthy City Week events between Saturday 15th October and Saturday 22nd October. The programme is here.

For instance:

Equality Bristol presents Closing the Gap: screening of film ‘The Divide’ followed by discussion (Sat/Mon/Thurs)
Public Health, Bristol City Council: Putting health in all policies (Mon afternoon)
Architecture Centre: Developing Healthy Neighbourhoods – the economics of creating healthy places (Tues evening)
Sustrans: panel debate – should our transport system be considered a public health issue? (Wed afternoon)
Bristol Community Health CIC: Supporting Healthy Communities (Thurs – all day)

Thought piece: walkable cities
See this interesting article “50 Reasons Why Everyone Should Want More Walkable Streets”. From 1: It helps people live longer, to 50: It supports cultural heritage. This is part of a report by Arup called “Cities Alive: Towards a walking world” – see here.

Alan Morris
Chair, Bristol Walking Alliance

NEWSLETTER – 48:16 11th October 2016


Bedminster Skills Week

Our third Skills Week will be in November.   See the attachment for more details.

The lead on this is being taken by the Bedminster Business Improvement District and many local businesses are already gearing up to display skills associated with their trade.   But, this is also an opportunity for residents and community organisations to share their talents and to promote their activities.   In the past, choirs, craft groups, sports clubs and many others have used Skills Week to recruit new members.    The deal is that the Skills Week organisers, working with the Bedminster-based PR company Plaster, will advertise your activity and may be able to help with a location.    Your job is to offer an introduction to your particular ‘skill’ to whoever comes along. will be pulling it all together, but if you want a preliminary chat about your idea, contact .   But, don’t leave it too long.    Getting things sorted within a time frame is a skill.    Do you have it?

Creating Walkable Neighbourhoods

The Bristol Walking Alliance is hosting a meeting on Saturday, 15 October (10-12.30) at Triodos Bank Basement Space, Deanery Road, BS1 5AS, ie very close to the Council House/City Hall: a nice stroll from BS3.    See the BWA attachment.

The meeting will be looking at how Neighbourhood Partnerships and others are making their parts of the city more accessible and open to walkers, including those with mobility, vision and other issues.    Come along to this free meeting an find out what’s going on across the city.   If you can, contact  and let her know you are coming.

VOTE Southville Centre

Our very own Southville Centre has been shortlisted for the Voscurs in the category Best Community Venue.    The other two are The Park Community Centre in Knowle and the Southmead Community Centre in…. you work it out.     To cast your vote go to , but do it before 5pm on 21 October.   It’s that skill again!!

Could You Be a Steward?

People, including children in 10 local primary schools are preparing for the next Winter Lantern Parade on Saturday, December 10.   The lanterns will be amazing.    The parade gets bigger every year and last year roads were closed to traffic.   The same will happen in 2016.   This is a safety measure as we expect hundreds to join the parade and hundreds more to line the streets, BUT, to make it work, the organisers need c60 stewards to walk with the parade and also be at junctions to stop cars from entering the restricted area.

If you can help, please contact Malcolm on  asap.

Little Libraries

One of the projects funded through the Community Chest seeks to establish small, but attractive book exchanges at various sites across GBCP.   We understand that one will be going in somewhere in Ashton Vale and another is destined for Luckwell Park.   Negotiations about the other three (?) are underway.   The idea is that people will donate books, borrow ones that they find interesting and chat to each other in the process.   Borrow a book and meet a friend!!    Watch out to see if a little library comes to your neighbourhood.   More info when we know more.


The national body Butterfly Conservation reports a poor year for butterflies in 2016.   the weather has been quite good, so they aren’t sure why there’s been a dip in some species.   Of course, there’s been a long term decline since the ‘40s mainly due to loss of habitat.

Top 10 butterflies in the UK for 2016 are as follows with increase or decrease from 2015.   1.Large White (+2%).   2. Small White (+15%).   3. Meadow Brown (+1%).   4.Gatekeeper (-40%).   5.Ringlet (+32%).    6. Red Admiral (+70%).    7. Peacock (-42%).    8. Green-veined White (+58%).    9. Small Tortoishell (-47%).    10. Speckled Wood (+12%).

All of these and more should be in our gardens, parks and other green spaces in Greater Bedminster.   Like us, they need places to breed and feed.   Who’s up for a 2017 Butterfly Group that will start to look at what’s already here in BS3 and how we might make some of our area more butterfly friendly?    Contact if you are interested.

Litter Pick in Luckwell Park

If you can spare an hour or so, pop along to Luckwell Park on Saturday, October 15 from 10.30am.   Pickers and gloves will be provided, or bring your own.

Wildlife Meeting

Anyone interested in wildlife in BS3 is welcome to come to the Elephant House (corner of Dean Lane and Dean Street) on Sunday, October 30 (5.00pm to 6.30pm).   The meeting will be an opportunity to catch up on Avon Wildlife Trust’s My Wild Bedminster project; review the hedgehog scene and talk about birds, bees, bugs, bats and butterflies.    What wildlife is there in our parks?   Should we sponsor a Wildlife Photography project and what about a few more trees?     Please contact if you are coming so that we have some idea of numbers.    Bring a friend.

GBCP Transport & Mobility Group

GBCP has a sub group looking at transport issues within the GBCP area and how to get in and out.    Potentially, this covers walking, cycling, catching the bus or train and driving.    Linked issues are where to put zebra crossings, street lighting, dropped kerbs and much more.    The group act as advisors to GBCP and make recommendations on available funding.    The next meeting of the group will be on Monday, November 21 (7pm at ActaCentre).    New members are very welcome.   If you are likely to come, please contact

Walking Rugby

LinkAge and Bristol Sport Foundation are offering walking rugby to men and women over 55.   See the attached poster for details.   Please pass it on.

Community Navigators

In the last week or so, there have been useful discussions between the five South Bristol Neighbourhood Partnerships about the establishment of an effective Community Navigator service across our third of Bristol.    There are lots of details still to be settled, but a key agreed principle is the need to build upon and support existing navigator systems (whatever they are called) rather than a replacement structure.   More details later.   This is a Bristol Ageing Better funded project.

EU Nationals

For a while at least we are all EU Nationals, but whatever the intention of the recent referendum, a few people have taken it as an opportunity to release their inner-nazi and be unpleasant to people that many of us regard as good neighbours, work mates, friends and lovers.   Certainly, many Bristolians from overseas have been made uncomfortable by the referendum result and the consequent ambivalence of the government.

Mayor Marvin Rees and others in the city are keen to reduce this anxiety and to ensure Bristolians from overseas that they are a valued and welcome part of the city community.    There will be a meeting to discuss this on 27 October.   See the attached leaflet.

Playing Out CIC Job Vacancy

Project Manager: growth and development of the national street play movement.

Based in Bristol (BS3):   4 days per week:   £24-26k  pro rata, 2 years initially.

Playing Out’s vision is that “Children across the UK can play out safely on the streets and estates where they live”. It all started in Bristol in 2009, when two neighbours first closed their street to cars after school one day. We are now a small but ambitious CIC supporting a growing grassroots movement for street play and finding innovative ways to shift thinking and culture about children’s right to play out where they live.

We are looking for an experienced Project Manager who shares our vision and is ready to take on the challenge of growing this movement of active residents further and establishing the ‘playing out’ model in many more towns and cities across the UK.

If you think you might fit the bill for this role, please go to our website for more details ( contact phone 0117 9537167 if you have any questions.   Deadline for applications is 9am on Monday 31st October.   Playing Out is an equal opportunities employer and we aim to have family-friendly, flexible working practices.

NEWSLETTER – 45:16 18th September 2016


Apple Day

The Patchwork Community Gardening Group is holding its annual apple day on Saturday 1st October from 11am-3pm at the Dean Lane Orchard (opposite the swimming pool). Bring along your apples and bottles, have a go on the apple press and help make some community juice. There will also be music and cakes. More info from

Residents Parking Scheme Review

The Southville and Bedminster East RPS review is up and running (from 12th  September to 21st October. Please follow the link to complete it:

If you have comments which are not adequately covered by the questionnaire, you can email and you can also copy in Councillor Bolton

There is also going to be a drop-in on Thursday 6th October from 4-7pm at the Southville Centre where you can fill in the survey and talk to your councillor and neighbourhood officer about it.

Musicians on the Run

The next event will feature 15 musicians in 14 venues across Greater Bedminster.   It will be on Thursday, 22 September between 7 and 10pm and is presented by the Bedminster Business Improvement District’s ‘Town Team’.    You can move around or just stay in one place and the musicians will come to you.    Leaflets with details can be found in many local cafes and pubs.

LiMP Planters Work

The Luckwell Improvement Project will be refreshing the planters they put in on Duckmoor and Luckwell Roads on Sunday 25th September. If you’re able to help out, please meet at A1 Café on Duckmoor Road at 10am.

Dame Emily Garden

The Dame Emily volunteers, along with Incredible Edible, will be working on their garden on October 9th from 2-4pm. There will be a bit of harvesting, as well as planting and planning for the winter. Please do join them.

Handfuls of Harmony Choir

Handfuls of Harmony, the choir set up and supported by the Learning Co-operative is restarting very soon and are looking for new adult members.

The first session is FREE for new members: Thurs 29th Sept, 7-9pm at Ashton Park School.  Led by popular and experienced musical director Ali Orbaum,

rehearsals will then continue on Thursday evenings throughout the term. No

experience necessary, the choir is open to all.

Terrence Higgins Trust (THT) – Bristol

The Staff, Volunteers, Clients and Friends of THT would like to invite you to an open afternoon to learn about issues affecting Older People (50+) living with HIV.

Over 50s are now the fastest-growing group of people living with HIV in the UK.

Numbers are set to rise significantly over the next decade. Your organisation may need to support someone living with HIV in the near future.

This is a unique opportunity to learn about THT services for the over 50s living with HIV. You will also get an insight into other THT Bristol services.

THT 8-10 West Street, Old Market, Bristol, BS2 0BH, 20 September, 12.00 – 15.00pm

Recession Fashion Show

Saturday October 1st, 8pm for 8.30 start.

The winner of the first ever Miss World competition in 1951 was Swedish Kiki Hakansson. She won wearing a Bikini which was condemned by the Pope and subsequently banned from the Miss World contest for some time! Whatever next?

Anyway this is recession’s autumn/winter collection so they’re more interested in selling coats. Not to be taken too seriously. A hilarious night out, that ends in a rush to the dressing room to grab the fabulous vintage clothes for sale, as the models try to protect their modesty.

At the Southbank Club, tickets £10 (VIP £18) from recession, 8 Jacobs Wells Road. Reserve:

Tesco Bags of Help Scheme

Bags of Help will now see the money raised by the 5p bag charge in Tesco stores in England, Wales and Scotland opened up to a greater range of projects that support community participation in the development and use of open spaces. Projects that will now get the green light as a result of the funding will include volunteer training, physical improvements of open spaces, equipment purchases, community events and sports and leisure activities.

Following a public vote, three projects in each of the 200 Tesco regions will receive a grant each month, with first place receiving up to £5K, second place up to £2K and third place up to £1K.

You will need to apply by following this link:

20 Years of the Architecture Centre

To celebrate their birthday the Architecture Centre on Narrow Quay, Harbourside have three days of exhibitions and events on Friday to Sunday (23 to 25 September, 12-4pm).   The Centre shares GBCP’s interest in fostering community led projects designed to make our neighbourhoods more congenial.   There exhibitions may well contain good ideas that we can import into BS3.   For more details, contact them on

Bristol Impact Fund Grants

Bristol City Council has changed the way they give grants to voluntary and community sector organisations. The new grant application process opened on 1 September. There’s more information about it on Voscur’s website

Looking to enjoy a good read and meet new people?  

Join in at 2pm-3:30pm on Friday 21st October at Monica Wills House, Cromwell Road for a free Shared Reading Taster Session for older people. A trained facilitator will read aloud great stories and poems – you can relax and listen as the literature creates a lively presence in the room.  Throughout the reading they will pause to share any thoughts and personal responses.  There’s no need to do any preparation beforehand or any pressure to take a turn to read.   All reading material is provided, as are tea and biscuits.

This taster session is part of Bristol Shares Reading – an exciting new project developed between the Reader and Bristol Ageing Better. Contact: Samantha Weaver 07812 238 532 /

Lord Mayor’s Event

We are celebrating 800 years of mayors in Bristol this year. To mark the event, jointly with the Guild of Guardians, a very special piece of wrought iron garden furniture has been commissioned for the Mansion House Rose Garden.

The Lord Mayor is holding a special ‘At Home’ event on Saturday 15 October, 3pm-4pm and would love to welcome Bristol residents to the Mansion House, both to take a look at the new installation, the house and enjoy a cup of tea. He would like to offer 6 places to local residents of each Neighbourhood Partnership. If you are interested, please get in touch with Charlie Bolton by Tuesday

Want to Set up a Repairs Café?

There are two in Bristol and there’s going to be a city-wide event on 1st October so that you can find out how to set one up. Poster attached.

Healthcare Change Makers Needed

This is a chance to collaborate on the health issues of today with professional training. Volunteers are needed who have experience of using community healthcare or hospitals. More details attached.

Walkable Neighbourhoods Event

Bristol Walking Alliance is holding a Walkable Neighbourhoods Event, 10am-12.30pm on Saturday 15th October 2016 in Triodos Bank, Basement Space (Formerly OpenSpace) – Deanery Road, Bristol, BS1 5AS – The event is FREE but booking is required through Eventbrite.

This is a chance for Neighbourhood Partnership groups and local community groups to consider ways to support and improve the pedestrian environment in Bristol. Guest speakers will share updates on walking projects that are taking place across the city and we will explore ways to make your neighbourhood more suited to pedestrians.

Learning Mentors Needed

The University of Bristol is currently recruiting community based researchers to support their work in the Faculty of Education. More details are attached.

The Farm’s 40

Don’t forget (already advertised in previous newsletters) Windmill Hill City Farm’s 40th celebration day on Saturday 24th September from 11-5pm. Loads of things happening and it’s free entry.

My Wild Bedminster 

(this is a repeat from the last newsletter, so you might already have responded)

During 2015 and 16 we’ve been working with Avon Wildlife Trust to identify and encourage the wildlife of BS3.

Matt Collis, who has been our main contact with AWT, wants to collect information about ALL the projects and activities of a wildlife nature that have gone on in BS3 over the last few years, say, from 2011.   These don’t necessarily have to have been linked to AWT or GBCP.   Matt is interested in anything that’s happened recently.   This could include tree planting, creation of an orchard, planting for wildflowers, putting up bird boxes, taking wildlife pictures and much more.   If you’ve been part of such a project, please contact Matt on

He needs to know 1.Project Name;   2. Brief Description (Matt can always come back for more!);   3. Project postcode;   4. picture/map if you have one or two:   5. Your contact details.


The telephone number for CarersLine, the Carers Support Centre’s information and support line was incorrect in the last newsletter. It’s 0117 965 2200.

Please send anything you want to be included in the newsletter to this email address. Let us know if you want to be removed from the list.


NEWSLETTER – 39:16 6th August


Don’t forget Make Sunday Special!

Tomorrow on the lower half of North Street

Secret Gardens Small Grants

Some of you may have visited Bedminster’s Secret Gardens this spring and summer.  These open days raised a fantastic £1,200, which the organisers would like to go towards local projects. If you are a part of a group which wants to do something to make our community greener and more sustainable, you can apply for a grant of up to £200 to help. Perhaps you want to improve a green space near you, install a planter in your street or organise a workshop with your neighbours. Your group must be working in the Greater Bedminster Partnership area and the deadline for applications is 31st August. An application form is attached.

Patchwork Community Gardening

The Patchwork Group will next be going out for a gardening session next Wednesday 10th at 6.30pm. Meet at the Stackpool Road home zone (outside the primary school). The next session after that will be Thursday 25th at 6.30pm. For more info email

Age-friendly City

You may know that it is one of Bristol’s aspirations to be recognised by the World Health Organisation as an Age-friendly City.   This project is being led by AgeUK Bristol as part of the Bristol Ageing Better Project.


In Greater Bedminster we are aiming for an all-age-friendly neighbourhood as part of the wider plan. To move this forward, there will be a focus group starting at 2pm on 11 August at the actaCentre in Bedminster.   Please spread the word through your networks. If you want to attend, please contact Carly Urbanski


Tortilla Competition

There will be a tortilla de patata competition at Greville Smyth Bowls Club on Sunday 14th August. Bar open 12-8pm, lovely refreshments from Spain, music, flamenco and bowls. Tortilla entries must arrive by 3pm. Tickets are £4 and can be bought from El Rincon’s website

GBCP Board Meeting

Notes from the June meeting are attached.


Dean Lane Sports and Youth Hut

The development of Bedminster Youth Hut and new sports facilities was a result of a partnership between Learning Partnership West, GBCP, Bristol City Council and Young Bristol. Young people from Ashton Youth Centre approached GBCP requesting a youth facility in Bedminster as the nearest one was in Ashton. At a similar time the Sport, Play and Funding Team from BCC were developing new sports facilities in Dame Emily Park, funded by the Football Foundation and GBCP. LPW approached the team to see if a youth hut could be added to the development and establish a long-term sustainable youth facility for the area. Bristol City Council provided additional funding to refurbish a shipping container.


Street Games and LPW have been running sports activities at the new venue since May half-term. Workers from Street Games, Young Bristol and LPW will be at the venue above the skate park offering a range of sports and activities for young people aged 11-19 every Thursday throughout the summer and into September from 6-7.30pm. Please spread the news.

LinkAge Open Bus Tour

When: Thursday 6th October

Where: Pick up from outside Tesco on West Street, Bedminster at 9.50am for a 10am departure.

Duration: 10am – 12pm

Cost: £3 per person

Booking: For more information or to book please contact Dan or Fiona at the LinkAge Bedminster & Stockwood office – 0117 3052365.

Information: The tour will take you around the varied sights of Bristol. Wheelchair accessible.


Active Communities funding programme is opening soon in Bristol, South Gloucestershire and Wiltshire.

To support eligible groups to complete their stage 1 application, Voscur is running two surgeries in August:

Workshop 1 – August 15th: 12pm – 2pm at Voscur, Royal Oak House

Workshop 2 – August 22nd: 12pm – 2pm at Voscur, Royal Oak House

Here’s the link if you want to register

If you would like to speak to someone at Voscur first, please contact them on or call 0117 909 9949 and say you’re calling about the Active Communities Programme.


Bristol Pound System Update

Like any piece of equipment, the Bristol Pound’s online system occasionally needs a bit of essential maintenance. The system is used by Bristol Pound and Bristol Credit Union to look after all the Bristol Pound personal and business accounts, and text message payments. Next Tuesday night their technical teams will be making upgrades to the system.


From 7pm – 10pm on Tuesday 9 August you will not be able to make Bristol Pound payments by text message, online or mobile app. You’ll still be able use paper Bristol Pounds as normal.


Have you joined the Budget Conversation yet?

You are warmly invited to take part in a city conversation about the Council’s budget and the Mayor’s Vision for Bristol by using an interactive “budget simulator” and responding to a short survey.  From April 2017 to April 2020 the council needs to save at least £60 million from the budget for day-to-day services.


The new budget simulator allows you to balance Bristol’s anticipated budget gap by deciding where you would make savings over the next three years. People’s responses will be taken in to account by council officers, Cabinet Members and the Mayor as they make plans to meet the challenge.


Go to before 20th August to have your say.

Acta News

Acta has received support from Paul Hamlyn Foundation to extend their Foundation workplace learning initiative, to offer new participatory activities in communities across Bristol and to further diversify the workforce. Starting in September, acta will offer part-time mentored posts for new people to work in community theatre. They will further share learning and promote sector cohesion through a new series of seminars (Friday afternoons) and free drama worker training workshops (Wednesday afternoons). Find out more at

Please send anything you want to be included in the newsletter to this email address. Let us know if you want to be removed from the list.


NEWSLETTER – 40:16 15th August 2016

Better Bedminster Community Chest
This year’s second round is now underway.   In the first round we awarded £14,424 to nine local projects.   That leaves £5,576 for the second round.   Application forms are available from   Andrew, Lorena and others will be happy to advise on eligibility etc.   The closing date for this round is November 30.    An Awards Panel will be held in December and the final decision will be at the GBCP Board meeting in January.
Community Infrastructure Levy and S106
Income from local developments and a GBCP devolved budget, this is useful for larger sums to improve parks and the street scene.    The closing date for this is October 28.    Again, the final decision will be in January.   Contact for an application form and details or look back to GBCP NEWSLETTER 38:16.
Intergenerational Activity Project Volunteers

Windmill Hill City Farm are looking for volunteers for a new intergenerational project.   The aim is for active over 50s to work with older more isolated people to run children’s activities.   The activities will be based on the skills of volunteers and older people, so they can share them with children, for example, cooking, gardening, or nature crafts.   If volunteers want to learn a new skill then training can be provided.   The project is for a year so it is a chance for people to get really involved.

This is an ideal role for an individual who has recently retired, has time to help develop a new exciting project, and would like to learn new practical and group facilitation skills.   For more information contact Julie Thorpe, 0117 963 3252,     Poster attached but ignore closing date which is flexible.

People’s Health Trust ‘Active Community’ Fund

£5000 to £25,000 is available for local projects that seek to build strong connections between people and make better places for people to grow, live, work and age.   This is a two-stage process with the first simple form due in by 7 September.   Contact via or 020 7697 4021.

Also, Voscur will be running two workshops on how to apply.   Ring Voscur on 0117 909 9949 or .

Crossing the Bridge

You will know that there is a debate going on about what arrangements should apply to Prince Street Bridge once the temporary structure is replaced.   Motorists, cyclists and pedestrians are each staking their claim.   Alice has made a short film showing current usage.   See .


Hedgehogs are as rare as hens’ teeth in BS3, although four were recently sighted in XXXXXXXXXXX (secret location!!).    Apparently, they have a soft spot for meal worms* and granola.   

In another part of Greater Bedminster, one group of neighbours is collaborating with a hedgehog rescue centre and each other to establish a Hog Reserve.   Pictured on the attachment is one of two hogs which recently moved in.    I’m not sure if it’s Theresa or Jeremy, but hopefully there will soon be the patter of tiny feet.

*People wishing to establish a Save Meal Worms from Being Eaten Alive Society (SMeWBEAS) should contact Bristol City Council.   For ‘Protect Granola’, a doctor would seem best.

Madame La Fou and the Bakers Dozen

This murder mystery together with a three-course vegetarian mediterranean-inspired supper will be presented by Recession Productions  at Mark’s Bakery (North Street) on September 7.    Come from 7pm and be ready by 7.30 for the meal and whatever else happens.    It’s £25 per person and booking is imperative as places are short.    More info and booking via . 

Food Plus

The Matthew Tree Project is looking for volunteers.   Details on the attachment.   You’ll see that it’s nothing to do with trees.

Summer Games in Dame Emily Park

These will be on Thursday, 18 August between 11 and 2.   Lots of free fun for the whole family.   Have a wild time with RSPB and discover birds, bugs, bees and more; do some nature craft like seed bombs with My Wild Child; enjoy messy play, hula hoop, balls, face painting etc; create windstreamers together with SCDA and look for a visiting princess.   Bring your camera!    Also, there will be lots of cardboard boxes to hide and crawl in and some great toys at Toyville.   Bring Your Own Picnic.

Greater Bedminster Older People’s Forum (GBOPF)

Next meeting is Monday, 12 September from 10 to 12 at Monica Wills House, West Street.   Just behind Tesco.    The speakers are Hannah (Macmillan Prevention and Re-enablement Manager) and Heather Banks and Sally Robinson (both from Action for Blind People).   lots of time for questions, discussions and tea/coffee.

Anyone over 55 is very welcome.    And why not bring a friend or two?   Suggestions for new speakers always welcomed.   Contact GBOPF via or via LinkAge on 0117 305 2365.

Age-friendly City

Several local older people met on 11 August as part of a city-wide consultation on what makes an age-friendly city.   The discussion was led by Carly Urbanski from Bristol AgeUK.   The consultation will help to shape Bristol’s future policies as it seeks WHO recognition as age-friendly.   The bottom line view of the group was that although there already exist some positive features, there’s a long way still to go.   Carly’s report is due out in the autumn.

Bedminster Social Club

This is a new self-help group for 55s and upwards and has sprung out of the What’s On for Older People (WOOP) Group.    WOOP Group scoop!!

Basically, it’s an open invitation to spend an hour or two chatting in a local cafe.    This is pleasant enough in itself, but it’s also hoped that as friendships form, people will make joint excursions to the cinema, for a walk, to the local mud wrestling club or whatever.    It’s hoped that there will also be occasional trips outside Bristol and Slimbridge is a possibility on August 31.   Contact if you would like to come.

The next tea/coffee and chat sessions will be at Mezzaluna Cafe (West Street) on Tuesday, 30 August (2pm); Wednesday, 14 September (10.30am) and Thursday, 29 September (2pm).   We’ve already got about 20 people on our contact list, but are happy for many more.   Please spread the word.

Please pass this NEWSLETTER on to others and invite them to join the circulation list.   Get back to to drop out.












Hog.jpgWHCF intergenerational project Learning Together Poster (1).pdf

NEWSLETTER – 38:16 1st August 2016

‘Accessible’ Play Equipment
At its meeting in September, the GBCP sub-group on Environment has been asked to look at ‘accessible’ play equipment.    The argument is that all, or at least most, of the play equipment in our parks are fine for most children, but cannot be used by children with various disabilities.     This is quite a complex issue to get your head around, let alone do anything about.   Therefore, it would be very useful if we could identify any community members with expertise and experience of this issue.    If you have ideas and knowledge to share, please contact us at .
Older Heroes?
The Celebrating Age Festival is due in September.   You are invited to nominate people who are ‘exponents of what can be achieved in later life’.     See the attached nomination form.    
Neighbourhood Partnerships Together
You may already know about this electronic discussion group.   It seeks to link people from different parts of Bristol and provide them with a forum to exchange ideas and experiences related to the 14 Neighbourhood Partnerships.    Recent discussions have been about cycling, environmental improvements, socially isolated older people, young people and much more.    The only ‘rules’ are use your real name and, by all means, disagree, but do it politely and with respect.   So far, we have a 100% record on this.
Neighbourhood Partnerships Together is independent of BCC and most participants are ‘residents’, but mayors, councillors and BCC staff are very welcome to join in (and perhaps should do so more frequently) along with members of other agencies.    They are often ‘residents’ too.
All the 14 NPs are currently represented and Neighbourhood Partnerships Together is a very good way of identifying people that can collaborate together around a common interest, build cooperation between NPs and, possibly, help you find a solution to to a problem that’s been difficult for you and your NP. 
A recent success has been the establishment of the Bristol Walking Alliance which has raised ‘walkability’ as a top issue in the recent elections.    Seven NPs are currently affiliated to this new body and we expect other to join during 2016.   Neighbourhood Partnerships Together has been a very efficient and cheap way of finding out who is doing what about ‘walkability’ across the city.

Please encourage people in your area to become part of Neighbourhood Partnerships Together.    It’s free and very much ‘the more, the merrier.’    

What’s on at the Library?
The Big Friendly Read:   Summer reading challenge.    See .   You can sign up at your local library.
Craft Activities:    Bedminster Library.   Thursday, 11 and 25 August.    Roald Dahl themed craft activities for the Summer Reading Challenge.   Under 5s from 10.30 to 11 and 6+ from 11.30 to 12.15.
Regular Reading Groups:   Bedminster Library.   
Chatterbooks: 3rd Saturday monthly 10.30-11.30: a reading group for children.   
Creative Writing Group, Wednesdays, 2-4.   
Storytime:  Friday, 2pm.    
Baby Bounce and Rhyme, Wednesdays and Fridays 10.30.   
Please speak to the librarians for more information, either in person or on 0117 9038529.
Regular Reading Groups:   Marksbury Road Library.   
Reading Group on 3rd Thursday monthly from 2.30.   
Gardening Group:   Ask for more information.   
Storytime:   Tuesdays at 10.30.    
Baby Bounce and Rhyme:   Thursdays at 10.30.   
Please speak to the librarians for more information, either in person or on 0117 9038574.  
Good Idea or Not?
London is proposing a significant change in local government structures.   For details of this and how to comment on the proposal see the attachment: West of England Devolution. 
Make Sunday Special
Don’t forget to Make Sunday Special on August 7.   As last year, the lower end of North Street between Cannon Street and North Street Green will be closed to traffic and opened for fun and games.   See you there?
‘Street Recycling Champions’
In GBCP NEWSLETTER 38:16 we appealed for people willing to champion recycling in their street.   These would offer basic advice on what goes into what bin, perhaps arrange support for people who have difficulty storing their bins.    A useful, but not onerous set of tasks.    A brief ‘training’ session would be available to get you going along with links to advise from the professionals.    We had a few responses, but were not overwhelmed.    So, think about it.    Could YOU do this in your street?    Perhaps a couple of you would work together.    And, before you ask, no, it doesn’t come with a uniform and a gun.
Climbing the Wall
For the last few months we’ve been working on a mural to encourage motorists to travel at less than 20mph, ie within the law for most of Greater Bedminster.   The funding is from BCC Traffic Department who are looking for new ways of reaching the more recalcitrant drivers.
Several workshops have been held and lots of opinions sought.   We now have some very attractive initial designs (I think).    Sample attached.   The only fly in our ointment is that we can’t find an appropriate wall.   We’ve identified several that seem to be in the right place, ie overlooking a road with a reputation for speeding and other poor quality driving, but sometimes the surface is wrong or the wall is not accessible (we can’t afford special wall preparation or scaffolding) and at other times wall owners just say ‘no’.   Very frustrating!! 
If you know of a possible wall, please contact us at .
2.5 billion coffee cups
Lots of us enjoy coffee in our local shops.   Sometimes that’s in cups made originally from trees.   Lots of trees!!    Of course, you can also see lots of these cups as litter along East, North and West Street.    Of course, some of the 2.5 billion cups used annually in the UK are recycled, but most aren’t.   Indeed, many are made so that they can’t be recycled.   Friends of the Earth are campaigning to get government to require coffee shops (often very big chains) to only use recyclable material and then to actually recycle.
When you next buy a coffee in a ‘cardboard’ cup ask if it’s recyclable and contact Friends of the Earth to sign their petition.
Next GBCP Board Meeting
This will be at the actaCentre on Gladstone Road from 7pm on Monday, 5 September.    The agenda is being prepared now, so contact if you want to raise any particular issues.   Although it is a board meeting, it is open to anyone to come along and have their say.   
Money to Give Away?
GBCP administers several ‘devolved budgets’ on behalf of BCC.   Two of these arise from money paid by developers to mitigate stress on the community created by new houses and other buildings.    They are called S106 and CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy).    The rules are slightly different, but they can be used for improvements to parks, the street scene, installing zebra crossings and in other ways.   We are just starting a new round with a closing date of 28 October.   Applications will then be considered and recommendations will go to the GBCP Board meeting of January.   Information and an application form are attached.    
We’re still looking for people to join the GBCP NEWSLETTER Group.    You’d probably do about one NEWSLETTER a month: 2 hours, but not necessarily all at once.    It’s volunteering, but never in the rain.
Please pass this NEWSLETTER on to others and invite them to join the circulation list.   Let us know on if you want to drop out.