GBCP NEWSLETTER (18:17) – 22nd April 2017 Special on Waste and Street Scene

GBCP and others have been talking for sometime to Bristol City Council about the need for them to sharpen up their policies on Recycling, Waste Collection and the Street Scene. They are beginning to do that and attached is a draft of their proposed policy Waste Management Policies 22 March 17 KJ update with TM. It has two main themes:

  1. their general approach to recycling, waste minimization and collection;
  2. proposals about enforcement. These sections, more or less, have been highlighted in red.

Both elements are welcome and you are invited to send any comments that you have to .

Street Scene and Walkability
For several years GBCP and many of our community partners have been concerned about the street scene and its impact upon the walkability of the area. Indeed, we ran the Green Capital funded Let’s Walk Bedminster project. Walkability has been linked to issues of equality and social isolation where, for example, people with disabilities have been discouraged from venturing into the community where it may be perceived as dangerous or, at least, unwelcoming. Children have also been discriminated against and there is lots of evidence that today’s children are much less able to move freely around their community than was the case for children of the same age 20 or 50 years ago. A hostile environment is also much more likely to encourage people to hop into their car for short journeys, thus increasing air pollution of various sorts.

GBCP’s Policy to Enhance Walkability has been based on three general principles

  1. Make Positive Interventions: this has included supporting BCC to introduce measures such as 20mph, additional street crossings and dropped curbs; promoting community gardens, orchards, plant boxes and front garden awards; adding benches, signage and art work to retail and residential streets; moves to increase safety around schools; publishing a toilet map; supporting street markets, street parties and Playing Out so that streets could be, once more, seen as social spaces for human interaction rather than just car parks.
  2. Reduce Negative Features: This has included pressing BCC to repair broken pavements and combatting the three Neighbourhood Negatives.
    Overhanging planting that blocks the footway.
    Clutter on the Pavement. This includes recycling bins of all sorts. This is the main issue that seems to be being addressed in the new BCC policy.
    Discourage Cars from Parking on the Footway. See below for more details about this.
  3. Enforcement: Although our main thrust, for example during the Let’s Walk Bedminster project, has always been to raise awareness and cooperation, this does not work in a minority of cases. For these, enforcement is necessary. The new BCC policy seeks to address this issue. That’s why it’s necessary to get the policy right and then, actually do something about it.

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GBCP NEWSLETTER (17:17) – 18th April 2017

Asset Based Community Development

Those wishing to learn their ABCD may be interested in this report from BCC’s Community Development Team.    The report is at

Bedminster Business Improvement District

The Bedminster BID is one of five BIDS across Bristol with a sixth possibly on its way.    BIDs last for five years and Bedminster’s time is up early in 2018.    A campaign is therefore underway to encourage local businesses to renew the BID for another five years.    Businesses in BIDs, apart from the smaller ones, have a legal obligation to contribute to a BID fund that can be used to promote the economic health of the area.   In Bedminster’s case this yields about £85K pa.   To win support for a BID, two majorities are needed.   One is of businesses that vote and the other is of the rateable values.    Under the first vote all businesses are equal, but under the second, bigger businesses, paying more into the BID, get more of the vote.

The Cater Road BID, mainly an industrial estate rather than a retail area, has just agreed to renew itself by voting 92% of individual business in favour and 95% in favour by rateable value.

Dame Emily Park Rubbish dumping 

There are lots of sharp metal bars, broken shelves and boards all over the park “Dame Emily”, especially in the courts and skater area. In addition to this someone dumped a sofa in the community garden. It seems to be a regular thing now to contaminate the park with all kind of RUBBISH and it has been reported to BCC Fly tipping many times this year already. THIS IS VERY VERY SAD.

Please do help to keep your green space clean and pleasant.

Update from Southville Centre

The bond they launched in January to help build the Chessel Centre, their second site, sold out completely within five days with local people raising more than 50% of the bond total of £280k. Continue reading “GBCP NEWSLETTER (17:17) – 18th April 2017”

GBCP NEWSLETTER (16:17) – 13th April 2017 Special on My Wild Bedminster

GBCP started to work with Avon Wildlife Trust (AWT) on their My Wild City project in 2016. The objectives of the project are two-fold.

  1. Make people more aware of the wildlife around them, that’s plants and creatures great and small;
  2. Make the environment more attractive to wild life. Dragonflies, foxes and people have much the same needs: food and water and somewhere safe to sleep and raise a family. It’s only the details that differ.

BS3 is amongst the most densely populated parts of the city and therefore it’s an area less attractive to wildlife. On the other hand, there’s still quite a lot of wildlife about, if you look for it. AWT and GBCP’s strategy has been to make the most of what we’ve got. Firstly, there are several major wildlife corridors that allow insects, birds and mammals to come in and out from the countryside. These include the Avon New Cut and the railway lines. Secondly, there are ‘islands’ of green. These include parks and other green spaces and also great chunks of back and front garden. Many homes in BS3 have very small back gardens and no front garden, but even a pot of flowers or a hanging basket can mean something to a butterfly, especially if you choose the right plants. The aim is to ‘improve’ these islands for wildlife and to link them up so that creatures can move more easily from one space to another. Continue reading “GBCP NEWSLETTER (16:17) – 13th April 2017 Special on My Wild Bedminster”

GBCP NEWSLETTER (14:17) – 28th March 2017

Support the Berry Maze

The people who are clearing up parts of the Malago Greenway and planning to install a Berry Maze there, are looking for support. See their short film on and more info at and #BerryMaze.

FaithSpace reopening soon.

Apart from its religious role, the Methodist Church on Stackpool Road had an important role as a community venue. Local people were therefore alarmed when, a year or so ago, community groups were expelled and it was boarded up. There were fears that it would be converted to housing thus contributing to a worsening ratio of people to community facilities. Locals were pleased therefore to learn that it had been bought by another religious group that intended to improve the building and also make it available for community use. Representatives of the new owners have recently been calling on people living nearby to invite them to a dedication service and public meeting in early April. It looks as if there may be a happy ending, but I wonder what they will call it.

Bee Count

Bees are under great pressure and Friends of the Earth are trying to measure their decline and encourage their revival. As part of the My Wild Bedminster project, why not take part in the annual bee count between 19 May and 30 June? Contact FoE on and they will send you background information.

Age UK classical concert

Age UK is delighted that great Bristol Symphony Orchestra are staging a concert with pianist Simon Callaghan. Please look at the wonderful and varied programme and book tickets via Come and enjoy the beautiful music on Saturday 22 April 2017 7.30pm at St Mary Redcliffe Church.

Trees in Vicky Park

Bristol Parks has identified tree work to be done in Victoria Park. Most is removing dead wood from the lime trees, however there are two removals scheduled and repollarding of the poplars. The trees to be removed are shown on the map attached. One is a Norway maple with co-dominant stems forming a weak attachment, and the other is a large poplar that has been drastically reduced in the past.

Writing to the Victoria Park Action Group (VPAG), Leigh Cadogan, the Arborial Officer, says, ’I was considering monolithing the poplar to provide a niche habitat, but on closer inspection this is not possible. However I am happy to leave the trunk in situ, which will still provide valuable dead wood habitat. The other poplars have been periodically pollarded in the past and require similar treatment. There are a number of trees within the park that have various issues but I do not consider them to be high risk at this moment in time’.

Parking on the Pavement

In London and a few other cities, it is illegal to park on pavements. Not so in Bristol where it is a significant inconvenience for many pedestrians, especially those with buggies or disabilities, and a cost, in broken pavements, to the ratepayer. The Local Government Association is calling for the London situation to be extended to all local authorities. You can see more details at Pavement parking: councils call for ban in London to be rolled out across the country . If you think this is a good idea, please tell your councillor and encourage him/her to encourage Bristol to support this move.

On the Verge in Bower Ashton

Residents in Bower Ashton received some BCC funding to restore and plant damaged verges. The first crop of daffodils are nearly over, but other bulbs and wildflowers are expected soon. See the attached picture.

Events in South Bristol Libraries – April 2017

Bedminster : Sat 22rd Graphic Novel Day – Save the date! Exciting details to come on a day filled with comic books & graphic novels! Marksbury Road: Mon 24th Marksbury Road Friends Group 6pm The Friends of the library meet to talk about supporting the library and running events.

Bishopsworth : Wed 5th Reminiscence Group 11am Special talk about the Parcels of Comfort exhibition on show at the library this month. Wed 12th Dark Ages Storytime 11:15-12 Storytelling from Oscar Kolkowski about the Dark Ages!

Wick Road : Sat 8th Creative Writing Group 2-3:30 Creative writing for health and wellbeing.

Knowle : Tue 11th Dark Ages Storytime 11:15-12 Storytelling from Oscar Kolkowski about the Dark Ages! Tue 11th Knit and Natter 1:30pm A new knitting group, where you can come and natter while you knit!

Filwood: Sat 1st Storytelling and Puppet Making 11-1Local artists bring you a creative workshop for young families.

Stockwood: Mon 10th Dark Ages Storytime 1:45-2:30 Storytelling from Oscar Kolkowski about the Dark Ages.

Regular Groups in South Bristol Libraries

Bring children and older people together

Windmill Hill City Farm is running an intergenerational learning project funded by Bristol Aging Better and the National Lottery. The aim of the project is to bring children and older people (over 55) together in a creative environment through weekly sessions. These free drop in sessions will be every Wednesday from the 12th April to the 17th May from 10am – 12pm at the farm on Philip Street, Bedminster. There will be free tea and biscuits for the over 55’s and a different activity each week including bird feeder making, crafts and seed sowing.

Please spread the word to any over 55’s who might be interested and would want to come along. Or for further details call 0117 9633252 or email

Magnolia Grandiflor

Julia Tutton has one of these in a pot which needs a good home. Get back to if you can offer one.

GBCP NEWSLETTER (13:17) – 21st March 2017

Contacting GBCP 

For general questions or comments to GBCP please use the email  If you have items of news that you would like to have in the GBCP NEWSLETTER or you want to comment on news items please use

The Future of Neighbourhood Partnerships – Event

Neighbourhood Partnerships as we know them are coming to an end. Communities, active residents, community and voluntary sector organisations and Councillors have been asked to decide how you want to work together in a way which best suits your area and which will help make the most of the resources, make things happen and influence the things that are most important for you.

This event is for people wanting to

• Network with like-minded people, people who want to take an active role in local decision making

• Find out more about what is on offer from Bristol City Council and what will happen over the coming months

• Share information and ideas about what their community wants to do

• Share skills and learn from others

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GBCP NEWSLETTER (12:17) – 14th March 2017

To Community and Voluntary Sector Organisations in South Bristol
This is an invitation:  The Bedminster Business Improvement District together with other organisations in Greater Bedminster will be holding a series of events throughout August 2017 to celebrate the contribution of people from all over the world to the success of Bedminster as a lively and interesting community.    A major event in that month will be ‘500 Meals’.    This will be on Sunday, 20 August when we will be closing part of North Street to traffic and holding a party.    Apart from music, dancing and other celebratory activities we will be offering lunch to 500 local people.   The food will come from Bedminster’s many restaurants and cafes and reflect a range of dishes from around the world.

We want to offer 200 of these meals to people who have made a real contribution to their communities, by, for example, volunteering to support community organisations.   We hope and expect that these nominees will include people born in Bristol and also people who have come to the city from all over the world.     If we have more than 200 nominees, we will put their names in a hat and draw out some winners.

If you would like to nominate someone (five is the maximum) to accept this invitation, please send the following details to  no later than June 30, but earlier is better.   All names will be entered on our Role of Honour whether they get a meal or not. Continue reading “GBCP NEWSLETTER (12:17) – 14th March 2017”

GBCP NEWSLETTER (11:17) – 8th March 2017

Guide Dogs Campaign
When cars are parked on the pavement, all too often people who are blind and partially sighted have to risk their lives by walking into busy roads just to get by, that’s why there is a campaign to end problem pavement parking. Guide dog owner Simon told about how much pavement parking affects him: “When out with my guide dog one Christmas there were so many cars parked on pavements that I returned home distraught. I considered giving up my guide dog because it was so difficult to get past the cars, and I felt that my independence had been taken away again”

It’s important working with the Government to put an end to problem pavement parking and make sure that people like Simon don’t lose their independence. You can help by writing to your local council and asking them support the campaign too.

Call for Sites
Bristol Planning Department has begun work on an update to the Bristol Local Plan. As part of this, developers, landowners, businesses, and other organisations are invited to tell us about potential sites for housing and/or economic development within Bristol City Council area. This may include sites that the Local Plan currently reserves for another use. The information you provide will be made publically available and will form part of the evidence base to support the review of the Bristol Local Plan. How to respond: Proposed sites for housing and / or economic development should be submitted by 21st April 2017. For each site please complete a separate form and provide a map. Forms and guidance can be downloaded here: Identifying a potential site does not guarantee that the Council will allocate it or support its development in the future. Sites will be assessed through the Local Plan process which will include public consultation. Completed forms and maps should be submitted to the following address:

Butterflies of Dean Lane
Enamel plaques of butterflies will soon be going up along Dean Lane. They have been commissioned by Southville Community Development association and Alphaville which is the residents’ group for that area. The butterflies are part of the Let’s Walk Bedminster project and are intended to encourage people not to block the footway leading from Gaolferry Bridge to North Street. If you want to see what they look like, go to Alphaville Butterfly Route enamels are here!

Tesco Bag of Help update
There are some recent changes to the funding scheme. As well as funding green projects, the overall criteria for the scheme has now been expanded to include improvements to community buildings like scout huts, church or village halls or sports changing rooms, as well as funding outdoor/green spaces etc. Groups looking to hold seasonal events and activities, such as village fetes or Christmas lights etc are also eligible to apply for funding through the programme. Continue reading “GBCP NEWSLETTER (11:17) – 8th March 2017”

GBCP NEWSLETTER (10:17) – 1st March 2017

Secret Gardens

Would you like to open your garden this year for the Secret Gardens weekend and help raise money for local projects? People love to see what you can do in a small space in the Greater Bedminster area! The open days are on the weekend of 10th and 11th June and there are about 20 gardens taking place so far, but it would be great to have some more. If you’re interested, you can register your interest online: or please email if you’ve got any questions about the event.

Luckwell Improvement Project Litter Pick

LImP is holding a community litter pick in and around Luckwell Park this Saturday morning, 4th March, between 10am and 11.30am. LImP holds litter picks quite regularly, but this one is part of the Mayor’s Clean Streets Campaign: Great Bristol Spring Clean which is taking place city-wide between 3-5th March. Please join in for as short or long a time as you wish. Equipment is provided.

Our Libraries in March

Attached is the latest bulletin with information about all the things going on in our libraries this month.

Billboards in BS3

Are you concerned about the negative impacts of advertising? Do you think we would be better off without the giant billboards that try to seduce us with their shiny fast cars and junk food – more often than not to advertise and generate profit for corporations outside of Bristol, and often even outside the UK? Perhaps you think the billboards on North Street and elsewhere in BS3 are unsightly, and at odds with the feel of our local neighbourhood. Or you may object to this type of advertising on the grounds that we have no choice but to be exposed to it.

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GBCP NEWSLETTER (09:17) – Special: Closing of Holy Cross Church / Dean Lane 

During a meeting on 09th February 2017 the Bishop declared that the church and presbytery buildings had become dangerous and therefore will be closed.  The last service will be held on 26th February 2017.  This will also be Fr. Andrews last mass as he is going into retirement.


  • Fundraising for Church repair?
  • Demolition of church?
  • Selling off the land for development?
  • Building a new church?
  • Open church for other activities?
  • ……..


  • For the foreseeable future the mass will be held on Saturday evening and on Sunday morning next door in the hall of Holy Cross School with Fr. Michael Healy.
  • The church community is getting organised to influence the future of building and parish and will hold a first meeting at 11am (after mass) on Sunday 26th February 2017.

This is important to the wider Bedminster community so please come along and help.

Every change is also an opportunity – it’s vital to stick together and think positive.

GBCP NEWSLETTER (08:17) – 17th February 2017

Spike Island seeks older volunteers 

Spike Island (near the SS Great Britain and Harbourside) are seeking older people to join their friendly volunteer team.   If you can regularly spare five hours (particularly on Saturdays or Sundays, 12-5pm), and you are interested in meeting the public, being part of a team, and enjoy being around art and culture, they would love to hear from you.

More information here.   Please get in touch: or call 0117 929 2266.

My Wild Bedminster

We were hoping to continue to work with Avon Wildlife Trust as part of their My Wild City Project.   Unfortunately, they seem to have run into a funding snag (who hasn’t?) and are suspending their activities, at least for a while.    Several people have contacted GBCP to indicate an interest in developing local biodiversity, so we don’t need to stop our activities.     Here are some of the things that are going on at the moment: BS3 Wildlife Group are nearing the end of their six month monitoring of garden birds across BS3; Patchwork Group and others are continuing with their two orchards and various patches of abandoned land; the hedgehogs that we identified last year are fast asleep, but should be moving about soon and Victoria Park Action Group are tidying up their wildlife area prior to the spring. Continue reading “GBCP NEWSLETTER (08:17) – 17th February 2017”