Annual General Meeting

Your chance to get your voice heard on all things relating to BS3:
Action Greater Bedminster’s Annual General Meeting will be held via Zoom at 7pm on Wednesday 10 March.

AGB’s vision is for Greater Bedminster to be a diverse, thriving, accessible area with good quality services, happy and healthy residents, a wide range of well-supported businesses and facilities. We want everyone to have access to walkable streets, dependable and accessible public transport and safe cycling routes, culture, work, leisure, education, green spaces. Working with a wide membership of local organisations, external stakeholders and agencies such as Bristol City Council, we aim to make sure that all news and information important to the people that live and work in BS3 is made available via social media and regular newsletters. All four ward Councillors sit on the AGB steering group alongside elected local residents, and together we engage with the key issues affecting our neighbourhood. At present those include the developments at Bedminster Green, the East Street Vision exercise, and proposals for a Clean Air Zone for Bristol.

To take part in the AGM, please email

November update

East Street Vision and funding
While much has been put on hold, the East Street Vision project has been progressing. 

The project is funded by multiple partners and has a multi-disciplinary team. working on it, led by the  Bedminster BID. Over the Spring of 2020, they undertook a wide-ranging research and community engagement exercise which included interviews with local community groups, an online interactive map, user surveys and also spending time in the street, observing how it’s currently used through the course of the day and evening.

The website received over 4,500 views and 600 interactions which fed into a ‘Stage 1 Report’ which sets out a framework to guide how the street should develop. The report itself is substantial, but there is a short overview in the form of a film here. There is also a live Q&A webinar event on Monday 9th November at 12.30.

The Bedminster BID has also been successful in securing funding from WECA, the West of England Combined Authority. This means new businesses or landlords of empty premises can apply for up to £10,000. You can find out more here. There are also two online webinars for those considering applying: 2pm Tuesday 10th November; Book here 2pm Tuesday 8th December; Book here We at AGB think this is a great opportunity to shape one of our key shopping streets. If you have any thoughts or ideas that you’d like to discuss with us, please do get in touch. 
Clean Air Zone
As  you will be aware the Clean Air Zone has been in discussion for a while. You now have the opportunity to feed into the consultation on two new Clean Air Zone options which would charge the most polluting vehicles. Find out more and have your say at…/caz2020/ until 22nd November. 

BS3 Planning
There is a lot of development happening in our neighbourhood. You may want to feed into the appeal from Firmstone re St Catherine’s Place. 

The Planning Inspectorate are holding a public inquiry to decide whether to reverse the original rejection of Firmstone’s plans for St Catherine’s Place Go to and search using the planning application number 18/05310/F, to view all the plans and documents. They are asking for local residents and anyone affected to make representations. If you commented on the BCC planning portal then your views will have been forwarded to the Inspectorate. You can write now to send in your views, or modify or elaborate on comments already made, to arrive by 9th November. You can submit views on line at  using the last 7 characters of the appeal reference W/20/3257200

Our BS3 Planning Group has been meeting regularly and feeding into lots of planning applications over the last six months and know there is a lot more coming up. The current chair, Michelle Day, is hoping to stand down from the role as her job has got busier. If anyone is interested in the role, please do get in touch with us at AGB or with the BS3 Planning group.

Flood strategy
Our neighbourhood has areas that would be severely affected if there was flooding. You can comment on the strategy here. The consultation closed on 20th December. 

Stay safe and well. Best wishes
The Action Greater Bedminster team        

June Update

A message from BS3 Covid19 Community Response
There are lots of changes up ahead and we know this will be a worrying time for some. If you are struggling in any way please contact us. We can help with shopping, buddying up for going out, befriending, and more. Our website is a central place for shop opening times, offering and asking for help:, 01173812181 or OUr facebook group is a friendly place withe information on the latest guidance, tips and support:

BigTidy is coming to Bedminster and Southville
As part of the Clean Streets campaign, they’ll be working exclusively in our neighbourhood in a few weeks’ time to tackle issues such as littering, tagging, fly-tipping, and overgrown footpaths. 

The Big Tidy is in addition to the ongoing regular street cleansing work carried out by Bristol Waste and will see a dedicated crew working in the area for a few weeks to bring the sparkle back. You can find out more about the project and how you can get involved with a Big Tidy pledge here.  Before the Big Tidy crew arrives, they want to know your thoughts on the area. If you have 5 minutes, please fill out the Street Cleanliness Perception Survey. Are there any problem areas which need some TLC? Are there any footpaths that are too overgrown for social distancing? 

Developments in our area 
At the recent consultation event re the Dandara proposal for Plot 4 (Little Paradise) held by WHaM (Windmill Hill and Malago Community Planning Group), the group felt that there were some positives to the design but these were outweighed by the height, poor quality outlook of apartments, the detrimental effect the tall building would have on the location and residents and nearby communities, and lack of amenity for future occupants. The opportunity for good residential development that supports the local economy and the local community is there, it was felt however that this scheme in its current form would not deliver that. 

BS3 Planning Group also met to discuss the latest plans and came to a similar conclusion: the current plans contravene the Bedminster Green framework in terms of heights of buildings; the cumulative affect of the building in terms of shadowing and wind movement was not being considered; the group had concerns around the lack of light and space in some of the apartments. The group also felt there was a missed opportunity to include commercial space and noted that within the plans it was considered that the presence of trees on the Green was a negative aspect.

Both groups have encouraged residents to respond to the consultation. There have been approximately 130 comments since the 27th May, mainly objections. The deadline has now passed for comments but we will endeavour to update you on the progress of the plans. 

Has Air Quality Improved in Bedminster? 
Hear how ClairCity has been disseminating findings during lockdown here. And check out Bristol’s top 5 citizen-led clean air policies:
-Ban/phase out polluting vehicles
-Make buses greener and cleaner
-Make public transport more affordable
– Creative alternatives to car use through better infrastructure for walking and cycling
– Reduce vehicle road space and increase public transport space

Bristol Clean Air Alliance has various plans to highlight the improvements seen during lockdown and encourage policy-makers to make the changes necessary to ensure this improvement long-term. See theirfacebook for more information. 

My Wild Bedminster
This project, which has been running for a couple of years, promotes and celebrates green spaces and wildlife in BS3. The team is currently preparing a ‘small space directory’, focussing on our local parks and all the smaller green spaces dotted around our neighbourhood. The aim is to publish a directory before the end of 2020.  If you would like to see the work in progress and maybe contribute, contact

Our High Streets
The latest government advice indicates that lockdown measures may begin to be eased over the next two months. However, supporting our local shops has never been so important. The Bedminster BID has launched its first e-commerce website, offering on-line retail with a distinctly local twist. The new site features online purchase and delivery services from a host of local businesses ranging from food and drink, groceries as well as toys, crafts and art. This all new local e-commerce site is providing a vital service to the local public during lockdown and beyond with both click and collect and local delivery available.

You will also see physical changes happening to our local shopping streets, reducing the space for traffic and increasing space for pedestrians. Some of these changes are temporary in response to the need for social distancing. Other changes, particularly on East Street, are part of ongoing plans to improve the shopping experience for everyone.
Despite all these challenges, two new business have opened on West Street: The Fix coffee bar and Patisserie Palace. Please do support these and all the other businesses that are working so hard during this time. 

Stay safe and well.

Best wishes
The Action Greater Bedminster team

BS3 Covid response group

Summary of the BS3 Covid19 Response group

Main aim of group:

To co-ordinate a grassroots community response to the covid-19 pandemic.


To share relevant, trusted information relating to covid19

To provide practical support by sharing information about local services and matching up those needing help with those offering help via a helpline, email and facebook group

To support those volunteering through training, information and support from the group

To help other groups with similar aims

To work with other local organisations and services to make the most of our collective resources.

This group was created by a resident who saw the need for a local response to the Covid crisis. The group quickly developed, involving other residents and local organisations. It now has over 5,000 members, including about 1100 of whom have registered as volunteers, and quickly self-organised. It has become part of the Mutual Aid network but is not being restricted by the network’s framework.

So far, the group has

  • organised leafletting the whole BS3;established an admin group who monitor the main group and meet regularly
  • established a matching system to link volunteers up with those in need, focusing on matching people as locally as possible in order to create sustainable relationships
  • set up a phoneline. So far they have made about 200 matches.
  • created a website
  • written several supporting documents. 
  • Done training on bigger issues like safeguarding
  • Run a survey on current volunteers to see what their capacity may be beyond the current crisis

They are supporting their volunteers really well with training and woking  with other organisations. The group is one of the most developed in the network and is starting to share knowledge and experience with other groups.

They’ve also supported a new food larder based at St Paul’s Church. Having the group’s support meant they were able to set up receiving donation via BS3 Community and three members of the admin group have sorted out picking up donated food. The larder has supported 274 people in 62 packages (containing food and other household essential items and some activities for children) and has 40 volunteers on the rotas each week.

This Mum Runs has linked up with the local community pharmacy via the group and developed a system for distributing prescriptions in the area.

Snippets from the group:

BS3 Community larder: The community have been amazing in getting us equipment produce and volunteers. We are regularly putting request for food and toiletry items in addition we have been able to borrow of be gifted fridges and freezers. Local business have given produce e.g. pharmacy – sanitary items, caterers – luxury pies, Toyville – lots of puzzles and pens. We’ve had a lovely couple of messages back about the packages. One whose teens were really excited about peanut butter and jam and a school said how much it had helped a really struggling family.

BS3 Community: We had a call from a young mum (Algerian and spoke no English) – webs team worked with her via text messages and Google translate to get her some emergency funding and also larder deliveries each week. She had £7 to her name and an 11 month old son with allergies. We’ve sorted her food wise weekly and shes bought a thermometer and steam cleaner for her accommodation.

There was a gentleman living in a retirement community that has shared washing facilities. He called in to ask if someone could help him with some washing. I called round and found out that none of the local launderettes were doing service washes. I then put a shout out for someone who could help the gentleman with his washing on the Facebook group. I had a few replies from several of our volunteers. Unfortunately, none lived close to the gentleman and as we didn’t know when the washing machine would be fixed it could be a longer-term requirement. So, I called up a friend who lives across from the retirement village and offered to help the gentleman going forward. They have now formed a friendship. We are still waiting on the washing machine to be fixed!

Colin is an elderly gentleman who lives in a tower block. He deals only with cash and doesn’t have a cheque book or bank card. He first got in contact as his GP suggested we could help. Caroline in her role as an Enhanced Volunteer has become his buddy. She has worked with him to sort stopping his rent from BCC and getting his bills stopped so he can make the most of the cash he has. She has been working with him to sort out ways in which to get hold of cash for him. She has argued on his behalf at the pharmacy after they stopped his Dosset boxes and was successful. She is his equivalent of his friends and family – which he doesn’t have in the area. Caroline is according to Colin a life saver. She is helping him to help himself and live in this new era. Colin can now sleep at night!

Terrance is in his late 70’s. He called the helpline for a chat and while I was talking to him said he was really missing his books because the libraries and charity shops were closed. I put 2 posts out on Facebook and so far have had over 60 books donated. The last time I delivered some books to him, he said that they had kept him sane and was extremely grateful to everyone.

We received a help request from a man whose brother is deaf and lives in Bristol (the brother lives away and was worried). He needed help with shopping. We had issues getting hold of him so put a call out for a volunteer with BSL. He is now linked with that volunteer who is getting him regular shopping. She had to also call him an ambulance the other day!

An enhanced volunteer visited someone the council had referred to us who we had trouble getting hold of. It turns out she is not mobile and could not get to the phone. Volunteers were able to flag this, get the phone to a place she could use it, refer for social care help and sort her out with regular shopping.

March update

Although today is the first day of spring, it is also the start of a more challenging time. We urge everyone to practice social distancing, wash your hands and ensure any vulnerable household members are kept safe. We know this will be a difficult time. AGB is working with local organisations and businesses to do what we can to help. 

If you want help or can offer help, please join this Facebook group BS3 Community Covid-19 Response The main aims of the group are to:
-think of others
-connect and reach out to your neighbours
-make the most of existing local online and real life groups
-support isolated or vulnerable people
-share accurate information and advice
This group is trying to coordinate leafletting across our area to ensure as many people as possible have contact information for someone to help them, ideally a neighbours. There is a phoneline (0117 3812181) and an email ( We will endeavour to keep you up to date on this.

Leaflets are all the local pharmacies, The Southville Centre, Lion Stores, Asda, Ashton Vale News, Spar on Bedminster Road, Ashton Electricals on Raleigh Road, Sainsburys, Windmill Hill City Farm and St Paul’s Church. More hubs will be added and we will let you know. 

There is a citywide volunteering site: This is an active site for community groups  and individuals to ask for and offer help. 
For the latest government advice, please check
For health advice:

Libraries, leisure centres, museums, pubs and cafes are closed. The National Trust have closed all their parks and gardens but have waived the parking charges for their open spaces.
There are of course many online resources – too many to list here – ranging from lessons for stay at home children to fitness classes, craft sessions and virtual choirs. The Facebook group above will be trying to pull some of these together.
Refresh on East Street are appealing for donations, as are the Victoria Baptist Church and St Paul’s on Coronation Road. 
Many of our local businesses are offering to deliver, including cafes and restaurants:  you can check the latest situation on the BID website. Please support them through this difficult time!

November Update

The Circle Project: conversation #1
Wednesday 20th at 5.30-7.30pm, The Snug, Tobacco Factory

The Circle Project’s social purpose is to bring people together through the power of food to build connected, resilient and sustainable neighbourhoods. “BS3 is where we live, and it’s where we want to lay our roots.

By bringing our neighbourhood together – businesses, community organisations, schools and residents – we will raise awareness about climate change, the global food challenge and see what we can do as citizens when we work together.

In order to create social and behavioural change, we need to build equal platforms for people to share and learn. Through these interventions we will build strong foundations, showcasing how local communities can be truly sustainable; environmentally, economically and socially.” 

The first event is exploring sustainability and food… More info here.

Ashton Sidings
Galliford Try Partnerships have a proposal for mixed-use, residential-led development of the former Ashton Railway Sidings (see picture). The site falls to the south of Brunel Way and comprises land between the new Metrobus corridor and the existing Festival Way path. The proposal includes approximately 250 new homes and a proposal for some commercial/retail floorspace (e.g. for a small food shop) immediately to the west of the MetroBus corridor. A pre-application submission has been made to Bristol City Council. A consultation session will be held at The Create Centre, Thursday 21st, 3-7pm.

Bedminster Hub
Both as an immediate neighbour, and as a champion for its local community, Windmill Hill City Farm has a keen interest in how the spaces at Bedminster Green are developed. The development could be an opportunity to create a place that is owned and loved by the current, and future, local community. The vision is an urban village, based around a central green, which is a natural landmark and community meeting place: a place with a mixture of community businesses, childcare, a youth club, library space, a well-being centre, cultural and commercial activity. More here about the vision, constraints and opportunities. Details of an event here, taking place at Windmill Hill City Farm, Thursday 5th December, 6.30-9pm.

BCC Consultation
Every February, Bristol City Council sets a budget for the next year which details how much money we will be able to spend on each of the services the council provides. The council is now consulting on options to increase Council Tax next year (from April 2020-March 2021) to help cover some of the existing and emerging financial pressures the council faces in delivering services. The options range from making no change to a 2% increase in the amount of Council Tax you pay which goes towards general council services such as children’s services, waste and recycling, street lighting, parks, and addressing homelessness. There is also a further option to add up to 2% in addition which would go towards the cost of adult social care. You can give us your views on options to increase Council Tax, and options for an additional increase for adult social care from April 2020 by completing the questionnaire here. If you would like the information in an alternative format email or call 0117 922 2848. Paper copies are also available at local libraries. Deadline 4th December. 

Clean air
AGB has been gathering information, holding fact-finding events with local experts, and monitoring Bristol City Council’s plans to reduce air pollution in the city and its neighbourhoods.  We are of course particularly concerned that some areas of our own neighbourhood – for example around road junctions at both ends of West Street and around Parson Street School, breach air quality guidelines. There is comprehensive up to date information here and here . Real-time air quality data can be found here. If you want to get involved in local action on this issue, do get in touch.

On Monday 18th Bristol City Council will be hosting a Clean Air Summit. Please get in touch with the Bristol Clean Air Alliance to find out more via We understand that the event will also be live streamed on YouTube (like Council statutory meetings are) so those that can’t attend will still be able to listen to the discussion.

Bedminster Energy group – job vacancy
BEG are excited to announce that, thanks to the Megawatt Community Fund, they have some funding to hire a coordinator to help deliver the Asset Mapping and Engagement Project. The project revolves around an asset mapping exercise, which will help build closer links with other community groups, identify opportunities for future collaboration with these groups, engage more widely with the residents and businesses in BS3, and better address fuel poverty in the neighbourhood. The role is flexible, 120 hours over 6 months at £20/hr. For further information, please contact Karn Shah on Deadline for applications 29th November.

New Youth Club
AGB has been supporting this initiative led by BS3 Community partnered with WOW (the West St Neighbourhood Group), working together to achieve £30,000 from Bristol City Council for an initial two years of this much-needed local project. There are two weekly sessions, free to attend, no need to book, at United Reformed Church Hall, West Street, BS3 3PG:
Monday evenings, 6 – 8pm 8-12 years
Tuesday evenings, 7-9pm 12-16 years

Lots of activities to get involved in: cooking, coding, crafting or just chatting, have a game of table tennis or pool or spend time relaxing in the outdoor courtyard.  

For further information contact:

August Update

Friends of Bedminster Library
This group is meeting again on Tuesday 13th August at 7pm. Please do come along if you are interested in promoting the library, fundraising for important improvements and planning more events and activities at the library. Please email to share any ideas or thoughts.

You can see the ideas that were collected by the Council about the library service here .

Bristol: Going For Gold 
This is a Bristol-wide bid to be recognised as a Gold Sustainable Food City. Sustainable Food Cities is a national programme that celebrates and supports communities that are making positive changes to their food system. As one of the first three cities to achieve Silver status, Bristol has already shown that it has the motivation to make Good Food part of the city’s identity. Now, individuals, organisations and policy makers are joining together to make big and lasting improvements across six key Food Action Areas. See here to discover how you or your organisation can play a part in this major leap towards making food that is good for people, the planet and the city accessible to everyone.

Secret Gardens funding

You may have visited Bedminster’s Secret Gardens in June.  Despite a lot of rain, these open days raised a fantastic £1,600 from donations. The organisers are using the money to give small grants to local projects, with a particular focus on young people and intergenerational work. If you are a part of a group which wants to do something to make our community greener and more sustainable, you can apply for a grant of up to £200 to help. Your group must be working in the Greater Bedminster area and the deadline for applications is 1st September. For more details and an application form, please email or pick up an application form from the Southville Centre. 

Western Harbour Development

You may have seen the coverage about this development in the local media. The consultation opens on 19th August and will run for 4 weeks. You can see more about that here. You can also see more information about the development on the Neighbourhood Planning Network site here . BS3 Planning Group will be following this closely and keeping people informed via their Facebook page. You can also email to be added to the mailing list for updates.

June Update

AGB Steering Group
The members of the Steering Group elected at our AGM can be found on our website here. We have changed our structure slightly with the Steering Group meeting quarterly and a working group meeting more often (at least monthly).  

Friends of Bedminster Library
This group is meeting for the first time on Wednesday 26th June at 7.30pm. Please do come along if you are interested in promoting the library, fundraising for important improvements and planning more events and activities at the library. Please email to share any ideas or thought.

Ben Barker has organised some informal meetings for those involved in local groups or organisations to share experience, knowledge, compare notes etc and generally get to know more about who is doing what in our neighbourhood. The informals are at the Tobacco Factory on: Tuesday, 16 July at 12.30; Tuesday, 30 July at 7.30pm; Wednesday, 14 August at 12.30; Thursday, 19 September at 12.30.

Bedminster Energy Group have organised ‘Green Drinks’ in the evening on Tuesday June 25 at 7.30pm. More info here.

BS3 Helping Others are in the Tobacco Factory every Tuesday 10.30am-12. Drop in to find out about volunteering opportunities or check the online directory of volunteering opportunities here

We met with Hannah Tweddle, Engaged Learning Co-ordinator at Bristol University, about students on course needing projects to work on. She sent the information documents their our Geography, Environmental Policy and Management & NGO business planning opportunities. They are all complete for this current academic year but will reopen for applications around the same time in 2019. If you are interested in any of them please contact We are meeting their student volunteer co-ordinator soon. 

We are keeping in touch with the council on Bedminster Green and will be holding open meetings on the transport options and (hopefully) community use.

BS3 Planning are looking for someone to give some admin support – please email if you are interested.

As ever, please get in touch with any thoughts or ideas, or if you’d like to be involved in any way. We’re particularly keen to hear from anyone interested in helping with the secretary role, communications/social media/website updates. 

Look out for North Street in the Channel4 programme, War on Waste, on Monday 24th at 9pm… We are also hoping to build on the work BS3 Waste free group and share details about recycling and waste, as well as organise a trip to the recycling processing centre. 

May update

Friends of Bedminster Library
This group is slowly growing. We are hoping to spread the word to involve more people and gather more ideas, so please help us! You can email and/or join the BS3 Library Facebook group.

CIL update
The project proposals have all been collated and are being looked at by councillors at the moment. The amount being asked for is more than twice what is available so there will be some difficult decisions being made. We will update you as we know more. 

Ben Barker has organised some informal meetings for those involved in local groups or organisations to share experience, knowledge, compare notes etc and generally get to know more about who is doing what in our neighbourhood. The daytime informals are at the Tobacco Factory cafe on Wednesdays 12.30-1.30pm, May 15th and June 25th.

Bedminster Energy Group (BEG) have organised ‘Green Drinks’  in the evening on Tuesday: May 24, June 25 and July 30 from 7.30pm in The Snug at the Tobacco Factory.  More info here.

BEG also have informal meet-ups for those interested in volunteering on the first Tues of the month 7:30-9:30pm at a local pub (changes according to who is chairing and where they fancy!). The next one is 7th May.

BS3 Helping Others are in the Tobacco Factory every Tuesday 10.30am -12noon. Drop in to find out about volunteering opportunities. In partnership with BS3 Community, there is now an online directory of volunteering opportunities here

Ashton Gate Stadium are planning a public consultation in September and we will keep you updated as we hear more.

The Local Plan consultation finishes on 24th May. More information here . Please do have your say on this as it will inform the many developments we are seeing in our area. 

We are keeping in touch with the council on Bedminster Green and should have an update by the end of the month. 

Clean Air
We have had a few meetings around this recently and as a result are hoping to support some school streets (temporary closures around schools at drop-off and pick-up). There will be more developments in this area, including plans for events on Clean Air Day, 20th June. If you’d like to get involved, please email us. 

Reducing plastic and waste
This is a topic we know people are increasingly passionate about. The BS3 Waste Free group is getting bigger and sharing more and more information. AGB will continue to work with them and help develop resources. Please do get in touch if you’d like to be involved. 

Let’s Walk Bedminster, Bedminster Friendly Shops and All Age Friendly Neighbourhood
These projects are all looking at making our neighbourhood one where everyone should be able to walk around safely, easily and with pleasure. This involves working with shops and residents and thinking about air pollution, litter, obstacles on pavements, and improving accessibility. There is great progress being made looking at shopping routes, street wardens, dementia training and much more. If you’re interested in getting involved, please let us know. 

As ever, please get in touch with any thoughts or ideas, or if you’d like to be involved in any way. We’re particularly keen to hear from anyone interested in helping with the secretary role, communications/social media/website updates. 

March update

Action Greater Bedminster Annual General Meeting
The AGM will be on Wednesday 27th March at 7pm at acta,  Gladstone St, Bristol BS3 3AY.

The current committee includes the four local councillors, representatives from member organisations and local residents. We are an enthusiastic group of volunteers who are working together to improve or neighbourhood by listening to local residents, working with local organisations and businesses and sharing information about issues that affect our area. We meet regularly, run events, support local groups and projects. We’d welcome new members to take AGB forward during what will be a time of change and opportunity for our neighbourhood. If you would like to be on the committee, please do get in touch. 

We hope to see you at the meeting. We will be consulting members on a slight change to our structure to have an executive group that meets regularly, perhaps once a month, ad steering group that meets less often. We will also be looking at our draft community vision and manifesto.  

Recycling and waste – myth busting and information sharing
This is a free meeting, on Thursday 14th March at Windmill HIll City Farm cafe, with Ed Troughton from Bristol Waste and Stacey and Lidia from Zero Green. We will be looking at how much rubbish we collect, benefits of recycling, what happens to it all, and busting some recycling myths as well as exploring how we can reduce our use of plastic, and our waste in general. 

The cafe will be open, serving hot and cold drinks and snacks. You can book here .

Clean Air
We had a very interesting meeting about what we could do in our own neighbourhood and what else is happening across the city. Initial thoughts were around school streets, improving monitoring, ways of sharing information and possible funding. We hope this group will continue to meet and take things forward. if you would like to be involved, please sign up to the mailing list here.

Friends of Bedminster Library
The inaugural meeting of this group is on Thursday 21st March at 7pm at Bedminster Library. If you can’t come but are interested in being involved, please get in touch. If you have any thoughts or ideas about what a friends group could do, please let us know.